Big Panda Boss

Chapter 14: Calculate each other

  Chen Fan’s favorite food in spring in his previous life was pickled fresh, because spring bamboo shoots made the most delicious pickled fresh. For this reason, I have tried various famous restaurants in Jiangnan area, but I have never tasted such a delicious soup. You must know that he didn’t put a grain of salt in this pot of soup, and it was completely relied on the original taste of the ingredients to blend this delicious taste.

   Delicious Now, Chen Fan couldn’t stop his mouth for a while, squatted directly in front of the pot and poured bowl after bowl into his mouth.

   “Yo!” Suddenly the bamboo mouse king appeared again, holding some treasure in his hand.

   Chen Fan licked the corner of his mouth with a squeak, hummed and said, “What are you doing?”

   “Oh!” The bamboo rat king spread out his front paws, revealing a jade-green bamboo leaf, which is very precious to this bamboo leaf, with a look of dismay.

   Chen Fan curled his lips and said, “Your little brother is trading fruit and bamboo shoots for food, but you just want to cheat and drink with only a leaf?”

   “Yo yo yo!” The Bamboo Rat King seemed to be irritated by Chen Fan’s contempt, and raised the bamboo leaves in a gesture.

   Chen Fan did not understand what it meant to express.

   “Oh, language barrier is always an obstacle.” In fact, Chen Fan also saw the extraordinary of this bamboo leaf. Seeing that the bamboo mouse king attaches so much importance to it, he looked at what kind of treasure it was, anyway.

   Chen Fan directly scooped a bowl of broth, added a few pieces of bamboo shoots to it, and carried it to the edge of the bamboo forest.

   Bamboo Rat King stared at Chen Fan with a vigilant look, for fear that he would cheat.

   Chen Fan stared at it contemptuously, saying that if it wasn’t for your little brother Duo Laozi would have taken you for a walk by the river.

   Putting the stone bowl on the ground casually, Chen Fan stepped back, not afraid that it would cheat.

  Bamboo Mouse King sniffed, couldn’t help dripping a few drops of saliva, and slowly climbed up and licked his head, but a pair of small bean eyes stared at Chen Fan’s every move vigilantly.

   Soon the savory taste of the broth made it relax its vigilance. He picked up the bowl and poured it violently. It is estimated that he has never eaten anything delicious in his life.

   Soon a bowl of broth was drunk by it, and he was full of intoxication.

   Chen Fan is very confident in the deliciousness of the broth. Seeing this bamboo rat king eat the first bowl, he is not afraid that it will not enter the urn.

   “Yo!” The bamboo mouse king finally did not forget his purpose, holding the stone bowl and making gestures, and then placed the precious bamboo leaves on the ground.

   Chen Fan understood, this guy still wants to eat another bowl. Immediately he smiled, knowing that this bamboo rat king was in his trap.

   “Wait.” Chen Fan turned around and took a new bowl and scooped a large bowl of broth to the bamboo mouse king, and picked up the emerald green bamboo leaves.

   The bamboo mouse king held the broth but didn’t drink it again, but carefully carried it into the bamboo forest.

   Chen Fan took a look, then turned back to the entrance of the cave, and carefully looked at the emerald green bamboo leaves in his hand by the light of the fire.

  I saw this bamboo leaf as green as jade, but as thin as a cicada’s wings, and at the same time full of resilience.

   Chen Fan didn’t know the magical effect of this bamboo leaf, so he put it in his mouth and tasted it.

   A refreshing sensation instantly hits his forehead, as if pouring a bottle of wind oil into his mouth.

   Chen Fan immediately spit out the bamboo leaves, drooping his tongue and drooling.

   “Yo yo yo!” The Bamboo Rat King happened to come back to see this scene with an empty bowl, and immediately let out a smirking laugh.

   Chen Fan glared at it anger, but he felt that his entire tongue was numb when he wanted to return to the color.

   “yo yo yo.” The bamboo mouse king put down the empty bowl, made another gesture, and then pointed to the bamboo leaves on the ground.

   Chen Fan still didn’t understand what it meant to express.

   Bamboo Rat King hurriedly scratched his ears, and simply ran forward to pick up the drooling bamboo leaves and wipe them on his forehead, and then made a wandering expression.

   Chen Fan looked at the rubbing green hair on its head, and shook his head firmly.

   “Brother is not as big as you are, you should keep it for yourself.”

   The Bamboo Rat King saw how stupid Chen Fan was, and suddenly he jumped up and pressed the bamboo leaf on his forehead.

Chen Fan suddenly became angry and was about to give this guy a bit of color. Suddenly, a wisp of cold air poured in along the heavenly spirit cover, and instantly rushed into the limbs, and the whole body shivered, as if the numb feeling of fluttering and ecstatic makes He fell into the clouds.

  Chen Fan was completely immersed in this wonderful feeling like ‘dai-go initiation’ and couldn’t extricate himself.

   “Yo yo yo.” Seeing this stupid bear spirit finally got into the set, the bamboo rat king immediately let out a cry.

   Numerous bamboo rats in the bamboo forest immediately rushed out to gather in front of the stone pot.

   “Yo!” The Bamboo Rat King gave an order, and all the Bamboo Rat Kings immediately formed a long queue.

   Then I saw the bamboo rat king scooping up the broth with a stone bowl, and gave each bamboo rat a sip.

   There is no way, there are more rats and less soup, so you can only taste each one.

   Soon after seeing the bottom of the stone pot, the bamboo rat king leaned into the pot and licked the bottom of the pot cleanly, and then quickly ran back to the bamboo forest with his men. It had thought about taking the opportunity to kill this bear spirit to eat meat, but it felt that this bear spirit could make any delicious food and how dumb it was. Maybe it could come home to eat and drink in the future.

   Chen Fan, with a bamboo leaf on his forehead, sat in a daze until dawn before waking up.

   Immediately, Chen Fan jumped up suddenly, and he secretly breathed a sigh of relief when he checked that all the parts were complete.

   “To the effect!” Chen Fan was secretly surprised if the bamboo rat was the starting point last night, UU reading www. is probably a lamb to be slaughtered, so I can’t let my guard down any more.

   “Sure enough, a monster that has become a spirit is not easy to provoke!” Chen Fan touched his forehead and picked the bamboo leaves off, and found that the bamboo leaves had turned gray, and they became powder when they rubbed them.

   “It’s a baby, I just don’t know how much the bamboo rat king has on these magical bamboo leaves.” Chen Fan rubbed his forehead hard to make sure it didn’t change color, and turned around and found that the broth stewed last night was gone.

   “Your sister, save me a bite anyway!” Chen Fan’s face was dark, and he resisted the impulse before setting fire to the entire bamboo forest.

   “Huh, play with me, let’s see how I clean up you!” Chen Fan’s eyes rolled, and his heart came to mind. Turning around, putting on a disguise and carrying a spear straight to the hive.

   The hive under the cliff is still the same, the bee colony is busy in and out, and it is hard to see that most of the worker bees have just been killed or injured.

   Chen Fan did not dare to touch too close. He hid in the woods and spied for a while. He found a chance to grab a handful of stones and threw them at the hive. Then he opened his voice, turned and ran away: “Yo yo Chek!”

   The enraged bee swarm immediately chased up in a dark stream.

   But Chen Fan ran so fast that he still threw the swarm out of a long distance.

   Soon Chen Fan ran back to the edge of the bamboo forest and quickly sprinkled a small pot of honey on the ground, and then screamed loudly while running.

   There was a commotion in the bamboo forest, and just then the bee swarm also chased it.

   Chen Fan immediately rushed into a bush and hid.

   The bamboo mouse king with a green hair on his head rushed to the bamboo forest and smelled the sweet honey fragrance, but immediately saw the swarm of bees flying in from the river, and immediately screamed.

   The swarm of bees immediately rushed towards the bamboo rat king.

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