Big Panda Boss

Chapter 140: Disaster in southern Xinjiang

   The second year of Tianan, January, spring.

In order to celebrate the first anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Emperor Heiba ​​held a military parade and invited all nations to come to Korea to celebrate the whole country.

   February of the same year.

  North Cave Demon King Hundred Eyes Great King, Lingnan Demon King Heishan Great King joined the empire.

   June of the same year.

  The four demon kings of southern Xinjiang suddenly joined forces to invade the Ten Thousand Poison Valley in the southern border of the empire, looting and destroying farmland everywhere.

   Hei Ba the Great heard of the thunder furious, ordered the Empire Swallowing General Marshal personally led a hundred thousand army to conquer the southern border monsters.

   Upon hearing the news, the four great demon kings of southern Xinjiang immediately withdrew their troops and flee, trying to take advantage of their geographical advantage to deal with the imperial army.


   “Marshal, his subordinates have found out that someone from the Southern Xinjiang Demon Race to the north was secretly colluding…” Demon Master Jin Yu held a secret report and submitted it to Chen Fan, who was wearing a helmet and armor.

   Chen Fan took the secret letter and glanced at it, then sneered: “It’s the remnants of the nine infants again, it’s really lingering.”

   A tiger demon master said: “The commander, the southern Xinjiang has complex terrain, mountains and rivers, miasma, and poisonous insects everywhere. If the army rushes deep into it, it may encounter an ambush!”

“Well, what the tiger idiot military division said is good.” This is the first time Chen Fan has led the army. Hei Ba specially assigned him an elite division who can conquer the battle, and arranged more than a dozen skilled demon masters to advise him. .

   But even so, Chen Fan didn’t dare to have the slightest arrogance, and asked humbly: “I wonder how many demon masters have a countermeasure?”

   Inu Rong Demon Master suggested: “The Lingnan region is not much different from the Southern Xinjiang region. How about the commander instructing the Black Mountain Demon King to lead his troops to help out?”

“It’s not right, it’s wrong.” The Demon Master Jin Yu shook his head and said: “The Black Mountain Demon King has just returned to the empire. It is just when it needs to be comforted. If it is rashly enlisted, it will arouse the opponent’s rebellion. Then the Nanjiang Demon Race and Lingnan If the monster race keeps getting involved again, I’m afraid this battle will be difficult to fight.”

“Hmph, I forgive the Black Mountain Demon King for not having that courage.” The Tiger Demon Master took the initiative to ask: “Marshal, please allow me to pass the order in person. If the Black Mountain Demon King dares not follow his life, I will bring it to his head. See you!”

   “You crazy tiger are not afraid that you will really push the Lingnan monster clan?”

   “My empire’s one hundred thousand army Chen Bing boundary, then the Black Mountain Demon King dare to oppose it?”

   A group of demon masters expressed their opinions, but none of them could persuade everyone’s opinions, so that they made a quarrel.

   In the end, Chen Fan can only make the final decision.

   “This commander has made up his mind!” When Chen Fan spoke, the whole room was quiet, and he listened to him in a deep voice: “Thank you, the Demon Master Jinyu will go to Lingnan and summon the Black Mountain Demon King to lead his troops to help out.”

  The eyes of the demon masters all flickered, guessing what the meaning of the commander’s move is?

   Chen Fan looked around the demons and continued: “This commander is not really short of his soldiers, but wants him to show his position.”

   All the demons suddenly.

   “Yes, handsome.” Demon Master Jin Yu immediately clasped his fists and walked away.

  Lingnan is located in the southeast of the Yaozu mainland. It is mountainous and close to the coast. Therefore, most of the Yaozu here rely on the mountains and the sea to eat the sea.

   With the rise of the Tongtian Empire, the Yaozu continent and the Aomu Continent in the east have gradually opened up several busy channels.

   As a result, Lingnan, which occupied a favorable geographical position, also developed. In just ten years, several large port cities were built on the seashore.

   At this moment, in a prosperous Linhai city.

   The Lord of Lingnan, the Black Mountain Demon King, is hosting a distinguished guest.

“King of Black Mountain, our southern Xinjiang and you, Lingnan, are grasshoppers on the same rope. To use human idioms is the truth of death with cold lips and teeth.” A goat dressed as a counselor stroked his goat’s whiskers and talked freely: “If I cannot protect southern Xinjiang, your Lingnan is the next target of the Tongtian Empire to be conquered, so you have to think carefully!”

   The Black Mountain Demon King is also a black bear spirit, and he is regarded as his own family with Emperor Black Ba. Therefore, after the empire military parade celebration, he led the crowd to choose to be attached, and was canonized by the Heiba ​​Great as a king of Lingnan. For this reason, he still chuckled for a long time, until the four great demon kings of southern Xinjiang raised their armies and publicly plucked the tiger’s beards of the empire, which made him feel different.

  Before meeting this southern Xinjiang emissary, the Black Mountain Demon King had actually convened a secret discussion among the people, and the result was also that the two factions did not discuss a result.

   Now the Black Mountain Demon King is a little hesitant. On the one hand, he is afraid of the imperial power and dare not lift the flag of rebellion lightly. On the other hand, he wants to imitate his own family as the emperor, and also have the addiction of being an emperor…

Seeing that the Black Mountain Demon King was still hesitating, the goat spirit continued to persuade and said: “The little demon had already received the news before the arrival of the imperial army of one hundred thousand soldiers, but did not dare to rush into southern Xinjiang. In fact, it was because the northern demon clan could not adapt to southern Xinjiang. A smoky place. So the little demon expected that the imperial general marshal would send you an order to the Demon King, so that you would also send troops to help out as a **** to die.”


   The wine glass in the hands of the Black Mountain Demon King was crushed, and his eyes were fierce!

   Goat spirit saw that there was a scene, and was about to continue to add fuel and jealousy to sow discord. Suddenly, a little demon hurried in and knelt in and reported: “Report~~~ The king, the general of the Imperial Golden Feather Demon Master came to see you!”

   The Black Mountain Demon King shook his hand immediately, and the fierce light that had just appeared in his eyes was instantly extinguished.

The goat spirit whispered that the courageous person is inadequate, and stood up and said, “Majesty, it is inconvenient for the little demon to meet that person, otherwise it may cause suspicion. Come on, take the distinguished guest away from the back door.” The Black Mountain Demon King immediately ordered his entourage to lead the goat spirit out of the back door and send him away, and then went to the front yard to open the door to meet the demon master Jin Yu himself.

   The Demon Master Jin Yu saw the Black Mountain Demon King personally go out to greet him, feeling flattered, and quickly saw him.

   The Black Mountain Demon King smiled enthusiastically, and welcomed the Demon Master Jin Yu into the hall for a banquet.

   The two sides pushed the glass for three rounds at a time, and then the Black Mountain Demon King asked about the demon master Jin Yu.

   The Demon Master Jinyu did not go in circles, and directly explained his intentions and asked the Black Mountain Demon King to send troops to help crusade southern Xinjiang.

   The Black Mountain Demon King’s heart burst, but on the surface, he slapped his chest to ensure that he would send troops to help defeat southern Xinjiang and raise the might of our empire.

   The Demon Master Jin Yu didn’t doubt that he had him, and when the mission was completed, he left and went back overnight.

   The Black Mountain Demon King had just sent away the Golden Feather Demon Master, and immediately ordered someone to go and bring the goat spirit back to the secret.

   “My lord, little demon, I dare to ask the demon master Golden Feather’s intentions, can the little demon know?” Seeing the face of the Black Mountain Demon King, the goat spirit knew he must have guessed.

   The Black Mountain Demon King grinned his teeth and stared at the goat spirit coldly: “This king can raise troops, but after it’s done, this king wants Ten Thousand Poison Valley!”

   The goat sneered carefully, but he promised: “The little demon can be the master of this matter. After all, our demon in southern Xinjiang can’t adapt to the bitter cold of the north.”

   The Black Mountain Demon King laughed at the words, as if the Valley of Ten Thousand Poisons was already in his pocket.

After that, the two demon conspired to raise troops. The Goat Spirit gave the Black Mountain Demon King a horrible trick, and asked him to kill the imperial army by pretending that he sent troops to help. The army of the empire must be able to wipe out the 100,000 army of the empire!


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