Big Panda Boss

Chapter 145: Spread fire

“Great handsome!” Demon Master Jin Yu walked into the handsome account with a beaming look and reported: “The 30,000 pioneers in Lingnan are almost on the shore of the South China Sea, and they have not encountered any decent resistance along the way. Now that Help the **** rush faster than our imperial army, not to mention how hard it is.”

   Chen Fan smiled lightly: “The mobs are the most suitable for a tailwind fight. As the saying goes, the tailwind is as fierce as a god, and the headwind is like a dog, these guys.”

   Dog Rong immediately yelled and said: “Marshal, our dog clan is not at all persuaded! We just didn’t catch the opportunity to fight the Nanjiang monster clan! Otherwise, all of them are warriors who count as ten!”

   “Haha, this handsome man made a mistake.” Chen Fan smiled and said: “Come here, enjoy a jar of fine wine from the dog Rong Demon Master to show his guilt.”

   “Thank you for the award.” Dog Rong smiled immediately, arousing the envy of the demon masters next to him.

  Because Chen Fan issued seven strict orders before the army went out, one of them was that no one was allowed to drink during the battle to avoid losing the opportunity, and those who violated the order were cut!

   And these seven strict orders were approved by Emperor Heiba ​​and bestowed on Shangfang Sword. Who would dare not to follow them, but they would really lose their heads!

  Of course, Chen Fan didn’t implement the strict order very rigidly. For example, the ministers who had merited merit would give wine as a reward, thus inspiring the next group of demons to fight for the first place.

   “Get the map.” Chen Fan gave an order, and immediately two demon generals brought in a newly made animal skin map. Many of the above landform signs are obviously newly added, and in some places, rivers that have been accurate to several meters in width have been marked in detail.

   Chen Fan pointed to Longmen Ya on the map and asked, “Was the southern Xinjiang army headquarters here?”

   “Yes, handsome.” The Demon Master Jin Yu, who is also a reconnaissance job, immediately replied, “But we have already occupied it, and we have recruited about three thousand Southern Xinjiang Demon Clan.”

   Chen Fan asked, “Have you ever found out the traces of the Four Demon Kings?”

The Demon Master Jin Yu smiled bitterly: “Never, because the army of the southern demon tribes broke up directly after the defeat in Santangxia. Now even these demon tribes in southern Xinjiang don’t know where their demon kings went. .”

   Chen Fan shook his head speechlessly, but there was no good way.

   After all, the Demon King is powerful, and a team of a thousand people may not be able to retain a Demon King. If the opponent is really just trying to flee for his life, this southern Xinjiang is so vast that it is really possible to deal with the imperial army to the end.

   “Report!” A demon general suddenly picked up a curtain to report: “Marshal, there is a fine job outside the camp to ask for an audience, saying that there is an important secret report!”

   “Xuan!” Chen Fan turned around.

   Immediately I saw an old monkey spirit who was in the dust was brought in.

   “I have seen a good man.” The old monkey spirit bowed and saluted.

   Chen Fan smiled and said: “I remember you, number 007. Get up, you also have a credit for this great victory. I have recorded your name in the book of credit, and you will get a reward from your majesty when you return triumphantly.”

  The old monkey spirit saluted again: “Thank you, Marshal, and remember the little old man.”

   Chen Fan asked: “Let’s talk about business first, what new information did you bring?”

The old monkey spirit unscrewed the crutches, drew out a roll of animal skins and presented it: “Marshal, when the little old man got into the enemy camp, he accidentally found out that before the outbreak of the war, the remnants of the nine infants asked the demon clan in southern Xinjiang for a large number of livestock The blood sacrifice ceremony, the place of the blood sacrifice is in the picture.”

   “What happened?” Chen Fan was shocked, and immediately thought of the same tactics used by the remnants of the past, but he and Wu Lei joined forces to frustrate him.

   Chen Fan immediately opened the map for comparison, and quickly found the location-Black Dragon Marsh!

   “Where is this Black Dragon Marsh?” Chen Fan asked with eyebrows.

   All the monsters in the tent looked at each other, because as the monsters of the North, they were really not familiar with the geography of southern Xinjiang. Many place names were only learned after this expedition.

   “Golden Feather Demon Master!” Chen Fan directly called by name: “Send the birds to reconnaissance this place right away, and remember that you must not startle the snake! This time you must cut the grass and root!”

   “Yes!” Demon Master Jin Yu immediately took his orders and left.

  The old monkey spirit spoke at this moment: “Great handsome, I also want to introduce someone for you. He is very familiar with the Black Dragon Marsh.”

   “Oh, who?” Chen Fan asked curiously.

   “One of the four great monster kings in southern Xinjiang, the pterodactyl king!” The old monkey spirit said meaningfully: “Little old man dare not deceive the boss. In fact, this map of Black Dragon Marsh is the name of the monster king.”


   That night.

   On a mountain a hundred miles away from the place where the imperial army was stationed, the Pterosaur King hovered and fell.

   There were already two figures waiting on the mountain peak, Chen Fan and the old monkey spirit.

   “I’ve heard of Tuntian’s prestige for a long time, and I saw it today is really extraordinary!” King Pterodactyl gave a lukewarm compliment.

   Chen Fan smiled and said directly: “You want to see me, I’m here, let’s talk about your conditions.”

   Pterosaur King took a deep look at Chen Fan and said, “I’m here just to ask you something.”

   Chen Fan raised his eyebrows: “Oh, what’s the matter?”

The King Pterodactyl asked: “I have also been to the continent of the Western human race. I have seen those humans who regard textual knowledge as a treasure and never spread it easily. For those who have knowledge, knowledge should only be in the hands of a few people. Give full play to the most powerful force But why does your commander vigorously promote the popularization of knowledge and words? Isn’t it afraid that one day when the monsters learn words and knowledge, they will threaten the rule of the empire? “

   Chen Fan was stunned, but he didn’t expect the pterodactyl king to ask any profound questions, and he couldn’t help but laugh.


   “Why is the Marshal laughing? Isn’t my question worth considering?”

   Chen Fan smiled and said, “No, no, you asked this question very well, I just didn’t expect a monster to ask me some profound questions.”

   Pterosaur King stared at Chen Fan with blazing eyes, as if waiting for him to give a reasonable explanation.

   Chen Fan thought for a while, took out a gold coin from his pocket and threw it to the Pterodactyl King.

   “What does this mean, Marshal?” Pterosaur King asked with a face full of doubt.

Chen Fan said with a faint smile: “I once heard a wise man say that some people regard knowledge as a gold mine, and if someone else takes away a little bit, he will feel that he has a little bit less, so he will not let him look closely. Others stole a little bit. But some people regard knowledge as a flame, and passing it on to others will only spread more and more widely until it illuminates the entire dark and savage world. So is the teenager spreading the fire, cough cough cough, sorry , The last sentence is not counted.”

   After hearing Chen Fan’s words, the Pterosaur King immediately started to inspire, and he was stunned for a long time before muttering to himself: “That’s it, it’s that way, it’s that way…”

   Then he said nothing more, and directly bowed to Chen Fan deeply: “The handsome heart and heart made this king impressed, please accept this king!”

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