Big Panda Boss

Chapter 144: Fire attack

“Okay!!!” The white elephant king shot up and laughed: “Little ones, it’s time to make contributions! As long as we defeat the empire army, let’s build a southern empire for fun!”

   “The king is mighty!”

   “The king will live without boundaries!”

“Come on!” The White Elephant King waved his hand: “Move out the wine and meat in the warehouse to reward all the brothers. When we are full and full, let’s go and let the monsters in the north see the power of the monsters in our southern border! “

   “Thank you, King!!!” The group of demons applauded, and their morale burst.

   Rhino King stepped forward and asked, “Big Brother, we went north directly, how can I explain to Jiuying?”

The White Elephant King sneered: “It’s just a group of bereaved dogs. They do what they do. After this king defeats the imperial army and takes over the Valley of Ten Thousand Poisons, it will be fine for the group of bereaved dogs if they are willing to bow their heads, and if they refuse, send them to the King of Hades. .”

   The King of Crocodile asked: “Then shall we promise to return the blood sacrifice animals to the other party?”

  The White Elephant King waved his hand and said, “Hey, there is no reason to return the things sent out. We are all big demon kings plotting the world now. Don’t keep your eyes on the petty little profit.”

“Yes, yes, what the eldest brother taught.” The dein crocodile king flattered: “Those blood sacrifice animals should be sent to begs. But is it really reliable for the eldest brother’s gang of nine infants to have so many animals for the blood sacrifice ceremony? ?”

The King of White Elephant sneered disdainfully and said: “A group of guys who can only be side-by-side, it’s no wonder that they can’t defend their own territory and deserve to be degenerate. If you really want to plot the world, you have to rely on an upright teacher to make the world stable. country.”

   “Whether it is, or the older brother has a long-term vision, but the younger brother can’t.”

The White Elephant King laughed and said: “Hahaha, when this king will truly win the world and become the emperor in the future, you will be appointed the second brother as the first prince, the third brother as the second prince, and the fourth brother as the third prince, and then you will be happy together. “

   “Thank you big brother!!!”

   The White Elephant King was in a good mood, as if he had already foreseen the day when he was enthroned and proclaimed the emperor, and when he was happy he rewarded the demons with a lot of wine and meat.

   The old monkey spirit also got a glass of wine, holding it back to the corner to taste it slowly.

   At this time, the pterosaur king suddenly walked up to the old monkey spirit and said lightly: “Bring the secret report to this king.”

   “Yes, the four kings.” The old monkey spirit quickly delivered a secret report.

   The Pterodactyl King looked at the secret report carefully, and then asked the old monkey spirit: “What is written on this secret report?”

The old monkey smiled and replied: “The four big kings of the Hui, these characters are called simple characters, with few strokes, and easy to learn. They are the universal characters that the Tongtian Empire has promoted throughout the territory ten years ago. The little old man was fortunate to go to the North for a few years. I was a boatman, so I learned something.”

   Pterodactyl King Ningmei asked: “What are the restrictions for the Northland Monster Race to learn characters?”

The old monkey spirit answered truthfully: “As long as the juvenile demon cubs have their wisdom turned on, they can be sent to the schools set up in various cities and towns at Tongtian Peak. Not only can they learn words, they can also learn how to farm and farm. Fishing and hunting. The school only collects ten silver coins per month as a bundle repair. If an adult demon wants to enter the school, he needs to pay 30 silver coins a month.”

   Pterodactyl King asked: “Can foreign monsters also enter the school to study?”

“Yes, King.” The old monkey Jing replied, “Later, the spirited human beings imitated the school to open a private school and also taught the literacy and calligraphy. Although not as much taught in the school, it is cheaper than the old man. These words were learned from a private school. It is said that the King Heiba ​​is tolerant. He has not banned these human private schools that compete with the school. Instead, they only charge a small amount of tax each month to allow them to continue to operate.”

   The old monkey spirit talked about a lot of what he had seen and heard in the Northland again. After listening to it quietly, the pterodactyl king took a deep look at the old monkey spirit, and turned away without saying anything.

  The old monkey spirit sat in the corner and stared at the back of the pterosaur king leaving, a gleam of light flashed in his eyes…


   Three days later.

   The first encounter between the 10,000 pioneers of the Empire and the ‘millions’ army in southern Xinjiang resulted in the imperial 10,000 pioneers being outnumbered and fleeing all the way.

   The victory in the first battle made the southern Xinjiang army’s self-confidence rapidly inflated, and the formation of the chasing company was ignored. From a distance, the mountains and plains are full of messy monsters, just like bandits descending from the mountain…

   On the other hand, the empire’s 10,000 vanguard army has always been well-founded, and at a very small price, they got rid of the chase of the southern Xinjiang army, but instead led them to Santang Gorge by hanging the opponent.

   But Chen Fan soon discovered that his plan seemed to be a little bit off. The problem was not on his side. Huzhi completed his explanation perfectly and successfully introduced the southern Xinjiang army to Santangxia.

   But the swarming southern Xinjiang army has absolutely no formation at all, and the forwards actually moved hundreds of miles away from the back line because of the fast pursuit.

   So that the forwards of the southern Xinjiang army were almost chasing out of Santangxia, the rear army was still on the road slowly behind, even without touching the side of Santangxia.

Even if Chen Fan had never seen such a situation in the various strange wars in history, he only expected that the other party might be cautious and retreat. He would not dare to pursue further in Santangxia, but he did not expect this Helping the demon clan in Southern Xinjiang is more unbearable than he thought.

   But at this time the arrow has to be sent on the string, even if the enemy cannot be wiped but at least the enemy must be hit hard first!

   “The order: Closing the valley!” Chen Fan said coldly: “The air force is dispatched!”

   The order of the general of the bird demon clan was passed on quickly, and the dogs and the teeth immediately blocked the two ends of the Santangxia with rolling stones and arrows.

   The army of southern Xinjiang that was suddenly ambushed at first wanted to launch an assault to break through the encirclement because of its high morale, but when the demon clan’s flying birds that covered the sky dropped one by one barrels of fierce fire, they instantly turned the entire canyon into a purgatory on earth.

The monsters of Southern Xinjiang have seen such brutal fire attack tactics, and their morale collapsed, crying and crying everywhere, but the raging fire completely filled the entire canyon, leaving these monsters of Southern Xinjiang with nowhere to escape. In the end, except for a few demons who were good at burrowing away, the remaining 50,000 demons and generals were all buried in the sea of ​​fire.

   After the incident, the imperial monster soldiers who entered the valley to clean the battlefield were all frightened by the tragic sight, and can only use two words to describe the tragedy in the valley… hell!

   But the only pity is that the four great demon kings in southern Xinjiang escaped first when they first met Yufu, so Chen Fan had to order the 30,000 demon clan of Lingnan to be driven into southern Xinjiang to search for the enemy.

   However, the battle of Santangxia completely shattered the courage of the demon clan in southern Xinjiang. The trembling Lingnan demon clan went through the mountains and ridges all the way without even encountering a decent resistance. Instead, they fell all the way watching the wind.

When the news of the victory of Santangxia returned to Ten Thousand Demons City, the storytellers in various taverns rushed to eulogize: “The Great Commander Swallowing Heaven has a brilliant plan and annihilated the 50,000 troops of southern Xinjiang in one fell swoop, scaring the southern border monsters all the way to watch the wind. , It is really a beast!”

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