Big Panda Boss

Chapter 137: Rebellious

Chen Fan first flew to Lobster Lake and saw fishing boats floating on the lake. When he approached the central island, he saw that the former desert island was covered with stacked houses, and the shore was full of awnings. ferry.

   Before landing on the island, I smelled a hint of wine from a distance.

   There is a huge chain dock on the north shore of the center island. The whole building is built half on the shore and half on the water. The smoky light smoke drifted with the wind, exuding a seductive aroma of wine.

This is the branch of the Cuizhulin brewery that Chen Fan was located here. After years of operation and development, its scale has completely surpassed the Cuizhulin brewery, but the branch of the brewery on Lobster Island is mass production. Only talking about output, so most of the production is mainly rice wine and beer. The Cuizhulin Winery Workshop takes a high-end route. It does not demand output, but only pays attention to grades, so it produces high-end liquor.

   Chen Fan flew down while driving Baolian, and the winery guard immediately kneeled and saluted and shouted: “See the commander.”

   “Get up.” Chen Fan nodded, walked into the busy winery, and inspected the work.

   The director of the winery quickly rushed to hear the news and salute Chen Fan: “How come the handsome man is suddenly fortunate to be here today, you don’t have to tell me in advance, and there is no preparation for the little ones.”

   Chen Fan watched as he walked, “I just came here to take a look. I haven’t encountered any problems recently, right?”

   “No no.” The director of the winery humbly said: “The winery is operating normally, but the output is somewhat unable to keep up, causing many orders to be queued for the coming year.”

   Chen Fan curiously asked: “Where can I get so many orders?”

“Most of them are orders from the surrounding demon kings. In addition, exports to several other continents account for the bulk.” The director of the winery said: “I have reported this to the Chief Chimao, and hope to expand the wine. Factory, didn’t he tell you?”

   Chen Fan said: “I have been busy recently, and I haven’t met him yet, so you can talk to him about this matter.”

   Chen Fan did not intend to leapfrog in the operation of the following, which would make the people below easily misunderstand and mistakenly think that the red mane pig demon has lost his trust.

“Yes, handsome.” The director of the winery hurriedly changed the subject so as not to leave a bad impression in front of the commander: “Marshal, the little one heard that the king is about to become the emperor. Do we want to offer a batch of ten-year-old wines to celebrate? what?”

Chen Fan thought for a while and said, “There are still many things to be dealt with before the king becomes emperor. I am afraid that the ceremony will be postponed until next month. But you are prepared for it. You should first prepare three hundred altars of ten-year-old wine to be transported to Ten Thousand Monster City .”

   “Yes.” The director of the winery responded quickly.

   Chen Fan went around the winery and saw that everything was working well, he went to see the garrison commander of Lobster Island. After explaining some things, he left the winery and continued to patrol south.

   When we arrived at the Valley of Ten Thousand Poisons, the demon master who was stationed here hurriedly brought a team of men and horses to come to meet.

   Chen Fan took them to inspect the safety work of more than a dozen oil refineries. On the surface, everything is normal, but the safety training work for workers is a bit inadequate and there are some safety hazards.

   Chen Fan stood outside a distillation plant and asked, “How many workers have been killed or injured in the past month?”

Demon Master Yi is a beautiful snake, but in front of Chen Fan, he didn’t even dare to breathe. As soon as he heard Chen Fan’s inquiry, he answered cautiously: “Thank you, the commander, there were three oil refineries last month. A little story, three people died and five people were injured. Safety work education has been strengthened this month, and no more accidents happened…”

   Chen Fan stared at each other silently, staring at the beauty snake so that he was hairy, and he dared not look at him with his head down.

   “Give you another chance, how many people were killed or injured?”

  Beauty Snake trembled all over, and said in a low voice: “Great handsome, please, a total of 73 people were killed and injured last month…”

   “Hehe!” Chen Fan sneered.

   The beauty snake immediately lay down on the ground, repeatedly kowtow begging for mercy.

Chen Fan took out a secret report and shook her face, and said coldly: “A total of nine oil refineries had fire accidents last month, and two of them had big explosions. Did you tell me that fewer than a hundred people were killed or injured? “

   “Great handsome forgive me! Great handsome forgive me!”

Chen Fan coldly snorted: “If you want to survive, just explain why this year’s kerosene output plummeted by nearly 20%? How much? So that the price of oil in Ten Thousand Demons City is now almost rising to a catty and a silver coin! You really are me and Is the king a fool?”

  Beauty Snake immediately paled, knowing that the Dongchuang incident had happened!

   “Great handsome, I, I, and I are also forced.” The beauty Snake Lihua said with the rain: “Those guys want to drive up gas prices. If I don’t follow them, they will use my daughter to threaten me…Uh!!!”

   Chen Fan pinched her neck, picked it up, and said coldly: “I have never heard that a cold-blooded beauty snake cares about the life and death of the younger generation! It seems that you are planning to go to the king to explain in person.”

   The beauty snake immediately shuddered all over, begging for mercy: “The handsome man is forgiving, the handsome man is forgiving, if the little demon comes to the king, there is no chance of his life!”

   “Why?” Chen Fan said with a sneer: “Does this marshal look soft-hearted? Or is the knife in your hands not sharp enough?”

   “The little demon dare not!”

   “Since I don’t dare, please explain to me honestly!” Chen Fan threw the beauty snake to the ground and snorted coldly, “Who is the master behind the scenes?”

  Beauty Snake hesitated again and again, then squatted and said: “It’s the remnants of the nine infants…”

   Chen Fan sacrificed a bi-bamboo stick and slammed it directly on the side of the beauty snake’s head… and shook a deep hole in the ground!

   “You are so bold! You dare to collude with demons and evil creatures!” Chen Fan said angrily: “Say! Where did the fierce kerosene stored in the warehouse where the big explosion occurred?”

  Beauty Snake’s face suddenly turned gray. I didn’t expect that such a secret thing would be known clearly from the top, and for a while, she was weak on the ground and couldn’t even speak for mercy.

In fact, the secret report Hei Ba received did not mention the theft of the oil factory warehouse, but Chen Fan was a man. This trick has already been used in his previous life. A little association can guess the truth of the whole thing. pretty close.

   is nothing more than Jiuying’s remnants plotting wrongdoing, colluding with rebellious thieves and violent fire oil, and then covering up the truth with accidents…

   The other party had to be very clever with this method, but it was a pity that he ran into Chen Fan and was seen through at a glance.

   Chen Fan slapped the Xumi bag to offer a bundle of fairy ropes and directly tied the beauty snake five flowers.

   At this time, the garrison general of Lobster Island led his troops to arrive as agreed, and Chen Fan immediately showed King Jin Ling to summon all the monster generals in Ten Thousand Poison Valley to come to him for a limited time.

   As a result, only half of the more than 100 demon generals came. Chen Fan immediately announced that those who did not arrive within the time limit would be regarded as rebellious, and there would be no mercy!

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