Big Panda Boss

Chapter 136: Industrial dawn

   The big tortoise poked his head out of the lake, and said angrily: “You little fairy is really not big or small, do you want to kill me?”

   Xiaoyouyou stuck out his tongue and hurriedly slipped behind Chen Fan and hid.

   Miaoyun Demon King chuckled, and asked the big turtle: “Why are you here suddenly, Prime Minister Turtle?”

The big tortoise rolled in the water and spit out a jade clam and said, “Miaoyun Daxian, I am on the order of the Dragon King of the East China Sea, old tortoise. I hereby invite you to participate in the thousand-year-old banquet held for Prince Long 13 at the end of the year. .”

   Then the Miaoyun Demon King opened the jade clam and saw a golden invitation in it.

   “Well, the invitation has been received, please go back to your life, just say I will go to the banquet then.”

   “Good Miaoyun Daxian, that old tortoise, I will go back first.” The big tortoise rolled his eyes and seemed to have lost his aura, changed back to an ordinary monster, and hid directly at the bottom of the lake.

   Chen Fan looked surprised and asked: “Sister-in-law, do we still have Sea Dragon King here?”

Miaoyun Demon King flipped through the invitation and said casually: “No, since the dragon gate of this realm was sealed by the heavenly court, no real dragon has been born. The East China Sea Dragon Palace is actually a realm of its own, not in our world. Me too. I was lucky enough to save a real dragon when traveling around the world before forging a good bond with the dragon clan.”

   “Master, how did that big tortoise come to our world just now?” Xiao Youyou asked curiously.

  Miaoyun Demon King said lovingly: “Silly girl, that’s just a technique of possessing spiritual consciousness, or else the dignified prime minister would be caught by your little girl?”

   Xiaoyouyou gazes gleamingly: “Master, I just heard about a thousand-year-old feast. Is there something delicious?”

   “Want to go?” Miaoyun Demon King immediately guessed the girl’s careful thoughts and asked jokingly.

   Xiaoyouyou twitched: “But the disciple still has a lot of unfinished tasks.”

Miaoyun Demon King dumbly laughed and said: “This thousand-year-old banquet will not be held until the end of the year, but the road is a bit far away. I have to set off one month in advance. If you can learn the “Sutra of Yundan” as a teacher before the end of the year, you will take it. You go to see the outside world.”

   “Okay! Master, don’t worry, I will recite the “Yundan Scripture”!” Xiao Youyou immediately took Wu Lei and flew back to the palace on the mountain.

   Chen Fan worried: “Sister-in-law, is it really okay to take Xiaoyou out of this world?”

   Miaoyun Demon King smiled proudly: “It’s okay, I have my own way, and besides, there is also a spirit pill, you don’t need to worry.”

   This is the confidence that there is a fairy on it, and other monsters can’t be envied.

   After talking about the business, Miaoyun Demon King looked at the Golden Wood Wolf King who had never found a chance to speak and asked, “What kind of herbal medicine did you look for to come to me to change the medicine?”

   The Golden Wood Wolf King quickly took out a jade box and offered the treasure: “Look at the Great Immortal Miaoyun, it’s a pennisetum with a weight of a thousand years.”

   The jade box was gently pushed aside, and there was a small white grass in the box that was still cold and jagged.

   The Miaoyun Demon King glanced at it and said with a slight jaw: “The year of the tenth and thirteenth year, I have received it, what kind of medicine do you want to change?”

   The Golden Wood Wolf King rubbed his hands and said with a smile: “I heard that Great Immortal Miaoyun has just refined a kind of spirit pill that can dissolve the energy of chaos.”

   “You are well informed.” Miaoyun Demon King squinted at it and hummed, “Is someone from above handed you something?”

   “I can’t hide anything from you, Daxian.” The King of Wood Wolf smiled, which was acquiescence.

   “This herb alone is not enough.” The Miaoyun Demon King said directly: “I will give you a spirit pill if you bring ten more plants.”

“Ten plants!!!” The Golden Wood Wolf King took a breath and looked painful, but in the end he gritted his teeth and said, “Sure, this king will go back and look for ten thousand-year-old Pennisetum. Goodbye. . Handsome, little brother go ahead.”

   “Go slowly.” Chen Fan bowed his hands.

   The Golden Wood Wolf King hurriedly left Wanhua Valley.

   Chen Fan reminded: “Sister-in-law, the spirit transformation pill you refine can dissolve the chaos. I’m afraid your Ten Thousand Flower Valley will not be at peace in the future.”

  Miaoyun Demon King smiled proudly: “Who knows how to make a spirit pill and dare to go to my old lady to go wild? Besides, to refine this spirit pill, you need a pot of Huiguangfanzhao as the main medicine. You should worry about yourself.”

   Chen Fan said with a dry smile: “I believe my sister-in-law will not betray me.”

   Miaoyun Demon King snorted, and directly ordered to chase away the guests: “Okay, if there is nothing to do, go back quickly. Fifty years is not short, but long is not long.”

   Sure enough, a woman is unreasonable regardless of the world, age, and race. Chen Fan quickly took out the food and clothing he brought to Xiao Youyou and asked the Miaoyun Demon King to hand it over to Xiaoyouyou and said his farewell.

   Chen Fan walked out of Ten Thousand Flower Valley with a melancholy expression, and the line waiting in Taniguchi instantly vacated a large area. He couldn’t help but grinned, and didn’t simply pretend to be low-key, a big gold watch shook with his sleeves, and he drove away directly with a sound of exclamation.

Chen Fan did not return directly to Tongtian Peak, but remembered what Hei Ba had previously explained and turned to fly south to the Valley of the Thousand Nowadays, the Valley of the Thousand Drugs has already become a piece after ten years of large-scale development. Nearly 70% of the grain in the land of fish and rice, in the city of Ten Thousand Demons with a rapidly expanding population, was transported from Ten Thousand Poison Valley.

Chen Fan’s plan for Ten Thousand Poison Valley uses a militarized ranch model for management. The managers of each ranch are supervised by the demon generals directly assigned by Tongtianfeng, and then recruit local demon tribes or other places. The monsters or humans who come back and forth fish, farm and raise livestock.

   Then pay proportional wages according to the output results, that is, the more output, the more wages you get. And every farm worker has a set of dungeon resettlement houses distributed for free by the Valley of Drugs. Resettlement houses cannot be resold, but they can be sublet. As long as farm workers have worked on the farm for 20 years, they can get a real estate certificate.

   Therefore, the hundreds of large farms around Wandu Valley are like state-owned enterprises in the early days of the founding of the Chinese People’s Republic. In order to compete for a place to work in the farms, the refugees from all over the world would often play with each other.

   In addition to these large farms specializing in the production of grain, more than a dozen oil refineries have been built in Wandu Valley. The daily production of kerosene reaches hundreds of tons, and it can still sustain the daily consumption of millions of residents in Ten Thousand Demons City. Therefore, in addition to the fine ironware from the Western Mainland, the most popular products in the City of Ten Thousand Monsters are kerosene lamps of various styles.

   Chen Fan sat on the Baolian, overlooking the fertile soil thousands of miles below, and saw countless workers working **** the vast farmland.

   was domesticated herbivorous dinosaurs instead of cattle and horses, or plowing fields or pulling carts.

   The wide river course was packed with sailboats carrying grain northward.

   Overlooking the Valley of Ten Thousand Poisons, I saw dark clouds covering the sky, as if an industrial behemoth about to awaken was breathing thick smoke.


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