Big Panda Boss

Chapter 12: Fairy dream

   Chen Fan felt that he had a long and strange dream.

   In his dream, it was as if his soul floated above the nine heavens, and he saw an old fairy with white beard and hair on a cloud.

   The old fairy wore a star-fighting gossip robe, a lotus crown, and a piece of Buddha dust in his arms. Seeing Chen Fan didn’t say anything nonsense, he started chanting directly.

   Chen Fan still didn’t understand what the old **** was chanting at first, but he couldn’t move, he couldn’t wake up, and seemed to be blocked with five senses and could only sit in front of the old **** and listen to him chanting.

   After listening, Chen Fan seemed to understand a little of the scriptures and felt very familiar. Later, I remembered carefully that it was the Taoist classic “The Tao Te Ching”.

   But as more and more scriptures he understood, Chen Fan discovered that the old gods did not seem to be reading the Tao Te Ching. Because although the scriptures read by the old gods and the “Tao De Jing” have many similarities, each word seems to contain the great principle, as if the slight and the great meaning are naturally natural.

   Chen Fan couldn’t understand the profound meaning even if he heard the scripture clearly.

   The old god, regardless of whether Chen Fan understood it or not, only chanted the scriptures to himself, just like Tang Seng reciting the scriptures, in a constant loop, almost exploding Chen Fan’s head.

   Afterwards, Chen Fan couldn’t stand it anymore, so he read aloud together, but couldn’t make a sound in his mouth, but a strange resonance in his heart.

   The scriptures that the old **** chanted immediately were like a brand, and they turned into golden characters and printed them into his mind.

   When the last golden word should come to mind, Chen Fan immediately understood that this advanced scripture was called “The True Scripture of Dedao”.

   The old **** who had been chanting finally stopped chanting, and looked at him slightly with his eyes closed.

   Then Chen Fan woke up.

   After waking up, Chen Fan was lying on the bed with his eyes open. There was no sign of sleepiness after a long sleep, but rather refreshed.

   It’s just that he was still a little dazed, and felt that this dream was too real, as if he had experienced it personally.

   But when Chen Fan wanted to recall the face of the old god, his memory became blurred again. And when he went to recite the profound “Teacher of Virtue”, he could actually recite it verbatim!

   Chen Fan was shocked, and immediately sat up.

   “Did I really meet a fairy dream?” Chen Fan scratched his head in grief for a while, but felt that this matter was too bizarre. I am afraid no one would believe it.

   can’t figure it out, Chen Fan had to put the matter to the bottom of his heart and got up to fertilize the flowers and plants outside the cave.

   Chen Fan, who got up, did not notice that there was a yin and yang fish pattern on his back, which was perfectly integrated with his black and white hair.

   Chen Fan stretched his muscles and bones while grinding his teeth, feeling that he had really slept for a long time. I lowered my head and drilled out of the cave and was about to fertilize my back. I was suddenly shivered by the sight in front of me, and suffocated back abruptly!

   Chen Fan hurriedly rubbed his eyes, then opened his eyes wide, confirming that he did not have dazzling.

   “Where did the bamboo forest come from??” Chen Fan looked at the bamboo forest that seemed to grow out of the cave overnight, completely bewildered.

   “It’s really strange!” Chen Fan walked through the colorful butterflies and flowers to the lush bamboo forest, reached out and touched it, really!

   pinched myself harder, it hurts, not dreaming.

   Chen Fan scratched his head frantically, completely wondering why lush bamboo can grow overnight?

   “Is it because God saw that I was a panda, so he sent me a batch of express bamboo???”

   Chen Fan is so embarrassed that I am not a vegetarian.

   “Ahhhhhhhhhh, these bamboo shoots are quite tender.”

   The brain is spitting out, but the body is very honest, the hand is faster than the body, and a bamboo shoot has been broken and put into the mouth.

   Fresh, sweet and juicy bamboo shoots chew like pears, crispy and sweet.

   Chen Fan couldn’t stop his mouth immediately, and directly threw his doubts out of Jiuxiao.


   “Crack! Click! Click!”

   Suddenly a strange cry caught Chen Fan’s attention, he immediately listened to it, and then sneaked over on the ground.

   Through the dense bamboo forest, Chen Fan’s keen eyes immediately spotted a few fat little rats eating bamboo.

   Chen Fan flashed his eyes instantly and recognized that these little fat mice were bamboo mice.

   He couldn’t help showing a fatherly smile.

   The few little bamboo rats who were eating bamboo shoots didn’t notice the imminent disaster, and they huddled together and licked the bamboo shoots, croaking from time to time.

   Suddenly a slight rustling sound aroused the alertness of one of the little bamboo rats. He immediately raised his head and looked around, only to see a cluster of trembling grass.

  The simple brain made the bamboo mouse unable to judge how the grass clump suddenly appeared next to it, but out of cautious and timid instinct, it immediately slipped into the mouse hole.

  Suddenly the grass violently burst, and two sharp claws were protruding.

   The remaining bamboo rats exploded their nests immediately, screaming in horror, and burrowing into the mouse hole, but they all got stuck together because the hole was too small.

   Chen Fan laughed loudly, and directly caught three fat and big bamboo rats with one paw.

   The three bamboo rats struggled frantically and opened their mouths to bit Chen Fan’s paw.

   Although Chen Fan has not personally grasped bamboo rats, he has seen how the murine sage grasps bamboo rats, so just lift these bamboo rats’ tails upside down in the air to make them unable to mouth.

   “Hey, don’t call me, uncle will take you for a walk by the river.” Chen Fan smiled cordially, and his saliva couldn’t stop.

   A few little bamboo rats were so scared that they immediately let out a more stern cry. UU reading

   Chen Fan laughed, and walked to the stream with the bamboo rat.

   Suddenly there was a rustling movement in the surrounding bamboo forest!

   Chen Fan immediately stopped, and narrowed his eyes to look around.

   soon saw bamboo rats drilled out from all directions and surrounded him round and round.

   “It’s careless!” Chen Fan looked serious.

   Still the same sentence, can the bamboo rats that live with the dinosaurs be ordinary bamboo rats?

  Who has ever seen a bamboo rat bigger than a Tibetan mastiff?

   Chen Fan has seen it now, and it is still a group!

   “Brothers have something to say, I just made a joke with them.” Chen Fan immediately showed a sincere smile and threw a few small bamboo rats to the ground.

   A few small bamboo rats screamed and ran back to their parents, but these big bamboo rats slowly surrounded them with their teeth.

   “It’s a young age!” Chen Fan cried out strangely, turned around and ran away.

   “Yo yo yo!” A bamboo rat king with a body size comparable to a lion and a green hair on his head immediately gave orders and led the rats to chase Chen Fan frantically.

   “I’m still trying to stop the trouble!” Chen Fan just tried to flee for a while, without noticing how easy his figure was…

   It was a chubby body, but he still ran a light and flying pace, leaping out a distance of more than ten meters in one step.

   quickly threw the rats away and went all the way.

   When Chen Fan ran out of the bamboo forest, the rats immediately stopped chasing them. It seemed that these bamboo rats did not dare to leave the bamboo forest for half a step.

Chen Fan turned around to see those big bamboo rats gathered around the bamboo forest and did not dare to take a half step. He immediately regained his courage and walked back with his arms akimbo and smiled proudly: “Why don’t you guys continue to chase Grandpa Xiong? Come out and bite me if you have the guts!”

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