Big Panda Boss

Chapter 18: Bamboo House

“Cough cough, look at you scared the child.” Chen Fan drooled uncontrollably and pushed the bamboo mouse king away, and said kindly to the mouse: “Come on, let Uncle Xiong check if there are any sequelae. .”

   “Σ(°△°|||)︴” The little white mouse slid and climbed onto the top of the treasure bamboo, hiding on the branches and refused to get down.

   “Quack!” The bamboo mouse king drooped his tongue and laughed at Chen Fan for a while, and then stretched out his paws to the mouse to signal that it is coming to his father’s arms.

   white mouse:  ̄へ ̄)!”

   “Hahaha, cough cough cough.” This time it was Chen Fan’s turn to laugh.

   “Quack, quack!” The bamboo rat king stamped his feet angrily, and he was about to climb up and personally grab the little guy who almost caused a disaster.

Chen Fanqiang stood up and comforted him and said: “Okay, okay, Brother Lv Mao, Xiaoyou is still young, and his curiosity is only important. I believe that after today’s lesson, I will definitely not dare to come here again next time. Let’s leave this ghost place first.”

   Bamboo Rat King hung his tongue and hummed twice, then climbed onto the rope along the vine.

   Chen Fan beckoned to the mouse to keep up with his father.

   The little white mouse hesitated for a while, then dexterously jumped and grabbed the vine, and quickly climbed up.

   Chen Fan stayed in place and waited for them to climb out first. After all, the vines could only bear his weight alone. It would be funny if he climbed halfway and broke.

   Soon the bamboo rat king and the white rat climbed to the safe area outside.

   Chen Fan moved his still a little sore limbs, and pulled the vine hard, but did not move.

   “Huh, this stamina hasn’t passed yet, I don’t feel like it’s going to work.” Chen Fan took a few breaths, tried a few more times but couldn’t climb the rope, and then became hungry again.

   “Quack?” The Bamboo Rat King looked anxiously for him.

   “I’ll take a break first.” Chen Fan gestured, then touched his body and took out a small bamboo tube. There was honey in it. I originally took a little bit of honey with the thought that it should detoxify, but now it has become a life-saving medicine.

   It’s a pity that I came too eagerly and only took a bite. Chen Fan took a bite and rested for a while before feeling regained a bit of strength, and again pulled the vines to prepare to climb.

   “Get up!” Chen Fan struggling to jump up several meters high, crawling up, suddenly a pulling force came from behind, abruptly pulling him into the air.

   Chen Fan was shocked, thinking that he had really met a ghost, and when he looked back, he found that it was a bamboo branch hanging from his belt.

   was scared into a cold sweat, he hurriedly reached out to pull the bamboo branch, but he pulled the whole bamboo branch too hard.

   Chen Fan, who was out of trouble, didn’t think too much, and hurriedly left this ghost place while his energy was not exhausted.

   Seeing Chen Fan finally crawled out, the rats immediately cheered.

   “Leave here first.” Chen Fan said with a look of collapse: “Today is considered to be a circle in front of the ghost gate, you must make up for it after you go back.”

   All the rats immediately rushed to the bamboo forest.

   Chen Fan was walking and suddenly felt that someone was pulling himself from behind. When he looked back, he found that the mouse was pulling half of the bamboo branch hanging on him.

   Chen Fan immediately lifted the mouse up and rubbed it for a while, and said viciously, “See if you dare to cause trouble next time!”

   “?·°(???﹏???)°·?” The mouse immediately showed a pitiful appearance.

   Chen Fan instantly turned his mind into an adorable one, flicked his little head, put it on his shoulder and said: “Be obedient, Uncle Xiong will make you a good meal.”

   *?????*)?” The white mouse immediately acted like a baby, making the bamboo mouse king on the side jealous.

   Soon the rats returned to the cave, and the lively barbecue meeting continued.

   Chen Fan first went back to the cave and took off his snakeskin underwear. When he exited the cave, he stepped on the bamboo branch that he brought back, bent over and picked it up and took a closer look.

   The little finger is thick, more than half a meter long, straight like a stick, and the emerald green is just like emerald.

   Chen Fan habitually opened his mouth and took a bite, feeling like he was biting on steel bars and knocking his teeth. After confirming that this thing cannot be eaten, it can only be used as a display, so I just put it in the corner and went out to participate in the barbecue meeting.

   It was lively all night. Until dawn, Chen Fan fell asleep with his chubby belly and fell asleep, without noticing that the bamboo branches he had left in the corner were glowing slightly.

   The next morning, Chen Fan was awakened by a group of babbling little bamboo rats. Yawning and scratching his stomach, he went out of the cave to fertilize the flowers and plants, and then a dozen big bamboo rats were helping to carry bamboos.

  Because the mouse was saved last night, the bamboo mouse king took over the transportation of the materials needed to build the bamboo house in order to repay him. So early in the morning, he ordered his men to bring hundreds of fresh bamboos.

   Chen Fan yawned, took a sip of the happy water, and felt a little guy crawling along his thigh to his shoulder, and then rubbed his furry body on his cheek.

   Chen Fan handed the pitcher, and the little guy immediately hugged him and gave a drink of cow.

   “Drink slowly, no one will grab you.” Chen Fan lifted the mouse up and put it on a bamboo chair, and then personally directed a group of bamboo mouse workers to help cut the moved bamboo.

   First remove the excess branches, leaving the tough trunk.

   Then Chen Fan selected the eight thickest giant bamboos as the pillars and main beams of the bamboo house. U U Reading

   First cut the huge pillars uniformly to a height of about five meters, then drill holes to reserve the mortise and tenon sockets for the beams, and then put them on the charcoal fire for simmering until the surface of the bamboo is slightly carbonized.

  The fire-roasted bamboo not only has better plasticity, but also can prevent insects or moldy deformation when exposed to moisture.

   Then insert the roasted bamboo pillars into the deep hole dug in advance, and then backfill the soil to ram. Then connect the beams one by one and lock them with bamboo pins.

   In this way, the main structure of the bamboo house is complete.

   The next step is to build walls and roofs, all the materials needed are bamboo.

   Three days later, a simple bamboo house with a height of 4 meters, a width of 4 meters and a length of 6 meters was completed.

   There is a row of windows on each side of the bamboo house, and a door on the front and back.

   There are hundreds of flowers outside the front door, and lush bamboo forests can be seen from a distance. The back door is the entrance to the cave.

   The roof is the most common and best-looking Chinese sloping roof. It is high in the middle and low on both sides. The two halves are broken with thick bamboo poles, and they overlap each other to form a tile-like shape. It has excellent rain resistance and wind resistance.

   And all the furniture in the bamboo house is made of bamboo, and you can smell the fragrance of bamboo when you open the door.

   Chen Fan was very satisfied. The day the bamboo house was completed, he decided to move to the bamboo house, and the cave behind the house was used as a food storage room.

   And the shining treasure bamboo branch brought back from the depths of the bamboo forest was hung under the beam of the house by him and used it as a fluorescent tube…

   On the night when he moved to his new home, Chen Fan held a barbecue meeting again to celebrate. For this reason, a bamboo shed was specially built next to the bamboo house, and an earthen stove was set up as a kitchen under the shed.

   “Finally it looks like a home.”

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