Big Panda Boss

Chapter 13: Fight

   “Yo yo yo yo!” The Bamboo Rat King barked a pair of big fangs, and let out a threatening howl at Chen Fan. The green hair on the top of the head flutters in the wind, looks very bright!

Chen Fan immediately yelled to Qiang Qiang: “Yo yo yo! Chek! Let’s make a pancake and fruit! I like crispy noodles! Chili fermented bean curd and green onion! Iron shovel and wooden brush! Medicine! Cheek! Some noodle sauce is a little sweet! Eat it while it’s hot, like a fairy! Suck!”

   The Bamboo Rat King was stunned, and he didn’t know how to pick up the stubble.

“Come on! I say yo, you say medicine! yo yo yo!” Chen Fan chuckled, and improvised a step on the door dance like cramping, twitching and shaking all over, still scaring the rats Back again and again.

   The Bamboo Rat King took a deep look at this stupid bear, and felt that he couldn’t have the same insight as a neuropathy, so he turned around and took his men and slipped away.

   “Cut! You know that Mr. Xiong is amazing!” Chen Fan looked smug with his arms on his hips, but quickly realized something was wrong.

  Because this dense bamboo forest happened to be blocking his doorway, I would have to go through this bamboo forest in the future to go out, or else I would have to go a long way.

   Chen Fan gritted his teeth and immediately came to his heart, saying that a group of rat generations, Lord Xiong, I can’t take care of you?

   turned around and returned to the cave. After a while, he took out a large pile of firewood and lit it. When the flame rose, he immediately covered with fresh leaves, and then slammed in the direction of the bamboo forest.

   Smoke billowed into the bamboo forest immediately, and soon I heard loud screams coming from inside.

   “Oh -!” The bamboo rat king with green hair on his head appeared again, his red eyes staring at Chen Fan who was fanning the flames.

   Chen Fan happily said, “What do you look at? This mountain forest is originally Xiong’s site. You didn’t ask me if you made a hole in Xiong’s site?”

   Bamboo Rat King was choked by the heavy smoke and couldn’t open his eyes, and made a high-frequency scream with his teeth.

   Chen Fan was immediately buzzed in his ears by the sound waves, and the stars appeared in front of him. He turned his head and ran away in shock.

   “It’s a very young age! Even the bamboo rat has become fine these years!” Chen Fan ran back into the hole with a cigarette, making his dazed head feel better. Immediately, anger grew, and evil grew to the guts!

   “Sister, Lord Xiong is on the bar with you today!”

  Smoky doesn’t work, Chen Fan immediately made a plan. He took a jar of honey, took a handful of bacon and came out of the cave, set up a barbecue rack, and lighted the fire to directly roast the bacon.

  The peculiar smell of barbecue quickly drifted into the bamboo forest with the wind. After a while, I saw countless bamboo rats and rats covetously squeezing on the edge of the bamboo forest.

   Chen Fan looked smug, holding a fork with bacon in his left hand and a freshly made leaf brush in his right, dipping honey and smearing it on the sizzling barbecue, instantly making the aroma a little more intense.

   A few little bamboo rats could not bear the seduce of the fragrance, and sneaked out of the bamboo forest, but they were quickly caught by the big bamboo rats.

   The Bamboo Rat King appeared again, staring at the bear spirit who was acting as a demon again, so angry in his heart!

   “Oh-!” The Bamboo Rat King once again issued a high-frequency sound wave attack, but unfortunately he was too far away and couldn’t help the other party.

   “Medicine——!” Chen Fan replied without fear.





   I saw two guys scolding each other in the air, and those who didn’t know thought they were singing in duet.

   In the end, the Bamboo Rat King really didn’t make any mistakes with the other party, and simply ignored him, turned around and drove all his ethnic groups back.

   But the scent of barbecue is too tempting, and soon there will be bamboo rats sneaking back, lying on the edge of the bamboo forest and inhaling the scent, even if you can’t smell it.

   At this time, the barbecue was finally cooked. Chen Fan lay down lazily against a rock, then deliberately chewed slowly while drinking happy water, drooling the gluttonous bamboo rats.

   Finally, a big bamboo mouse couldn’t stand the temptation of delicious food and sneaked out of the bamboo forest. It’s just that this big bamboo rat is very delicate, knowing that this bear spirit is not easy to provoke, so he took a bamboo shoot and threw it in front of Chen Fan.

   “It’s really refined!” Chen Fan looked surprised, picked up the bamboo shoots and took a look, then cut off a piece of barbecue and threw it back.

   The big bamboo rat immediately picked up the barbecue and slammed back into the bamboo forest without a trace.

   After a while, the bamboo shoots in front of Chen Fan were already piled up like a mountain, and there were even many strange fruits.

Chen Fan picked up a colorful fruit that he had never seen before, rubbed it on his belly, and sniffed it. It was very sweet and smelled of lychee, but the appearance of the fruit was like mangosteen. It’s just that the colorful colors are hard to talk about.

   The bamboo mouse that was the first to eat crabs had become acquainted with Chen Fan. Seeing that he didn’t dare to lower his mouth, he immediately took a big mouthful of a colorful fruit as an example, and the fresh and tender juice burst out immediately.

   Chen Fan didn’t hesitate to see this. He threw the fruit directly into his mouth and bit hard, and immediately a sweet lychee-like juice filled his entire mouth.

   “Hmm! This fruit is good!”

   “Yo yo yo!” The big bamboo mouse immediately held more fruits to offer to Chen Fan.

   Chen Fan casually tore off a large piece of barbecue and threw it to it. The bamboo rat immediately picked up the barbecue and devoured it. UU reading www. is afraid of being snatched away by his companions.

   “Oh-!” Suddenly the bamboo rat king with green hair on his head appeared again, standing beside the bamboo forest and screaming in anger.

   The bamboo rats gathered around Chen Fan immediately became birds and beasts and fled back to the bamboo forest.

   Chen Fan was proud to pick up a fruit and threw it into his mouth, then cast a provocative look at the bamboo mouse king.

   The bamboo rat king licked his teeth, but he did not dare to take a half-step out of the bamboo forest. He was not as courageous as his men.

   At this time, the big bamboo rat who switched to the barbecue ran to the bamboo rat king with the leftover barbecue, and put down the barbecue with a flattering expression.

   The Bamboo Rat King sucked his nose and looked at Chen Fan again. He didn’t even smile at his brother’s filial piety, and returned to the bamboo forest with a proud face.

   “It’s interesting.” Chen Fan spit out the core with a smile, and said to his heart how long you can bear it.

   At night, Chen Fan cleaned the stone urn covered with moss, then boiled it with hot water, put the bacon and bamboo shoots, and put in a few fruits. Under the fierce fire, a strong aroma soon drifted into the bamboo forest with the wind.

   After a while, the bamboo rat king appeared on the edge of the bamboo forest, and the other bamboo rats were forcibly driven away by it.

   Chen Fan looked at it provocatively, and deliberately lifted the lid of the pot to let the fragrance drift by.

   Bamboo Rat King held back his saliva, stared at him bitterly, then turned and returned to the forest.

   “Cut it, see how long you can stand!” Chen Fan took out a stone bowl and took a spoonful of the thick soup. He immediately exclaimed with a look of intoxication: “Wonderful~~~Ah!”

The fragrant soup is as white as milk, and it is mellow and sweet in the mouth. It perfectly combines the fragrance of bacon fat and the sweetness of bamboo shoots. The sweet and sour fruits are more like injecting soul into the whole pot of soup. The taste of the soup has been sublimated again, reaching a sense of intoxication like drinking fairy jewellery.

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