Big Panda Boss

Chapter 139: Ascend to the throne

   Chen Fan waved his hand and recovered all the magic talisman, but did not go to hunt down the gang of nine infants. After all, he has understood the truth about the poor and motivated since he was a child. If the other party deliberately led him into the urn, wouldn’t it be self-inflicted.

   So Chen Fan flew back to the Valley of Ten Thousand Poisons at the fastest speed, and then immediately mobilized the army to go straight to the southern Xinjiang to kill the hiding place of the remnants.

   But when the army reached the nest of remnants, they found that the enemy had already received the wind and slipped away!

   Chen Fan had no choice but to return to the court with an unhappy face, but when he led his army back to Ten Thousand Poison Valley, he found that Hei Ba had come in person.

   “Big brother, why are you here?” Chen Fan looked surprised.

Hei Ba took a closer look at Chen Fan before he smiled at ease: “I was shocked when I learned that you were ambushed by the gang of Nine Infants’ remnants, so I rushed over overnight. Now that I see you are fine, I will also not worried.”

   Chen Fan said silently: “Big brother, am I so weak in your eyes?”

   Heiba ​​laughed and said, “Third brother, don’t worry, eldest brother doesn’t mean that. Come on, eldest brother will show you something good to vent your anger. Bring it up!”

   Hei Ba waved his big hand, and immediately several little demons came forward with several **** heads…

   Chen Fan looked around and asked, “Is the eldest brother braised or roasted?”

   Heiba’s face was full of black lines and said: “Look at it clearly, who are these guys!”

   Chen Fan took a closer look again, and immediately said in surprise: “It’s not that, who is it?”

   Heiba ​​said speechlessly: “These guys are all the remnants of the nine infants who turned in ten years ago. I didn’t expect them to be spies. The previous fake orders put you in danger is what these guys did!”

   “Oh.” Chen Fan said suddenly: “Then burn it to ashes.”

   Heiba ​​waved his big hand: “Didn’t you hear the command of the commander? Go and burn it to the king Yang.”

   “Yes, my lord.” The little demons holding the spies’ heads immediately retired.

   Thousands of people were involved in this big rebellion case, and some of them were even the demon masters of the Ten Thousand Poison Valley who had surrendered back then. Hei Ba King Lei Ting was furious and directly ordered all the spies to be burned to death and set aside the ashes, and ordered a reward for the remnants of the nine infants. As long as the remnants of the gang are endless, the reward will not be revoked.

   The massive earthquake triggered by this directly affected the entire Monster Race Continent, scared the group of Jiuying remnants dare not show up again.

   But the people were quickly distracted by another incident, that is, the King Heiba ​​ascended the throne, proclaimed the emperor and founded the nation.

   With the help of Chen Fan, Heiba ​​finally sorted out the multitude of matters concerning the founding of the nation, and then announced the date of his enthronement.

   The city boiled for a while, and thousands of people came to Korea.

   The demon race does not have as many red tapes as the human race, and Chen Fan also adheres to the principle of keeping everything simple. It is said that the founding ceremony is almost the same as the New Year celebration. Every household puts on the lights and celebrates.

   On the day of ascending to the throne, everyone in the empty alleys gathered at the foot of Tongtian Peak.

   Several demon masters who are good at illusions joined forces to project the enthronement ceremony in the palace on the top of the mountain into the sky, so that the people at the foot of the mountain can see clearly.

   When the auspicious hour arrived, he listened to the drums and music, and then saw a group of demon masters and demon generals all dressed in newly made court clothes lined up to welcome Heiba ​​to the throne.

   I saw Hei Ba in a black gold-patterned imperial robe, embroidered with the sun, moon, mountains and rivers, pierced with rivers, lakes and seas on his back.

   The courtiers immediately knelt down on the mountain and called the king to live without boundaries, persuading him to be crowned and emperor.

   If the emperor of the human race proclaims the emperor, he might have to rebut again and again hypocritically, but the monsters do not engage in these vain things. Hei Ba kept in mind Chen Fan’s instructions, and immediately nodded and said: “This king is ordered to dominate the world, and all the seas will be served. Ten thousand peoples come to the court…”

   Hei Ba suddenly got stuck and glanced at Chen Fan, who was the first among all the ministers.

   Chen Fan shook his sleeves quickly.

   Hei Ba calmly opened his sleeves and saw a small teeny letter stuck inside…

   “Cough cough, so I will carry it forward and carry forward the future.” Hei Ba continued to say a big deal according to the cheat sheet, and finally decreed: “Now I have a national teacher to crown the king!”

   Chen Fan immediately straightened up and said loudly: “Play music! I wish my emperor be crowned!”

   The courtiers immediately chanted congratulations in unison, and the voices spread down the mountain, and countless people also screamed and cheered.

   The grand ancient music sounded, and then I saw the Miaoyun Demon King, who was a guest of the national teacher, wearing a gossip robe, holding a crown and walking to the throne step by step.

When    Hei Ba saw Miaoyun, he instantly smiled.

   “Ahem!” Chen Fan lowered his head and gave a dry cough. Hei Ba quickly put away his smile, showing a majestic posture.

  Miaoyun Demon King smiled, holding the crown in his hand and lightly coronating Heiba, and then wished him: “Congratulations to your majesty for being crowned and proclaimed emperor, and for a long life.”

   The courtiers immediately followed and bowed again, congratulating in unison.

   “This King…”

   “Cough cough cough!” Chen Fan stared.

   Hei Ba hurriedly changed his mouth and said: “I am transporting to the sky, and hereby announce to the world: the national title “Tongtian”, the dating title “Tian’ There are nine departments in the two courts, the division of Kyushu, the formulation of rules, and the unified text…”

Every time Hei Ba uttered a decree, he seemed to feel a sense of inexplicable luck. When he finished reading the proclaimed emperor that Chen Fan forced him to memorize, suddenly there was a bell ringing from Nine Heavens, like Hong Zhongda Lu was reverberated all over the world.

   Followed by the golden light of heaven’s merits and virtues, the golden light enveloped the Tongtian Peak, and the mountains and plains were covered by the golden lotus.

  Various visions shocked the people of Li, and countless birds and beasts bowed to the ground in the direction of Tongtian Peak.

On   Tongtian Peak, the demons also looked shocked, because these shocking visions were not in their rehearsal plans at all. They were the real blessings from the heavens to the Son of Destiny, announcing the rhythm of life!

   So not to mention that all the demons were shocked, even Chen Fan, who planned all this, was shocked.

Even Chen Fan was more shocked than all the demons, because the bells above the nine heavens actually resonated with the small cauldron in his purple mansion, and it rang loudly in the sea of ​​knowledge, making him dizzy and dizzy with golden light. .

   And every time Xiaoding buzzes, his Purple Mansion seems to expand in a circle!

   The sky bell rang nine times in a row, and the golden light of merit that enveloped the top of the peak was collected, and the golden lotus of the earth spring turned into a little golden light and scattered between the heaven and the earth.

   At the foot of the mountain, countless people have already knelt down and bowed their heads, and everyone has a pious face.

On the Tongtian Peak, Hei Ba, who was sitting on the throne, awakened from the cheers of “My Emperor is the Son of Destiny!”, but there was no sadness or joy on his face, and he said solemnly and solemnly: “I obey the destiny, Ze Being born to the common people and benefiting the world, you dare not obey.”

   The courtiers immediately knelt three times and nine knocks under the lead of Chen Fan, shouting: “My emperor will live without boundaries.”

   At this point, the Great Emperor Heiba ​​officially ascended the throne and established the Tongtian Empire.


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