Big Panda Boss

Chapter 19: Can eat


   It has been more than two months since the completion of the bamboo house. The rainy season is approaching, and the weather is like prostatitis, and there is no end to it.

   The dinosaurs that had originally fled migrated back and brought a variety of strange mutant creatures. The river valley with abundant water and grass has once again become a paradise for various ancient creatures.

   But Chen Fan, who hasn’t been greasy for two months, can finally open the meat.

   “Cracking.” There was a slight movement in the grass not far away, but it was covered by the intermittent sound of rain.

   A lonely triceratops is lowering its head and gnawing on a clump of fresh grass, without realizing that the danger is approaching quietly.

   Suddenly a black shadow dashed across the lush grass, causing the triceratops to immediately stop eating, and raised its head to make a guard posture.


   suddenly there was a little movement behind him, and the Triceratops quickly turned around awkwardly.

   “叽!!!” Suddenly, a black shadow rushed out of the grass and threw on the back of the Triceratops, just a bite.

   The severe pain made the triceratops go crazy, wanting to throw off the predators crawling on the back.

   But at the same time, several black shadows threw out from the grass and hung on the Triceratops, biting constantly.

   Soon the triceratops was dripping with blood, but it was not deadly enough for the thick skin.

   Following the instinct of the beast, the Triceratops wanted to run back to the group for help, when suddenly a dozen shadows jumped out of the grass and stopped in front of it.

   Triceratops finally saw the appearance of these predators. They were huge rats nearly one meter high!

Although the Triceratops occupies an absolute advantage in size and has sharp corners, it is not ashamed to face the top predator Tyrannosaurus, but in the face of these petite but agile rats, all its skills are useless. Ground.

   The way to go is blocked, the Triceratops instinctively turned around and fled.

   Rat swarms swarmed from all directions, constantly driving the triceratops away from the river valley into a dense mountain forest.

When the    triceratops saw the towering building, it rubbed against the tree trunk, forcing the rats hanging on its back to jump off the car.

   But before the triceratops was happy, he stepped on the ground and planted a large hole covered with dead leaves.

   “Get out of the way, let me come!” Hearing a loud shout, a strong and tall black figure rushed out of the woods holding a boulder and slammed into the big pit.

   Triceratops was stunned by a head blow before it got up from the bottom of the pit.

   “Hurry up and bury the soil!”

   The group of rats immediately obeyed the command and gathered around the pit to dig soil into the pit.

   Soon the whole triceratops was buried tightly.

   Chen Fan jumped onto the mound and stepped on a few more feet, and a supporting hat gave the group of rats: “Children follow the king back to the mountain, tomorrow we will have meat!”

“Yo yo yo!”



   The group of rats immediately cheered and leaped, and returned to the deep forest with Chen Fan.

  As soon as he returned to the bamboo forest, a white figure resembling lightning rushed out.

   “Wow!” Chen Fan immediately cried out strangely, and was thrown to the ground by the white figure.

   The group of rats had already seen strange things, and ran into the bamboo forest in a tweet.

   “Oh, my old waist, Xiao Youyou broke Uncle Xiong’s waist.” Chen Fan wailed exaggeratedly while lying on the ground.

   The grown-up white mouse has extremely slender lines. At first glance, it doesn’t look like a bamboo mouse at all. On the contrary, it looks more like a ferret, full of clever energy.

   “Chichichichi!” The white mouse sitting on Chen Fan’s chest had a fierce bulging face, showing no sympathy for Chen Fan’s wailing.

  Chen Fan helped the hat, chuckled and said with a dry smile: “Little Yo-yo, don’t be angry, it’s not that Uncle Xiong doesn’t want to take you to hunting, but your father won’t let me take you out of the woods.”

   “Choke!” The white mouse chuckled his teeth, seeming to warn Chen Fan that he would look good next time without taking it with him, then jumped up and slipped back into the bamboo forest.

   “Yo!” Chen Fan knew who was coming after hearing this undue beaten tone.

   Chen Fan stood up and looked at it, and he was immediately happy.

   I saw three shallow claw marks on the bamboo mouse king’s face, but this guy looked at Chen Fan with a gloating expression.

   Chen Fan got up and patted the grass blades stuck on his body, and sneered: “Just have fun, I’m going to drink that jar of honey fruit wine by myself.”

   Bamboo Rat King suddenly got anxious, and immediately took out a bamboo leaf and shook it.

   Chen Fan raised three claws.

   Bamboo Rat King stared, his face was painful and he took out a bamboo leaf, and made an expression that he would rather die than yield.

   “Deal.” Chen Fan grabbed two bamboo leaves and stuffed them into his arms, and then walked back with the bamboo rat king.

   “I said Brother Lumao, is Xiaoyou really yours? I think it doesn’t look like you at all?”

   Bamboo Rat King snapped his teeth immediately.

   “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, I’m just joking. Only a burly bamboo mouse like you, Brother Lu Mao, can give birth to a beautiful daughter like Xiao Youyou.”

   The Bamboo Rat King hummed triumphantly, only to remember that he had something to do with Chen Fan.

“Yo yo yo!”

“go there?”

   Bamboo Rat King waved his paw and motioned for him to follow.

   Chen Fan swaggered to follow the bamboo rat king through the dense bamboo forest. Along the way, you can see the bamboo rat and the little bamboo rat playing in the forest. UU Reading

   Chen Fan also worried that these bamboo rats would be overwhelmed if they didn’t control their numbers. Later, he felt that he was thinking too much.

   After all, this group of bamboo rats has already given birth to a rat king who is beginning to develop a sense of wisdom. Obviously, he also understands the simple laws of nature.

   So whenever the number of bamboo rats is close to the saturation line that the bamboo forest can nurture, the bamboo rat king will select half of them to migrate to other places to open branches and leaves.

   This is a bit similar to the habits of bee colonies and ant colonies. They are obviously the lowest level creatures but all have the instinct to conform to the laws of nature.

   Soon Chen Fan discovered that the Bamboo Rat King took him to the forbidden place in the deepest part of the bamboo forest.

“I said Brother Lumao, why did you bring me here again?” Chen Fan unconsciously lowered his voice and asked. Although he had eaten bamboo leaves to be immune to the toxins of those big mushrooms, the ghost knew the efficacy of bamboo leaves. How long does it last, if he accidentally inhales those spores after the effect is over, he can only wait to die.

   Bamboo Rat King grinned with a weird smile, and then swaggered to the poisonous mushrooms in front of Chen Fan, broke off a piece and stuffed it into his mouth.

   “Hi! Brother Lv Mao, don’t think about it! Alas, forget it, I will raise your wife and children. Huh? Why are you still alive?” Chen Fan looked shocked.

   Bamboo Rat King hummed twice with a smug expression, pointed his paw at the treasure bamboo on the mound, and made a gesture of eating.

   Chen Fan immediately understood, and said in amazement: “You mean that eating the leaves of that treasure bamboo can be immune to the toxins of these mushrooms? How did you find it?”

   Bamboo Rat King was about to show off, suddenly a small white head came out from the mushroom bush behind him, chewing on a colorful mushroom.

   “Little Yo Yo?!”

   “Hey!” The mouse blinked, pulled out a blood-stained mushroom and handed it to Chen Fan.

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