Big Panda Boss

Chapter 141: Go to the meeting alone

   Demon Master Golden Feather rushed back to the Valley of Ten Thousand Poisons to return to his life overnight. The demon never expected that his trip would be so smooth, not to mention that the Black Mountain Demon King promised to be so happy.

   “Marshal, for fear of fraud!” Tiger Demon Master reminded.

   “What do you mean, Crazy Tiger?” Demon Master Jin Yu furiously said, “Can’t you see me doing meritorious service?”

The Tiger Demon Master said indifferently: “I’m just doing my duty. If the Black Mountain Demon King is really loyal to the empire, I will personally toast to you and apologize on the day of triumph!” The implication is that if there is fraud, then the Golden Feather Demon Master. It is absolutely hard to blame.

   For a time, the two demon masters were drawn with swords, with a strong sense of needle-pointing to wheat.

   “The two demon masters are discussing things, they are all for the empire, don’t hurt their peace.” Chen Fan knocked on the table, and immediately asked the two demon masters to plead guilty, and sat back obediently.

   Then Chen Fan asked politely: “What is the strength of the Black Mountain Demon King?”

   Tiger disdainfully said: “The Black Mountain Demon King is just a vain person. In terms of strength, I can beat him with a single claw. If it weren’t for the remoteness of Lingnan, that round would get this demon king!”

“Well, this commander knows it in his heart.” Chen Fan said with a slight jaw, “When the Black Mountain Demon King leads his army, this commander will personally invite him to come to account for the CCP’s major business affairs. If he dares to come, he will have a clear heart. If you don’t dare to have a ghost in your heart, then a few demon masters will have to work!”

   When the demons heard this, they immediately sang their hands and praised: “Great handsome and wise!”

   Three days later, the Black Mountain Demon King led an army of thirty thousand mighty and drove up along the river to the Valley of Ten Thousand Poisons to join the empire.

Chen Fan ordered the summoning of the Black Mountain Demon King on the grounds of discussing how the two families could work together. However, the Black Mountain Demon King rejected the call on the grounds that the Lingnan monster army first arrived in the North and the desperate need for him to sit in town. The messenger invited General Tuntian to a banquet in his army and personally apologized to the general.

   Such a mentally handicapped plan to ask the king to enter the urn, Chen Fan’s past life can be seen even by elementary school students, but in the eyes of these monsters, it may be a trick that can only be thought of by racking their brains.

   But Chen Fan agreed. Not only did he agree, he even sent someone a boat of fine wine to show his reward. Then he took only one entourage and went to the other party’s camp, seeming not to see through the other party’s irregularities at all.

   The Demon King of Black Mountain was overjoyed when he learned about it, thinking that he could wipe out the 100,000 armies of the empire without a single soldier.

   That night, in the Lingnan army barracks standing by the river, singing and dancing, countless soldiers drank drunk.

   In the handsome account, the Black Mountain Demon King is even more acting and performing a full set, first invite Chen Fan to sit on the table, and then personally pour wine for him to apologize.

Chen Fan did not refuse to come. Instead, he exchanged cups with the Black Mountain Demon King to praise his brothers and brothers. Up.

   After three rounds of wine, the atmosphere in the handsome account suddenly became subtle. Because the Black Mountain Demon King took the initiative to ask what will happen to the new territory of southern Xinjiang after the empire’s conquest of southern Xinjiang?

  Because this is directly related to the next administrative policy of the empire, if it is divided, then Lingnan, as a neighbor, may be a corner. After all, it has a certain degree of autonomy. As a neighbor, the Black Mountain Demon King might be able to establish a good relationship with the new neighbor, and form an alliance in private to worship something or something.

But if the division of states and counties is implemented in the northern territory, and officials are directly delegated from the central government of the empire to the locals for management, then a very subtle crescent shape will be formed on the territory of the empire, which happens to encircle the corner of Lingnan from north to south. stand up.

   Even if the Black Mountain Demon King’s political IQ is low, he wouldn’t be so stupid to allow his house to be crowded with the empire army looking at him.

   So when the Black Mountain Demon King asked this question, the Lingnan Demon Generals in the handsome account all turned to look at Chen Fan who was sitting in the main seat.

  Chen Fan smiled slightly while holding the wine glass: “The king asked the wrong person. I’m just a warfighter who is in charge of fighting. How can you know this kind of national affairs? You should ask your majesty.”

The Black Mountain Demon King lightly twitched the corner of his mouth and said with a smile: “It has long been known that the Marshal is the right arm of your Majesty, and national events are even more obedient to the Marshal. Does the Marshal look down on this King or think that this King is not worth mentioning? “

   A group of Lingnan demon generals straightened up immediately, staring at Chen Fan with stern eyes.

   Chen Fan shook the wine glass lightly and couldn’t help laughing.

   “Why is the commander laughing?” The Black Mountain Demon King twisted his eyebrows and said coldly: “Could it be that what the king said was wrong?”

   “No, no, no.” Chen Fan said with a smile: “The king has misunderstood. I didn’t look down on you, but looked at you too highly.”

   “Look up at this king?” The Black Mountain Demon King was stunned, and he didn’t recall it for a while.

   The entourage standing next to Chen Fan suddenly violent, and immediately threw the Black Mountain Demon King to the ground, his sharp claws directly against his throat.

   This incident happened so quickly that the demon generals could not react. When they reacted and shouted that they wanted to save the car, the entire handsome tent was opened from the outside.

It was only then that the demon generals were shocked to find that their camp was full of imperial demon soldiers holding sharp blades, and their Lingnan demon soldiers all knelt on the ground ~ Don’t even dare to breathe.

   Several demon masters stood in the air and looked down on the audience.

   A group of Lingnan demon generals sat on the spot, not knowing what to do for a while.

   Chen Fan took the wine glass and drank it, rushing down and beckoning.

   The tiger idiot posing as his entourage directly picked up the Black Mountain Demon King and knelt in front of Chen Fan.

   “What do you mean, handsome? This king came here to help out on your call! Wouldn’t you be afraid of chilling the hearts of the heroes of the world by doing this?” The Black Mountain Demon King shouted.

   Chen Fan asked with a smile: “You learned this from that drama again?”

   It’s not that he underestimated these monsters, but that he knew too much about the ink in the belly of these monsters.

   Let’s just talk about the Tongtian Peak. Even if Chen Fan implemented compulsory education, it took ten years for a group of demons to reach the sixth grade of elementary school…

   As a result, this Black Mountain Demon King is clearly a mountain king, but he has to imitate the poor scholars and tell him what to say. If there is no expert to point Chen Fan to death, he would not believe it.

  Sure enough, the Black Mountain Demon King was suddenly stuck when asked by Chen Fan.

Chen Fan shook his head and sighed with a smile: “If you don’t have a few inks in your belly, don’t learn from others. Do you know that the way you thought you were holding Zhizhu just now was really ridiculous. You are really a handsome man and didn’t see through your conspiracy. ?”

   The Black Mountain Demon King blushed, and said with shame, “How do you see through this king?”

Chen Fan slapped Sumidai directly and threw a goat spirit head in front of him, sneered: “The army is marching, the scouts go a hundred miles first. The handsome scouts have already mixed into your camp, and you still have nothing. I feel, drinking and having fun with this southern Xinjiang secret envoy every day in this handsome tent, are you really a fool?”

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