Big Panda Boss

Chapter 17: Sudden accident

   The rats heard the call for help and there was a commotion immediately, but the bamboo rat king’s expression changed and he rushed out with a scream.

   Chen Fan frowned and ordered a big bamboo rat to look at the fire, and then followed.

   Chen Fan and the bamboo rat king rushed back to the bamboo forest one after another, and saw a little bamboo rat hurriedly around the edge of the forest. As soon as the bamboo rat king arrived, he immediately stood up and screamed.

   Chen Fan did not understand what the little bamboo mouse was talking about, but the expression of the bamboo mouse king suddenly became ugly, and he immediately rushed to the depths of the bamboo forest.

   Chen Fan thought that the treasure bamboo had changed, and immediately followed.

   A mouse and a bear quickly ran to the center of the bamboo forest. Chen Fan hurriedly glanced at it. Baozhu still stood on the top of the mound, and a large mushroom in the circle was still blooming brightly.

   Bamboo Rat King panicked around, and suddenly buried his head and rushed in.

   Chen Fan was taken aback, and quickly grabbed its tail and pulled it back.

   “Are you going to die?”

   The Bamboo Rat King pointed an excited finger inside, and Chen Fan’s expression changed as he stared.

   I saw a snow-white little bamboo rat lying under Baozhu, covered with a layer of mycelium.

   “It’s not saved!” Chen Fan said cruelly.

   The Bamboo Rat King opened his mouth and was about to bite him, Chen Fan slapped it back to the ground with a slap.

   “You calm down! What is the difference between you rushing up like this and sending you to death?”

   The bamboo rat king lay on the ground and stared at the mouse, making a sad whine in his mouth.

   Chen Fan’s face is ugly, because he likes this clever little guy the most. He usually keeps everything delicious, but he didn’t expect to die here.

   Suddenly the Bamboo Mouse King jumped up, and excitedly pulled Chen Fan’s arm to the top of the mound.

   “Don’t get excited, I saw it.” Chen Fan also noticed. The little guy seemed to have a breath and moved slightly.

   But this kind of situation can’t save it at all. Everyone is a dead end.

  Bamboo Rat King was eager to save the woman, and the ill hurriedly went to the doctor directly to dig a hole on the ground, ready to dig a tunnel.

   Chen Fan immediately took hold of it and shook his head: “It’s useless, those mushrooms and hyphae take root in the earth, some of them can even go deep into the ground for hundreds of meters. It’s a dead end if you dig a hole in the ground.”

   Bamboo Rat King slumped on the ground, as if lost his soul.

   It is the first time that Chen Fan has seen such a sentimental creature besides humans. He gritted his teeth and said: “Fine, I’ll go out to help you once in terms of our friendship!”

   The Bamboo Rat King immediately jumped up and stared at it eagerly, making a gesture that all the leaves he picked up would belong to him.

   “Wait, don’t do stupid things!” Chen Fan turned around and rushed back to the cave at the fastest speed, then ran back quickly with a bunch of rope tools.

   At this time, other bamboo rats all rushed back, but they did not dare to approach the center for half a step.

   Chen Fan dropped the tool rope, put on the snakeskin underwear with excellent airtightness, took out a piece of animal skin to cover his face, and then gestured to the bamboo mouse king: “Help me set up the rope. Go there.”

   Bamboo Rat King immediately followed suit and ran to the other end quickly, pulling the rope.

   When other bamboo rats saw this, they all stepped forward to help, and soon a cable across the entire mound was set up under the concerted efforts of the rats.

   Chen Fan tied two safety ropes to himself, and then quickly climbed up the rope and climbed towards the center a little bit.

   The rats looked at the bottom with a horror, and did not dare to make a sound.

   Soon Chen Fan climbed to the center of the rope, directly above the treasure bamboo. Then he hung himself upside down in mid-air, and a little by little, he followed the next noose to the mouse.

   But because of the interference of Baozhu branches, Chen Fan tried several times without success.

   At this moment, a breeze blew into the bamboo forest, causing a buzzing sound.

   Chen Fan’s expression changed, and he immediately covered his face firmly.

   In the next second, countless large mushrooms began to erupt.

   A puff of spore dust hit the dome, instantly engulfing Chen Fan’s entire figure.

   The Bamboo Rat King immediately became anxious, turned around and climbed up the rope to climb towards the center.

Suddenly the cable trembled, and Chen Fan, who was hung upside down in the air and covered with spore dust, shook it, and then pointed at Baozhu underneath, and then made an amazing gesture. With his move, he let go of his hands and feet and slid down directly along the two safety ropes.

   As soon as Chen Fan, who was sliding down quickly, approached Baozhu, the spore dust on his body instantly melted like ice and snow.

   “Sure enough, one thing drops one thing!” Chen Fan coughed and fell to the ground with a thud, and then staggered to the side of the mouse and picked it up and slammed it on Baozhu.

   The mycelium that originally covered it also quickly melted away, but there was no sign of it waking up, and it couldn’t even feel its heartbeat.

   Chen Fan felt cold and didn’t want to give up. He looked up at the green leaves full of branches, and immediately climbed up the bamboo pole and grabbed a bamboo leaf and stuffed it into the little guy’s mouth.

“Wake up, wake up, hey, don’t die, Uncle Xiong still has a lot of delicious things that you haven’t tasted. Cough cough cough cough.” Chen Fan suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood and felt his internal organs. Six fu organs burned in panic.

“No, it must have been accidental inhalation of spore dust. UU reading” Chen Fan realized that it was not good, and quickly got up and tried to pick a bamboo leaf to detoxify, but he seemed to be drained. I can’t lift up my strength at all.

   “It’s really a pill now.” Chen Fan collapsed to the ground with a wry smile, and glanced sideways, and found that the little guy twitched slightly and showed signs of waking up.

“Well, one life for another life, anyway, this wave is not lost.” Chen Fan was about to close his eyes peacefully, when suddenly a paw stretched out and forcibly opened his mouth, thrusting a green bamboo leaf directly into it. In his throat, it almost hit his trachea…

   Chen Fan suddenly widened his eyes and realized that it was the bamboo rat king.

   I saw the green hair fluttering in the wind on top of its head, chewing a bamboo leaf in its mouth, as if the savior came and stood proudly in front of him.

“Yo yo yo!”

   Chen Fan was powerless and hummed: “Okay, don’t show off, help me up quickly, vomit~~~”

   Chen Fan suddenly retched in pain.

   “Oh!” Just as the Bamboo Rat King wanted to reach out to help him, he suddenly knelt on the ground and retched.

   The two guys burst into tears for a while, and they couldn’t stop drooling.

“Sister, the stamina of the bamboo leaves is too great, right?” Chen Fan grinned and drooled, as if pouring a whole bottle of Fengyoujing into his mouth, taking a breath. Bringing a cool breeze to his forehead, I felt that the Tianling Gai was about to be pushed open.

  Bamboo Rat King is not better there, because it uses chewing, so the whole tongue has been drooped out.

   The two guys are as embarrassed as they look miserable at the moment, and it is hard to bear to look directly at them.

   Suddenly, the mouse woke up in a daze. At first sight of these two guys, he was shocked: ,,#?Д?)嘤!?”

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