Big Panda Boss

Chapter 10: The first vision

   In order to prevent the pork from spoiling after being left for a long time, Chen Fan worked hard all day and night to collect enough wood.

   In order to make it easier to smoke bacon, Chen Fan specially built a simple smoker out of soil and wood.

  Because there are no spices and salt, the process of marinating and tasting is omitted, and everything is ready to start smoking.

   The pork was cut into pieces and hung into the hearth, and then it was lit to smother the smoke. The fire must be controlled here, and the pork must not be scorched by the open flame, otherwise it is not smoked meat, but barbecue.

   Thick smoke gushes out from the chimney, streaming down Chen Fan’s tears.

   A furnace of bacon should be smoked for at least three days, during which time fresh leaves should be added to maintain the smoke.

   Later, Chen Fan felt that it was too slow to smoke only a hundred catties of meat in one furnace, so he simply built a few more racks next to the smoker, and hung up all the pork strips to smoke together.

  Because he had to watch the fire, Chen Fan still didn’t dare to close his eyes for three days. Adding to the smoky smokyness, he almost developed the supernatural powers of fiery eyes and golden eyes, seeing everything with double images.

   Three days later, the first batch of bacon was successfully baked.

  Because it is a very non-rigorous local method of smoking, the smoked pork is like charcoal, hard and black, and can be used as a stick.

   But if you slice it, you will find that the texture of the meat is bright red and translucent, and it has a peculiar smell of fat when chewed directly.

  If it is grilled, the flavor is stronger, even without any seasoning, it is the best meat.

   “Three days of hard work were finally in vain.” Chen Fan chewed on the roasted bacon, his eyes were red with tears, half happy and half smoked.

   Hang the smoked pork into the cave, avoiding water vapor, theoretically, it can be stored for more than half a year.

   But with Chen Fan’s appetite, let alone half a year, half a month can give you a good meal.

   Besides the bacon, Chen Fan also makes a few hangs of dried sausage. It is a little troublesome to handle the pig intestine, but nothing else.

   But the internal organs, like pig heart, pig liver, and pig lung, were all roasted and eaten, and then Chen Fan felt a little angry.

   “It’s not a problem to eat barbecue every meal. No amount of national treasure Happiness Water can suppress the anger.” Chen Fan grinned and sucked in cold air, letting the heated part feel better.

   “It seems that the Stone Age is about to evolve, um, how was the pottery made?”

   Chen Fan began to think hard, recalling the crafting process of pottery.

   Fortunately, in his previous life, he often hung around at a certain station B. In addition to paying attention to Lord Bei and Lord De, he also paid attention to many wild survival gods, such as the Australian brother and the Vietnamese brother.

   So I quickly recalled the relevant information about coal-burning carbon, indigenous pottery, indigenous bricks, indigenous cement, bronzes, iron-making, airplanes, tanks, guns, and interstellar warships…

   Channel channel, channel channel, the last one is the great **** of Besiege, not a plane.

   After carefully recalling the pottery craftsmanship, Chen Fan scratched his head and thought it was not difficult. Isn’t it just like playing with plasticine, just squeeze a bowl and put it on the fire.

   At this moment, Chen Fan seemed to hear two voices:

   Brain: I will!

   Both hands: Are you sure?

   Chen Fan patted his head to sort out the pottery-making process. First of all, clay is needed…

   Chen Fan scratched his head again, what kind of soil is the clay?

   After thinking for a long time, I only remembered what kaolin, but the question is what does kaolin look like?

   Chen Fan looked up to the sky and sighed. He is obviously a traverser, why is he not a system stream? Goodness, you can give me a mother!


   A thunderous thunder resounded through the sky, and billowing clouds came.

   “God, I was wrong, you are busy.” Chen Fan immediately scrambled to collect all the bacon into the hole, and after a while, it rained heavily.

   This heavy rain continued until dark, and from night to day.

   It went on for three days without stopping, and then after the heavy rain, there was a drizzle again, as if the sky had leaked.

   Then Chen Fan found that his anger was better, but the pottery plan was also shelved indefinitely because of this sudden heavy rain.

   Although pottery making is temporarily out of play, Chen Fan can still use other things instead. For example, those crunchy stones can be made by hand, such as stone bowls and stone pots.

   Anyway, I don’t want to go out on rainy days, and I’m idle.

   Chen Fan squatted at the entrance of the cave while enjoying the rain, while slowly digging out the big rock with his paw. The hard rock is as crisp as tofu under his sharp claws, and it can scrape off a piece of stone with just a scratch.

   If you are tired, just eat a piece of bacon and drink the sweet and sour water. It’s a very uncomfortable little life.

   One day later, Chen Fan took out a large stone urn, which could be used as a bathtub by boiling water.

   Because there is no way to make a fire in the cave, Chen Fan built a simple hayloft at the entrance of the cave. There was a stone urn underneath, which was set on fire.

   Then Chen Fan couldn’t hold back, so he took a hot bath comfortably.

   “Ah! Comfortable!”

   The stone urn that was originally intended to be used to cook soup was still boiled by him first.

  Because he hadn’t taken a bath for a long time, Chen Fan almost cooked himself really well.

   But after washing all over, Chen Fan felt as if he had lost three pounds. UU reading

   poured out a pot of muddy water, and washed it carefully three times.

   Then re-boil a pot of hot water, put a few pieces of bacon, throw a few fruits, and stew slowly.

   At this time, the rain finally stopped. Chen Fan walked out of the shed to breathe the fresh and humid air after the rain, feeling that the air after the rain was extraordinarily fresh and sweet, as if the soul of the whole person was sublimated.

   Just as Chen Fan was immersed in this wonderful feeling, suddenly there was a crackling noise inside his body, which shocked him.

   “What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” Chen Fan quickly touched his waist, stomach, and head, but didn’t notice anything unusual. I stretched my muscles and bones again, and the crackling sound came out again, and this time there was a tingling sensation, as if stepping on the switch…

   However, this strange feeling quickly disappeared, and Chen Fan felt relieved all over again, as if he had lost three pounds again.

   “It must have been too long since I have been active, my muscles and bones have become stiff.” Chen Fan breathed fresh air while practicing “The Time Is Calling”, feeling more and more energetic.


   Suddenly something fell on the side, and Chen Fan, who was frightened, slid his feet and directly came a big split.

   climbed up from the ground with difficulty, Chen Fan crossed his legs and remembered not to practice radio gymnastics on the slippery grass.

   walked up to the fallen object and took a look, and suddenly found that it was a featherless strange bird.

   This strange bird has no feathers, but is covered with fine scales. It is probably the ancestor of ancient birds and has not yet evolved to the full body of birds.

   Chen Fan crouched down and poked the strange bird. He found that he was completely dead. He looked up at the rainy and sunny sky. Didn’t you see thunder?

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

   Suddenly a few more flying birds fell from the sky, and the species were different!

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