Big Panda Boss

Chapter 11: Cuizhu

   There must be a demon if something goes wrong. Looking at the birds in the sky crackling down, Chen Fan immediately realized that something was wrong.

   But the problem is that these fallen birds have no common characteristics, and there is no obvious trauma on their bodies after death.

  The death is extremely strange!

   Chen Fan felt a chill in his heart and immediately thought of some terrible infectious disease.

   “Ang!!!” Suddenly a cry of grief came from outside the forest, and it soon became one after another.

   The anxiety in Chen Fan’s heart became stronger, and he hurried back to the cave, put on auspicious clothes and weapons, and ran out of the forest.

   When he ran to the forest boundary, he saw a herbivorous dinosaur lying in a huge river valley.

   Some of these sick herbivorous dinosaurs are still dying, and some are silent.

   The key is that these sick dinosaurs come in all varieties, and they are also large and small. The small ones are like a chicken-sized Velociraptor, and the big ones are like Diplodocus. None of them were spared.

   The panic spread quickly across the river valley, countless dinosaurs began to migrate in groups, and the flying birds covered the sky.

   However, every moment there are countless dinosaurs falling on the migrating road, and the birds in the sky are falling down like dumplings.

   The whole scene is like a catastrophe of the last days.

   Chen Fan was panicked because he was also afraid of contracting this invisible disease.

“Could it be that the mass extinction of dinosaurs originated from an infectious disease outbreak? I hope this infectious disease will not spread among mammals.” Chen Fan was frightened and could only comfort himself so, but he must prove his guess. Only find evidence.

   “That’s right, that pangolin!” Chen Fan’s inspiration flashed: “If any man is okay, then I prove my guess is correct.”

  咚! ! !

   Suddenly a heavy footstep sounded, and immediately saw a Roshan squeezed out of the forest.

   Chen Fan suddenly opened his eyes, his face was shocked!

   It was that Tyrannosaurus reappeared again, but its head had grown to a height of nearly 20 meters, and it was just like a okay person jumping around, picking up sickly dinosaur corpses.

   “Damn it!” Chen Fan whispered and hurriedly hid in the forest.

   At this moment, Chen Fan was full of doubts. After thinking about it, he decided to go to the hive to see the situation. If the little bees have also suffered, they can’t waste the honey.

   Chen Fan immediately ran up along the stream with vigorous steps, because he didn’t realize that he was running as fast as a cheetah at this moment because there was something in his mind.

   Soon, the cliff was in sight.

   Chen Fan immediately stepped lightly to the edge of the woods, and looked at the hive.

   I saw that the ground outside the hive cave was also covered with bee corpses, but more bees were quietly clinging to the cliff and shaking their wings gently.

   Chen Fan didn’t understand, so he said that if you want to run away, you should run quickly. What does it mean to stay still?

   Suddenly a dozen golden bees flew out of the dark cave, each of them the size of two ha!

   These golden bees hovered and danced in the sky as soon as they flew out of the cave, and then saw two golden lights lit up in the cave, and gradually a huge black shadow came out!

   Chen Fan immediately suffocated his breath, lying in the grass and dared not move.

  Because the queen bee poking out from the cave is a golden and red queen bee!

   Just a head is as big as a buffalo!

   I saw this giant queen bee trembling when he probed out of the cave, and two tentacles were trembling to distinguish something in the air, and then the two claws opened and closed slightly to emit a low-frequency sound wave.

   The swarm of bees seemed to have received the order from the queen bee, and immediately flew all over the sky. Then it was divided into two groups, one group continued to pick nectar, and the other group took away the companion’s body.

   Soon everything returned to normal, as if nothing had happened.

   The huge queen bee also slowly retracted into the cave, but Chen Fan, who was hiding in the grass, had an illusion, feeling that the queen bee glanced at him carelessly when she retracted into the cave.

   Chen Fan was inexplicably furry in his heart, so he didn’t dare to stay any longer, and quickly ran away while the bees did not find him.

   cautiously slipped back to his cave and found that the broth in the stone urn was almost boiled.

   Chen Fan quickly extinguished the firewood, tasted the taste, it was very strong and fragrant, but some did not eat it.

   After all, how weird things happened today, how could he still be in the mood to eat.


   Let’s eat something, after all, even if there is a danger, you have to make sure that you have enough strength to deal with it!

   A large pot of broth was drunk by him, and he also ate a dozen catties of bacon.

   is exactly seven minutes full.

   Chen Fan found that his appetite seemed to have increased again, rubbing his stomach while picking his teeth, preparing to go back to the cave to sleep well, and talk about having enough energy.

   “Huh?” Suddenly Chen Fan stopped, touched his forehead, then touched the top of the hole in front of him, and it was leveled!

   “That’s not right!” Chen Fannahan was overwhelmed. He had just widened the opening of the hole. He specifically dug up to a head higher than him to ensure that he would not knock his forehead when walking upright.

   But why is it shorter again?

   Obviously the cave will not become shorter by itself, so there is only another possibility!

   Chen Fan immediately grabbed the nearly three-meter-long tiger-tooth spear and stuck it on the ground. In contrast, the spear that was originally as high as him had shrunk to the position of his chin.

   “I have grown taller???” Chen Fan touched his brain afterwards: “Are I still in puberty? No wonder I’ve been getting upset recently. UU reading yawns~~~”

   A feeling of tiredness strikes, it is easy to get sleepy after eating, and it makes the brain stop thinking.

   Chen Fan yawned a few times in a row, and he didn’t bother to think about it.

   dropped his head into the cave and went to the tiger-skin bed, and fell asleep directly.

   Today, there are so many weird things that have happened, and even if they are not scared to death, they will worry about sleeping and eating. But he was able to eat and sleep as usual, so there was no one with such a big nerve.

   Not long after Chen Fan slept, there was another drizzle outside the cave.

   The mist and rain are like yarn and fog, like a sky covering the whole world.

   Countless creatures fell into a drowsy weirdly under the curtain of rain and began to undergo strange changes, and the plants began to grow wildly.

   At night, the rain hasn’t stopped, and the magical floating island is blowing in the wind.

   The pavilions on the island are still there, but no one is seen, as if the slightest change has not been seen for hundreds of millions of years.

   But when the rain curtain covered the floating island, many strange flowers and plants began to grow wildly on the island.

   I saw a green bamboo like jasper sprang out of the ground on one of the bare islands, but because the roots spread too fast, the island fell from the sky.

   The small island fragment with the magical bamboo fell unbiasedly into the forest. Such a big movement did not disturb any animals, because everything except plants fell into a drowsiness.

   The green bamboo that fell down with the island was actually intact, but instead rooted the root system into the earth and grew wildly.

   One after another bamboo shoots broke out of the ground, a dense green bamboo forest was formed overnight.

   And the floating island in the sky once again drifted away and disappeared into the clouds.

   Three months later…

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