Big Panda Boss

Chapter 142: 1: Palm Liwei

   After all, Chen Fan led an army to fight for the first time, so he was cautious and cautious, and he directly copied all the command experience he learned from various crossing gods in his previous life.

   First spread the scouts to explore the way, and conduct all-round reconnaissance in the sky and underground.

  The second thing is to use the spies, sending a large number of spies into the enemy camp, and naturally including the land of Lingnan, which is the focus of attention.

   After all, the two armies are most afraid of being stabbed from the flank in a confrontation, so as soon as the imperial army arrived in the Valley of Ten Thousand Poisons, Chen Fan sent a large number of scouts and spies to Lingnan to stare at the Lingnan tribes to prevent these guys from taking advantage of the fire.

   As a result, the almost primitive management system of the Lingnan tribes directly allowed the imperial scout spies to easily break into the opponent’s interior and detect a lot of confidential information.

  Even one of the spies has become the guard of the Black Mountain Demon King…

   Then Chen Fan knew clearly that the Black Mountain Demon King had pampered the she-bear spirit every night.

   That’s why Chen Fan said that he overestimated the other’s IQ, and it felt like he was playing with children in the kindergarten.

Chen Fan finally understood why the monsters were overwhelmed by the humans in history and became the protagonists of heaven and earth. It was not that the monsters could not beat the humans, but the monsters were too’innocent’, so they were tricked by the humans who were good at conspiracy and trickery. Turn around.

As soon as the Black Mountain Demon King saw the goat spirit, he knew that the East Window incident had happened, and he immediately slumped to the ground, but his strong desire to survive immediately made him struggle: “This king refuses! This king refuses! This king is the lord of the Lingnan that His Majesty canonized. You have no right to judge this king!”

   Chen Fan sneered disdainfully, and said: “Drag out the door, cut it!”

   Tiger idiot immediately dragged the Black Mountain Demon King out. The Black Mountain Demon King panicked immediately, and Shengzhi yelled: “This king wants to fight you!”

   There was silence at once, and all the monsters subconsciously turned their heads to look at Chen Fan.

   Chen Fan raised his brows and couldn’t help but let out a sneer.

   Immediately, several demon masters on Tongtian Peak laughed.

   “Hahahaha, is this stupid bear’s brain flooded, dare to find a handsome man in a duel?”

   “You can’t find it if you want to die.”

   “Marshal, let me fight this guy and watch me screw his head off!”

   The Black Mountain Demon King also gave up, struggling and shouting: “Couldn’t the grand marshal of the empire dare to fight this king?”

   “Let go of him.” Chen Fan waved.

   “Marshal!” Hu Chi hesitated for a moment, then obediently stepped aside.

   The Black Mountain Demon King immediately got up, but several demon masters stared at him and did not dare to act rashly.

   Chen Fan carried his hands on his back, and said lightly: “Since you want to die happily, that handsome man will do you well. If you can catch my palm, I will spare your life.”

   “Is this really true?” The Black Mountain Demon King immediately delighted in his heart, secretly saying that his other abilities are useless, but his body of copper skin and iron bones is a natural talent.

   Chen Fan proudly said: “This handsome never breaks his promise!”

“Okay! This king will teach you the great skill of the Swallowing Master today!” The Black Mountain Demon King yelled, his whole body crackling, and in the blink of an eye he became a big bear more than 15 meters high, a billowing demon. The anger rose to the sky and swept across a hundred miles!


   The Demon King is the Demon King. In the world of monsters where strength is respected, there is no possibility of becoming a superior without strength. Even if the Black Mountain Demon King’s IQ is low, he is also a well-deserved demon king in Lingnan!

   All the demons were frightened by the demon king’s aura, and they retreated one after another, leaving a huge space for the two demons.

   Chen Fan, who was more than three meters high, looked very small when he stood in front of the Heishan Demon King, who showed his true body, but all the monsters held their breath and stared at him.

   The world has long heard of Marshal Tuntian’s fame, but few have actually seen him take action, so the big guys are very curious about how strong this Marshal Tuntian is?

In fact, Chen Fan himself wants to know this question. Because of his body’s automatic plug-in and the airflow in his body, he is still confused about what level he has cultivated to. He only knows a little. Great strength!

This is enough.

   Facing the giant bear’s thunderous roar, Chen Fan slowly slid away, slowly raising his arms to draw a wonderful arc.

   Ten years of insisting on practicing Tai Chi in the morning every day, let alone whether it is useful or not, this posture alone is very bluffing.

   The Black Mountain Demon King subconsciously took a half step back, grinning and roaring!

   Chen Fan turned his hands round, exhaled a stale breath, concentrated his energy, stomped his foot suddenly, and the whole person was ejected like a cannonball!


   The figure suddenly disappeared, and the ground shattered into circles of cobweb cracks!

   is almost to the extreme!

   The Black Mountain Demon King suddenly felt that the crisis was imminent, and roared as he stood up and gathered all the demon energy on the toughest belly.

   In the next instant, Chen Fan appeared in front of the Black Mountain Demon King and shot straight out!

   The violent palm wind pressed the air and issued a harsh scream, just like an overwhelming force.

   Chen Fan exhausted all his brute force with this palm, because he had only brute force to display. Rather than mobilizing the invigorating Qi, it is better to just slap in the face and call it simple and effective.

   Just as the two sides were about to come into contact, Chen Fan suddenly felt a sea of ​​anger in his stomach churning, and the two’salted fish’ jumped out to make trouble at this critical juncture.

   Chen Fan immediately felt two air currents rushing out of the sea of ​​qi and following the meridians around the right a picture of yin and yang of Pisces bloomed!

   “That’s the trick!” The Demon Master Jin Yu, who had seen Chen Fan take action, couldn’t help but let out a low cry of excitement, and his eyes widened.

   Next second, boom! ! !

   is like the roar of a giant cannon.

  The huge Black Mountain Demon King instantly disappeared in place, turning into a meteor disappearing into the sky…

   In the past, people often thought that flying people into meteors was just an exaggerated adjective, but today they have seen it truly.

   For a time, the whole room was silent!

   “Huh!” Chen Fan exhaled a suffocating breath, folded his palms and looked down upon the group of demons, showing an extraordinary manner.

   I still remember that he used the same trick to almost overdraw all his fat, but today he can do it calmly without worrying about making a fool of himself.

   “The commander is mighty!!!” I don’t know who took the lead and shouted, and immediately the group of demons cheered.

  The Lingnan demons were all trembling on the ground, looking at Chen Fan’s eyes full of awe.


   East, Aoki Continent, it was noon.

   A group of tall treants are loading bundles of herbal wood on a ship by the coast, and a few vegetation spirits are bargaining with fleet supervisors from the West.

   Suddenly a ‘shooting star’ dashed across the sky and shocked all the monsters.

  Suddenly layers of cyan light film appeared in the sky, slowing down the meteor layer by layer until it crashed onto the coast.

   The plant spirits immediately paid homage to the depths of the mainland, because they knew that the green tree ancestor must have blocked the meteor.

   Countless monsters immediately ran over to see what happened, and was shocked to find that this meteor was actually a huge bear monster!


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