Big Panda Boss

Chapter 143: Set ambush

Some of the monsters recognized that this bear monster was the Black Mountain Demon King of Lingnan. After all, the fleet traveled between the East and the West, and Lingnan was also the first port of landing for the fleet, so many monsters recognized this Black Mountain Monster King. .

   But these monsters never dreamed that the Black Mountain Demon King would have died, and he died so brilliantly as a meteor.

   “What the **** is going on? How can the dignified Black Mountain Demon King die here?”

   “Look at the movement just now, it seems that someone was hitting it over!”

  ”Are you dreaming? This is the Aomu Continent, which is separated from the Yaozu Continent by the sea. We have to sail for more than a month to reach the other shore!”

   “Look, there seems to be a palm print on the demon king’s belly!”

   “Hiss!!!” The demons cleared their palm prints, and immediately sucked in unison.

   At this time, the plant spirits also came to investigate the situation, but after listening to the analysis of the monsters, they all thought it was a fantasy.

   “Let’s ask the ancestor of the tree, he must know what’s going on.” A plant spirit suggested, and immediately stretched out a root to root in the earth.

   This is the unique way for the plant spirits to contact the Aoki tree ancestor.

   After a while, this plant spirit got a shocking answer from the Aoki tree ancestor.

   “The ancestor said that this bear monster was really hit by someone from the monster continent!”

   The previous guess was a guess, but none of the monsters on the scene thought that this was really possible, but now it has been confirmed by the ancestor of the tree. Now all the monsters can’t calm down.


   “Marshal, the reorganization of the Lingnan Monster Clan Army is very smooth.” Tiger Chixin said in a sincere manner: “We didn’t encounter any resistance, all thanks to the commander, you shocked the demons.”

   Chen Fan flipped through a secret report that he had just sent, and said lightly: “A gang of mobs are afraid of power but not virtue. I am afraid it will only add burden to the battlefield.”

   Tiger foolishly asked: “Marshal, shall we send all these Lingnan monster races back?”

   “No.” Chen Fan shook his head and said, “It is still useful to keep them first. Golden Feather Demon Master.”

   “The end is here!” Demon Master Jin Yu immediately went out and clasped his fists and said: “What is the command of the commander?”

   Chen Fan said: “Southern Xinjiang has many mountains, rivers and woods, and it is not convenient for ground forces to conduct operations, so the next battle basically depends on your air force.”

   Ten years ago, under Chen Fan’s suggestion, Heiba ​​wiped out the Black Crow tribe with an air raid. He established his own prestige and saw the advantage of the air force. Therefore, Tongtian Peak has been training a large number of bird monsters to join the air force for ten years.

  To this day, the Tongtianfeng Air Force has formed an advanced army capable of coordinated operations among multiple services that integrate reconnaissance, communications, bombing, and support.

   “Yes, the final will guarantee fortunately!” The demon master Jin Yu just lost face in the case of the Black Mountain Demon King, and it was the time when he was eager to make atonement.

   “Tiger idiot demon master, Inu Rong demon master, Yadu demon master.” Chen Fan ordered three more demon masters.

   The three demon masters immediately went out, clasped their fists, and responded: “Please order the command.”

   Chen Fan pointed to the map of southern Xinjiang and ordered: “Tiger crazy demon master, I will give you 10,000 elites to make a way forward. If you encounter enemy troops, don’t entangle with them, you must pretend to be defeated and retreat to this place.”

   Chen Fan’s fingertips are fixed on a map-Santangxia.

   Here is the confluence of the two big rivers in southern Xinjiang, forming a long, narrow but flat impact beach. The key is that both sides of the beach are high cliffs.

   Only after the water level drops in the fall and winter of each year can the army be allowed to pass through.

  The tiger obsessed demon master stared at the map for a while, and then asked: “Marshal, will the demon army of southern Xinjiang be brought here to encircle and annihilate?”

   “Not bad.” Chen Fan clicked on both sides of Santangxia and said, “Inu Rong Demon Master, Yadu Demon Master, I will give you 30,000 elites to lay down on both sides of the bank, with more rolling stones and rockets.”

   “Yes, handsome.”

  The Demon Master Inu Rong raised his hand and said: “Marshal, the narrow terrain in the gorge is really good for ambushes, but the problem is that the demon clan in Southern Xinjiang are so good at ambushes. What if they all hide in the river in the ambush?”

   Chen Fan smiled slightly and said, “I have ordered someone to cut off a river upstream. At this moment, the water level in the river is probably not knee deep.”

   “Hiss!” All the demons took a breath.

  The tiger obsessed demon master asked: “Marshal, what should I do if the Nanjiang Demon Race is not fooled?”

   “They will come.” Chen Fan smiled confidently: “Because the 30,000 army of Lingnan is still around us.”


   Southern Xinjiang, Longmen Cliff.

   According to legend, this place was where the ancient dragon gate was located, but there was only a cliff of thousands of feet left in the vicissitudes of life.

   There is a labyrinth of caves under the cliff, but now it has become the temporary headquarters of the four demon kings in southern Xinjiang.

   “Report~~~, King, Northern secret report!” A little demon hurriedly ran into a huge cave.

   I saw that the cave was full of drunk monsters drinking, and many monsters were still drinking and eating meat in a big bowl, so unhappy. This time the northward looting really caught the Tongtian Empire off guard, and it also made these poor southern border monsters realize the richness of the north.

   As a result, a radical faction soon formed within the southern Xinjiang army, thinking that the north was rich, and the demon in southern Xinjiang could eat and drink as long as they occupied the Ten Thousand Poison Valley.

   Of course, there are people who are sober-minded, knowing the power of Tongtian Peak, so they advocate plundering, and must not rush north to occupy a place, otherwise they will not even have the chance to escape once the troops of Tongtian Peak are killed.

   These two factions occupy an absolute majority in the Southern Xinjiang Monster Race. Only a handful of people advocating peace are left. Unfortunately, they were quickly suppressed and driven out by the two factions.

   “Come up.” The first of the four demon kings in southern Xinjiang, the White Elephant King drunk with his nose.

   The little demon immediately submitted the secret report in front of the White Elephant King. The White Elephant King took the secret report and looked at it for a long time without saying a word.

   The three demon kings on the side thought there was a change in the north, and couldn’t help but urge them to ask.

   The second-ranked Rhino Demon King urged him to ask: “Brother, what is written in the secret report?”

  The third-ranked dein crocodile king chewed on a big bone stick and creaked: “But the Lingnan demon race is here?”

The Pterodactyl King, the fourth oldest, was silent, because he was the only one among the Four Great Demon Kings who favored Zhang Qiuhe. Unfortunately, the Nanjiang Demon Clan was so dazzled by a small victory that he didn’t even know what he had caused. Kind of terrible existence.

   The White Elephant snorted twice, flung his nose and said, “Go and find someone who can read!”

   The demons almost fell over…

   The little demon hurried to find a literate old monkey spirit to read the secret report for the king.

“Great King.” The old monkey spirit, leaning on a crutches, walked tremblingly, holding the secret report tremblingly and said: “This secret report says that the King of Montenegro has led an army of 30,000 troops to the east of the empire. Three miles away, Grand Marshal Tuntian had no doubts about him, and even hosted a banquet in honor of King Black Mountain. In addition, just yesterday, 10,000 imperial pioneers went south and entered our realm.”

“it is good!!!”

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