Big Panda Boss

Chapter 15: gas

   Facing the swarm of bees flying over, the bamboo rat king ran away without saying a word, and the other bamboo rats also dispersed. Those who drill holes, drill through the grass before grabbing the hole, and ignore their heads…

   Chen Fan pouted his **** and widened his eyes, facing the bamboo rat king who had just gotten in.

   This is a coincidence, isn’t it?

   The Bamboo Rat King snapped his teeth, and Chen Fan immediately pressed its mouth, made a silent gesture, and then pointed to the swarm of bees that covered the sky.

   If possible, Chen Fan wouldn’t mind kicking this rat spirit out as a substitute for the dead, but he would definitely expose himself. Those little bees, whether you are a rat or a bear, will definitely be chased to death by being targeted.

   So Chen Fan and Bamboo Rat King are grasshoppers on a rope.

   Bamboo Rat King shook off Chen Fan’s paws, with a bitter expression on his face, but he didn’t dare to make any movement. Obviously, he also knew the severity.

   The swarms of bees flew over the bamboo forest in dwarf, stinging the bamboo rats with their heads, and giving a severe lesson to these ignorant rats before returning to the court.

   Chen Fan expressed regret that the bamboo rat king was too embarrassed, and actually abandoned his subordinates and slipped away first, without being a king at all.

   “Oh! Yo! Yo!” The Bamboo Rat King stared at Chen Fan angrily, as if he was asking if he had attracted the swarm.

   Chen Fan smashed a boulder with a bang, and said with a righteous look: “Don’t talk nonsense! We are neighbors anyway, and we have a friendship with a pot of soup. I will not pit you!”

   Bamboo Rat King glanced at the broken boulder, and agreed with his words very rationally.

   The two sides can’t get acquainted if they don’t fight, and they cheat each other. Both know that the other party is not easy to mess with, so they can only temporarily turn the fighting into jade.

  Bamboo Rat King allowed Chen Fan to go into the bamboo forest to dig bamboo shoots to eat, but he must guarantee that he would not attack those little bamboo rats.

   While drooling, Chen Fan swore to the sky that he would not do harm to his descendants.

   Since then, Chen Fan’s house has been surrounded by a group of neighbors, and he always likes to run to his house to eat and drink.

   After coming and going, Chen Fan also had several chances to try something new, but he was not embarrassed to start.

   After all, these bamboo rats are almost perfected one by one, and they can still communicate. If it is an ordinary bamboo rat, it will be eaten, but facing these cute and cute little guys, it really can’t speak.

   Fortunately, these little guys also know how to come and go without being rude. Every time they come to eat and drink, they will bring some local products as gifts.

   In this way, Chen Fan doesn’t have to go out to find prey by himself. Bamboo rats come to his house every day to send things to honor him. Not to mention how happy this small day is.

   Bamboo Rat King also had a very happy life, because he thought he had successfully fooled the silly bear spirit, and made him his full-time cook at a small price, and he could eat a lot of delicious food every day.

   “Da) yo (ben) yo ()!” After getting along for more than a month, the bamboo rat king who has been eating and drinking almost every day has gained weight.

   “I said Brother Lumao, why do I always scold me every time I hear you call me?” Chen Fan was chopping the bamboo, preparing to build a bamboo house.

   “Yo yo!” The bamboo mouse king shook the green hair on his forehead, took out two green bamboo leaves and shook it.

   “Wait.” Chen Fan grinned and turned to drill out of the cave. After a while, he pulled out two bamboo deck chairs and a large can of Happy Water.

   the reclining chairs were placed side by side, and a cup of happy water was filled for one person, and then two guys were lying on the bamboo chairs while drinking happy water while sticking bamboo leaves to their foreheads, and at the same time they showed a pleasant expression of enjoyment.

   It’s so easy to eat and die~~~

   “Uhhhhhhh.” Chen Fan suddenly felt a little thing crawling on his belly, squinted and smiled: “Brother Lvmao, your little princess sneaked out again.”

   Seeing a snow-white little bamboo rat lying on his belly begging him for food, Chen Fan handed the water glass over, and the little guy immediately drank with a grunt.

   Bamboo Rat King glanced sideways, and his teeth made two special “Yo Yo!” calls.

   It is estimated that this little guy’s name is ‘Yo Yo’. Hearing the bamboo rat king calling it, the little guy raised his head and glanced up and continued to drink happy water without putting the bamboo rat king in his eyes.

   Chen Fan looked happily, the bamboo rat king’s green hair stood upright, and he grabbed the little guy with his claws.

   But I didn’t want this little guy to be very awkward, so he slid and jumped to the ground, and then slid into the grass.

   Bamboo Rat King caught a hole, lay back bitterly, and continued to enjoy.

Chen Fan scratched his stomach, took off the grayed bamboo leaves on his forehead, and asked: “I said, Brother Lumao, how long have we been neighbors? You can’t give me more if you eat and drink here. Give me a leaf?”

   After several’leaf sucking’, Chen Fan gradually discovered that in addition to its magical effect, the green bamboo leaves can actually inflate people.

   The Qi of Qigong!

   is more like the standard zhenqi or aura in fairy-tale novels.

   At first, Chen Fan thought it was a sequelae after the leaf had sucked too much, but later discovered that he could indeed sense a strange air flow in his body.

   It’s just different from the setting in Xianxia novels. This air current does not converge to the pubic position, but converges to the heart and then flows out. UU Reading www. uukahnshu. com is like blood, and it keeps coming and going.

   is also different from the setting in Xianxia novels, and this airflow will not increase a single trace every time it circulates around the body meridians.

   If you want to increase the concentration of airflow, you can only do nothing by ‘absorbing leaves’, or do nothing, eat and sleep every day, wake up and continue eating, the air volume will automatically increase a little bit every day…

   But the amount of air gained by sucking a leaf is equivalent to the amount of air that is automatically increased in ten days.

It is not that Chen Fan has never thought of using other means to increase his breath, such as overeating, insisting on exercising every day, diligently practicing “The Time Is Calling” and “The Thirty-Six Forms of Taijiquan Method for Health Care in the Park”, or meditating every morning and evening “The Truth of Virtue and Taoism” while basking in the sun and watching the moon absorb the essence of the heavens and the earth, all have no obvious effect.

It’s not all ineffective. He practiced broadcast gymnastics at least ten times a day, which really made him a lot stronger. Now he dare to go to the hive and steal honey and run away, so that the little bees can eat his fart. Less than.

   “Yo yo yo!” The bamboo rat king made a gesture and argued.

   Chen Fan can barely understand its sign language now, scratching his head and saying: “You mean there is only one slice every three days?”

   Bamboo Mouse King nodded.

   Chen Fan asked the question that he had been puzzled for a long time: “Then you can take me to see if this leaf was picked up there? I’m just curious, no other meaning, if it is inconvenient, forget it?”

   The bamboo mouse king rolled his eyes and gestured: “Yo yo yo (are you sure)?”

   “What’s uncertain about this.” Chen Fan scratched his head and said cautiously: “Is there any danger?”

   “Yo yo yo!” The bamboo mouse king jumped off the chair and waved his small hand.

   Chen Fan understood immediately, he laughed, and quickly followed.

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