Big Panda Boss

Chapter 16: Baozhu

   Chen Fan followed the bamboo rat king into the bamboo forest, and walked deep. It was found that the bamboos in the depths of the bamboo forest looked like towering giant trees, each with a thick waist.

   And the more you walk into the bamboo forest, the more giant bamboos you have. The spreading bamboo canopy completely obscures the sky, making the bamboo forest dark as night.

   Chen Fan stepped on the dead leaves that covered the ground, with one deep foot and one shallow heel on the head of the Queen of Bamboo Rats. Looking around, I found that the depths of the bamboo forest are like a maze, and those who turn around are most likely to get lost in it.

   Suddenly the Bamboo Mouse King stopped, turned around and made a silent gesture that he had learned from Chen Fan, and then pointed to the front.

   Chen Fan grabbed a giant bamboo and looked forward, and there seemed to be something shining deep in the dim bamboo forest.

   Chen Fan looked at the Bamboo Rat King, the Bamboo Rat King motioned him to get down, and then followed it a little bit to crawl over.

   One mouse and one bear, licking his buttocks and crawling forward to the center of the bamboo forest.

  I can see that the bamboo forest canopy cover together to form a huge natural dome. There is a small mound under the dome, and the mound is full of colorful mushrooms, each of which is the size of a millstone.

   And on the top of the mound, there is a green bamboo that is carved from emerald.

   Chen Fan secretly swallowed his saliva, greedy!

   Now he finally understands why pandas have given up eating meat after tens of thousands of years of evolution and love to eat bamboo instead.

   Bamboo Rat King pointed to the colorful mushrooms, and then tilted his head and stuck his tongue to make an expression of death.

   “You mean those mushrooms are poisonous?” Chen Fan asked with gestures with his paws.

   Bamboo Mouse King nodded, then covered his mouth and nose, saying that he couldn’t even get close to smell it.

   “How powerful?” Chen Fan expressed doubt.

   Bamboo Rat King tugged at Chen Fan, and then led him around to the other side.

   Chen Fan suddenly saw the remains of an ancient giant pig covered with hyphae.

   The remains of this ancient giant pig are a lap larger than the one he killed last time, and there is a row of bone spurs on the back, which looks like a monster after evolutionary mutation.

   However, this terrifying mutated ancient giant pig died here silently, becoming the nourishment for these fungi.

   No wonder the Bamboo Rat King dared to take Chen Fan to visit here without fear, because he didn’t worry that Chen Fan would steal that treasure bamboo at all, unless he was bored.

   “Then how did you get the bamboo leaves on that precious bamboo?” Chen Fan gestured.

   Bamboo Rat King immediately gestured, Chen Fan understood.

   This treasure bamboo drops a leaf every three days on average, and all the large mushrooms within ten steps of the leaf fall to the ground will die.

   The bamboo rat king will take the opportunity to run to pick up the bamboo leaves, and the big mushrooms will grow again the next day.

   Chen Fan asked curiously: “Since the fallen leaves can cause those poisonous mushrooms to die, why don’t you take the opportunity to pull out the treasure bamboo and plant it in a different place?”

  Bamboo Rat King pointed to Baozhu and made a biting motion, then showed a toothache expression.

   Chen Fan understands, this guy can’t move.

   “Hiss! How hard is this precious bamboo?” Chen Fan grinded his teeth, but he knew very well how destructive the bamboo rat king’s pair of big tines were. Chewing bones is like chewing grass beans.

   At this time, a breeze blew across the bamboo forest with a rushing sound.

   Bamboo Rat King hurriedly covered his mouth and dragged Chen Fan away.

   Chen Fan didn’t know why, but he turned around and ran. At the same time, he glanced back, and saw that the big mushrooms transformed into indescribable forms, spraying puffs of spore dust into the sky.

   However, because of the cover of the bamboo forest dome, these spore dust can not spread outside the bamboo forest, and finally can only fall back to the ground, forming a spectacular scene like heavy snow.

   But such a beautiful sight implies a fatal danger.

   Chen Fan could not imagine what a terrible disaster it would cause if these spore dust spread out.

   But everything is fixed. Although these big mushrooms are terribly poisonous, they are trapped here by a small bamboo forest. It can only grow in this small space, and cannot spread out for half a step.

   Chen Fan immediately gave up the idea of ​​stealing treasures. After all, this bamboo forest is at the door of the house. If there is no such treasure bamboo suppressed, I am afraid he can only wander around the world.

   Chen Fan followed the bamboo mouse king to escape from the depths of the bamboo forest, but did not notice that a little white guy sneaked in.

   Back outside the bamboo forest, Chen Fan broke up with the Bamboo Rat King and bid farewell to him. By the way, he invited him to take his wife and children to his house to eat honey-grilled fish at night.

   Bamboo Rat King slobbered and nodded again and again, and then considered what to bring with him.

   into the night.

   Chen Fan set up a grill at the entrance of the hole, and a dozen big bamboo rats and little bamboo rats swarmed over to smell the scent.

   Chen Fan moved out a large wooden barrel, and saw that there were lively fish and shrimp in the barrel.

   These fish and shrimps are all he fished from the deep lake of the cliff, but in order to avoid catching too many and leading to extinction, he usually goes once every ten days.

   “Come and help if you want to eat.” Chen Fan put down a bunch of bamboo sticks, and a group of bamboo rats rushed to help string fish and shrimp on the sticks.

   Chen Fan went to the cave again and took out a large jar of honey syrup mixed with honey and fruit pulp to prepare the fish and shrimp as a sauce.

   If you take these honey juice syrups and drink them, it is the national treasure Happy Water. UU Reading Chen Fan has a total of more than a dozen cans.

   But after opening the lid, Chen Fan smelled a pungent fragrance.

   Chen Fan was taken aback, holding the jar and sniffing his mouth again. The expression on his face was even more surprised. He quickly dipped his paws into his mouth, and his eyes burst into light!

   “Yo yo yo.” At this moment, the bamboo rat king brought his wife and a family to the banquet.

   Chen Fan hurriedly waved to it, and then gave it a taste of it with a mysterious face.

   Bamboo Rat King licked his mouth curiously, his face changed immediately, his eyes staring at Chen Fan.

   Chen Fan chuckled and said: “My baby is not worse than your leaf, right?”

   The Bamboo Rat King nodded again and again, and wanted to ask for a bit more.

   Chen Fan sealed the jar back, shook his head and said: “Don’t be busy, this thing will have to ferment for a few more days, then it will be the real taste of the world.”

   Bamboo Rat King was salivating, and said: “Leaves, change, all.”

“If you think about the beauty of you, you can share half of you at most.” Chen Fan shook his head, took the fermented honey juice slurry back into the hole and buried it, then inspected the other dozen cans of honey juice one by one, and found that there were two The tank is also fermented. Hurry up and bury them together, and then pick out a can of unfermented honey pulp to prepare for a barbecue.

   Soon a smoky smoke floated up, and a crowd of bamboo rats drooled.

   While brushing the fish with honey, Chen Fan asked curiously: “Brother Lumao, your little princess? Why didn’t you see it? Usually it is the most greedy.”

   The Bamboo Rat King was stunned, then turned his head and asked a group of wives and concubines twice, but no one saw the white bamboo rat.

   “Hey ah ah ah!” Suddenly there was an urgent cry for help in the bamboo forest.

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