Big Panda Boss

Chapter 138: ambush

   Then Chen Fan led the demon generals to fight back to the Valley of Ten Thousand Poisons. The rebellious demons gathered only seven or eight people to resist, but they were quickly wiped out. The rest of the rebellious all scattered and fled.

   Chen Fan sits in Wandu Valley to interrogate the captured rebellion overnight, and then releases a reward for the rebellion who has escaped.

   Countless masters immediately heard the rewards, and in just ten days, all the rebellions were arrested.

   Here, Chen Fan interrogated the stolen kerosene overnight, and finally found the stolen kerosene on a cargo ship heading to Ten Thousand Monster City.

   Although he had expected it, Chen Fan was shocked and sweated.

   a large ship full of fierce fire oil, hundreds of tons, if smuggled into the city by these rebels and ignited everywhere, it would be enough to cause a catastrophe!

   Chen Fan immediately ordered the cutting off of the heads of thousands of those who participated in the rebellion. It was really a river of blood that caused thousands of people to watch, and such **** methods completely deterred certain motivated people.

   Although thousands of heads were chopped off in one go, Chen Fan didn’t plan to stop there. Instead, he issued another reward for the Wanted Nine Infant Remnants.

   Soon news came that someone found the remnants of Jiuying hiding in the dense forests of southern Xinjiang.

   Chen Fan was planning to dispatch troops to cut the grass and remove the roots, but suddenly received a transfer order from Hei Ba, calling him to return to Tongtian Peak to discuss important matters.

   Chen Fan was in a dilemma, so he had to promote the ministers who had contributed to the investigation and conspiracy to temporarily replace the vacant positions, and when he returned to Tongtian Peak, King Ming would decree to seal their actual positions.

   Then Chen Fan hurried northward to return to Tongtian Peak, but the more he thought about it when he flew halfway, the more he felt something was wrong, because Hei Ba’s paper tune came too late, or it was too coincidental!

   Chen Fan immediately took out the transfer order and took a closer look. There was nothing wrong with grammar and anti-counterfeiting codewords.

   Chen Fan thought for a while and took out a photo with the demon mirror, and immediately made a touch of demon aura appear on her!

   “Illusion!?” Chen Fan crushed the transfer order and immediately turned around and returned to the Valley of Ten Thousand Poisons!

   Suddenly a demon gas rose into the sky and blocked his way, followed by more than a dozen demon gas surrounding him from all directions.

   Chen Fan picked up the demon mirror and swept it away. Good guys, there were seven demon masters and twenty demon generals. The sky and the ground completely blocked his escape.

   Chen Fan hovered Baolian, watching these ambushers step forward with cold eyes. Two of them are still old friends, the crocodile monster and the black dragon who ran down to his restaurant to poison him twice before.

   “Hehe, who am I? It turns out that it’s you two little mice again.” Chen Fan sneered.

  The black witch demon’s eyes were glowing with cold light, and he said viciously: “Smelly boy, I will recover my old hatred ten times today!”

  The crocodile offered a pair of hooks and magic weapons, and said coldly: “It is not suitable to stay here for a long time. Don’t talk nonsense with him, catch him! Remember, the Lord must live!”

   “Yes!” All the demons obeyed the order, all offering their weapons and weapons.

   Chen Fan slowly got up from Baolian, stretched his waist, and scared the demons back half a step.

   As the so-called shadow of the tree of the name of man, King Heiba’s reputation is spread far and wide. Is it good to be regarded as the demon commander of his right-hand man?

   The black demon sneered and said, “Xio wants to be frightened by him, this kid is just a mere appearance, just a little demon who is not even in the transformation period!”

   All the demons looked speechless, saying that at the beginning, even the little demons who weren’t in the incarnation stage could severely wound you. Now it has been ten years, and the ghost knows how strong this sky-swallowing monster commander is. There are even rumors that everyone who has seen this Tuntian master shot is already dead…

   “Mo Ling, you have fought against this monster, you go first, I will fight for you!” Crocodile monster said with a righteous expression.

  The black worm almost spewed a mouthful of old blood on the crocodile monster’s face, but the arrow had to be sent on the string, she had to bite her silver teeth, sacrificed a pair of daggers and magic weapons to attack Chen Fan first.

   But when Chen Fan sneered disdainfully, he slapped his bag!

   In the next second, the splendid light soars into the sky, splitting into seventeen or eight top-grade magic weapons to protect him!

   immediately saw him take out a stack of talisman to slam on himself, and directly stacked a dozen layers of defense BUFF in one breath!

   In the end, he grabbed a handful of golden beans and waved his hand, crackling into hundreds of big yellow turban warriors!

   All the demons were dumbfounded, and their heart said that this is still a shame?

   A gang of turtles meets a god, it’s not a number that can compete!

   “You! Shame on!!!” The black chimon almost didn’t cry in anger. She had never seen such a brazen monster.

   Imagine that she has accumulated a lifetime of belongings, a high-quality magic treasure that no one can easily take out, it is simply super-dimensional crushing!

“Heh!” Chen Fan said with a sneer: “Why do you guys single out this handsome with so many monsters? This commander didn’t say that you are shameful, but now you blame this handsome treasure too much? It’s too late! Let me listen to all of you monsters Okay, you are already surrounded by this commander. If you know, quickly put down your weapons and surrender obediently. Otherwise, once captured by this commander, you will not be able to survive!”

The crocodile demon immediately shouted: “Huh will be bluffed by this kid’s bluff! Even the Great Demon King can’t control so many high-grade magic weapons and yellow turban warriors. You really treat him as a demon immortal! Brothers! Go shoulder-to-shoulder and must not let him escape, otherwise there will be no place for me in this world of heaven and earth!”

   When all the demons heard this, they immediately lost their hearts and joined forces to attack.

   saw the crocodile demon yelling righteously, but his hands were deliberately slow.

   “Kill!” Chen Fanyan spit out a word concisely.

   “Kill!!!” Hundreds of yellow turban warriors immediately shouted in unison, forming a formation to kill the demons.

   The two sides suddenly confronted, and immediately seven or eight demon generals were beaten to the head by the yellow turban warriors, but at the same time, a dozen yellow turban warriors were cut to the ground by the demons.

   The two sides wanted to lose the battle. The Nine Infants and the Remnants just wanted to stabilize the formation, and suddenly saw Chen Fanji pointing a little, and immediately shot four high-grade magic weapons from his side to a rhino demon master.

   The rhinoceros spirit was shocked immediately and evaded hastily, but suddenly disrupted his own formation.

   “Idiot, don’t run around, quickly stabilize the formation!” Crocodile demon shouted anxiously.

   But he didn’t want Chen Fan to suddenly hook his finger, remotely controlling a few magic weapons and turning straight to the crocodile monster.

   Crocodile demon turned away and ran away without saying anything!

   The demons were all ashamed.

   Suddenly at this moment, the Black Chin-mon held two fang daggers and went around behind Chen Fan, trying to stab him back.

   But I didn’t want Chen Fan to suddenly turn around, inhale and puff out!

   The mouth-to-mouth billowing flames of ten years ago has made the black nymph unforgettable. Seeing this scene, he immediately evoked the shadow of his childhood, and was so scared that he turned his head and fled quickly.

   “Bah!” Chen Fan spit, and said with a sneer: “You demon girl escaped fast enough, otherwise you will definitely spit your face.”

   Seeing the two main minds flee one after another, the morale of the besieging demons instantly collapsed, and they immediately scattered and fled.


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