Big Panda Boss

Chapter 1: Big guy wants to drink ice free

   “Well, being a man is too tiring, if you have another life, you should be a cat.”

   Chen Fan lying on the hospital bed turned his head and looked out the window, and saw a beautiful girl walking by with a happy face holding a cat in her arms.

   “It would be perfect if there is another beauty shoveler.”

   Chen Fan smiled weakly, suddenly felt a little thirsty, and wanted to reach out to grab the half-can of ice on the bedside table that had not been finished. But because of a major operation just now, even a simple move seemed very difficult. But not wanting to trouble Miss Nurse, Chen Fan had to roll over and reach out to reach the pot of ice. But he didn’t want to touch the wound, and his forehead was hurting with cold sweat.

   Suddenly, the door of the room was pushed open with a click, and Chen Fan was shocked. As a result, his body lost his balance and fell from the hospital bed, and his head came into close contact with the hard floor.

   “Ah!!!” The lady nurse who opened the door was shocked and let out an exclamation. She hurried to the hospital bed to check the situation and found that the patient had been fainted.

  Ms. Nurse couldn’t wake Chen Fan, she almost cried. She hurriedly pressed the emergency call button and hurriedly said: “The head nurse is not doing anything wrong. The patient in bed 9527 fell from the bed to the floor!”

   “Why are you so careless?” The head nurse asked calmly, “How is the patient’s condition?”

   “I fainted and I can’t wake up.” The little nurse cried anxiously.

   “I’ll be over.” Soon the head nurse called the doctor on duty and rushed over.

   As soon as the doctor on duty came in, he asked, “Where is the patient?”

“under the bed.”

   “What disease does this patient have?”

   “I just had an operation!”

   “Surgery?” The doctor on duty was shocked, thinking he was a critically ill patient, and hurriedly asked: “What kind of surgery?”

   The little nurse blushed, and replied with shame: “Broken circumcision…”


“Hiss! It hurts!” Chen Fan was holding his head and inhaling air-conditioning, until he felt a sap on his forehead, and his eyes were filled with Venus’s brain, and all kinds of messy thoughts surged. Come up.

   Some of these mixed thoughts are Chen Fan’s own, and some are very strange, as if they are memories of another stranger. But these memories are very poor, so I can sum up in three sentences:

  Can this be eaten? Tasty? how to eat?

   Chen Fan patted his forehead hard and made a muffled sound, which finally made him awake a little bit, then struggled to sit up and opened his eyes blankly and looked around…

who am I? Where am i? Where is my ice falling?

  The messy and poor memory hit again, leaving Chen Fan in a daze.

   “I really don’t live anymore????” Chen Fan raised his hands, only to see a pair of furry paws, and then looked down, a chubby belly…

   “Is this wrong?!!!” Chen Fan was dazed, scratching his stomach and making a grunting noise.

“I only said that I wanted to be a cat? Why did I become a bear? This species is too bad, right?” Chen Fan felt like he was going crazy, and said to his heart how to find a beautiful woman just like this Shoveler? I am afraid that a grin at someone might scare a street person to death…

   “Ah! It hurts, it hurts!” Suddenly the brain ached again, and Chen Fan recalled a memory that didn’t belong to him.

   This bear has lived in this mountain forest since he has a memory. Because there are terrible behemoths outside the forest, he would only dare to pick up some rotten fruits to eat or dig some grass roots to fill his stomach when he was hungry. Basically live in a state of semi-starvation.

   But just yesterday, a peculiar smell attracted it out of the forest, and a huge honeycomb was found under a cliff…

   Chen Fan rubbed the swelling bag on his forehead, suddenly a little bit dumbfounded. The bear who was nailed to death by a bee, is there anyone more aggrieved than it?


   Wu Zang Temple once again issued a strong protest, so that Chen Fan had no time to think about it, so he had to fill his stomach first.

   After all, I have worn it through, so what can I do? Can’t you go to God to protest? If you get annoyed by God, who will just go to make sense?

   Chen Fan staggered to his feet, habitually wanting to walk upright, but felt pain in his waist and back.

   “Oh.” Chen Fan sighed, and had to crawl out of the cave with his fore palms on the ground.

   Outside the cave is a dense mountain forest, full of plants that Chen Fan can’t name, it looks like a virgin forest anyway.

   Chen Fan first crawled under a fruit tree along the memory to pick up a few red and green fruits to cushion his belly, and then climbed to the creek at the foot of the mountain to drink water.

“Oh, I still have half a can of ice and I haven’t finished drinking it, but it was bought by the nurse, and it was also the first close contact with the young lady in his life…” Chen Fan looked tangled. Climbed to the stream and lowered his head to drink water.


  The stream water is like a mirror, but it reflects a black and white hairy face!

   Chen Fan blinked, bared his teeth, and shook his head again. The reflection vividly reflected his movements.

   Chen Fan raised his paw, it’s black!

   Look down at the belly again, it’s white!

   In the dim cave just now, UU read and after passing through, Chen Fan didn’t even notice the color of his coat.

   Only at this moment did he realize that his hair was black and white, and he was wearing a pair of ‘big guy sunglasses’!

   “I’m going to develop!!!” Chen Fan instantly felt like he had won a prize of 100 million yuan. Since then, he will not worry about eating and drinking, and he will be able to gather thousands of pets and reach the pinnacle of Xiongsheng!

   “God, I blamed you for being old!” Chen Fan burst into tears with excitement.

   Become a cat, at most hook up with a beauty shoveling officer, but becoming a national treasure is not…

   “Roar!!!” A roar was like a thunder explosion, which shocked countless birds in the forest.


   Immediately, the earth quaked, and a group of huge triceratops rushed out of the woods in a panic.

   followed a Tyrannosaurus rex smashed into the canopy, turned a triceratops upside down, and then took a bite on the neck of the triceratops with its blood basin and threw it away! ! !

   That is a Triceratops with a body length of five or six meters and a height of nearly three meters at the shoulder!

   How was it being flung out like a rag doll!

   I dare not shoot much in the movie, otherwise Grandpa Newton would have to lift the coffin board.

   However, a Tyrannosaurus rex nearly ten meters tall is obviously not under the control of Grandpa Newton.

   I saw this prehistoric beast killed a triceratops with one bite, and then roared to hunt down other triceratops. From the beginning to the end, I didn’t notice Chen Fan, who was sitting paralyzed by the stream, because he was too young…

   Chen Fan didn’t know how he climbed back into the cave, anyway, just like losing his soul, he crawled back into the cave instinctively, and then did not dare to go out again for three days.

   On the third night of the third day, Chen Fan, who was so hungry and dizzy, climbed out of the cave tremblingly, looked around like a bird with a bow, and suddenly noticed that there were two moons in the sky!

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