Big Panda Boss

Chapter 2: Strange world

   God is generous. Chen Fan made a wish that he wanted to be a cat in his next life, and God made him really become a cat, just a panda.

   The panda is the panda. Chen Fan thinks that this wave is not a loss. At least the country is in charge of the food, and maybe even the girl is assigned to feed it.

  Who realized that before he was happy for a while, he suddenly came out of the dream of a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus ruthlessly crushing him.

   Therefore, Chen Fan was so scared that he hid in the cave for three days without daring to go out.

   Until three days later, I was really hungry, and then sneaked out in the middle of the night to pick up some fruits to eat.

   But I saw two moons in the sky!

“Very well, this world is not under the control of Grandpa Newton, so it’s normal to pop out a Tyrannosaurus more than ten meters high…a ghost!” Chen Fan was very mad, but he was really hungry and exhausted, so he had to look at him. Go and pick up the fruit to eat.

   But a few fruits can’t fill his stomach at all, Chen Fan followed his memory to plan the stems of the plants.

   After working all night, Chen Fan, who had eaten half full, hurried back to the cave before dawn.

   The sun rises and the sunset, the day flickers by, and the night falls again.

   Chen Fan sneaked out of his cave again like a cautious little mouse.

   The moon rises and the moon falls, Chen Fan rushes back to his cave before dawn, but this time he retrieves a bunch of vines.

   At night, I saw a large ball of grass covered with leaves dangling out of the cave…

   “Hey, with this auspicious suit, I won’t be afraid of being caught by those dinosaurs.” Chen Fan was secretly proud, but accidentally stepped on the cane and threw a dog in the mud…

   “Bah, baah.” Chen Fan quickly got up and continued to climb forward. Only when there was a slight wind and grass nearby, it immediately nested on the ground, disguised as a cluster of grass.

   This forest is full of vegetation, don’t say it, as long as Chen Fan is lying on the ground, there is really no flaw in it.

   “Ho Ho Ho Ho!”



  The mountains and forests at night are actually more lively than during the day, because large predators are basically only active during the day, so night becomes the best time for small animals to go out for food.

   Chen Fan first went to the east where he often picked fruits, picked up some half-green and immature sour fruits, and then quietly went to the stream.

   There was a small dam built with pebbles on the side of the stream, and several fish and shrimps were trapped inside.

   Chen Fan grinned and immediately stretched out his paws to fish up a few fish and shrimp and stuff them into his mouth.

   The tender and juicy fish and shrimp made Chen Fan taste the meat again, and he almost cried for a while.

   And Chen Fan built three small dams like this one, checked one by one, and caught a few small fishes and shrimps to fill his stomach. This was the best meal he had eaten since he came to this world.

   Chen Fan took a sip of the stream and rinsed his mouth, then turned and crawled towards a bush.

   Suddenly there was a rustling movement in the bushes!

   Chen Fan immediately brightened his eyes and separated the bushes with his paws, and saw a bird-like and chicken-like little beast trapped by a tree vine loop.

   This is the second hunting trap left by Chen Fan, but I didn’t expect it would really come in handy.

   When this little beast saw Chen Fan appear, he immediately fluttered its wings in a panic. The three colored tail feathers spread out like a peacock and screamed at Chen Fan.

   Chen Fan grinned, rushed up and slapped it to hold it, and snapped its neck with one bite.

The **** smell of    mouthful of blood did not make Chen Fan uncomfortable at all. Instead, it made his index finger move, almost swallowing this golden pheasant alive.

   This is the first time Chen Fan feels happy and full after crossing, and he can’t help but belch.

   Then Chen Fan returned the trap to its place, and then went to check several other traps, but none of them caught any prey.

   But Chen Fan was already full and ready to hide in the cave to rest.

   At this time, the moon was in the middle of the sky, and a few “dark clouds” floated from nowhere in the night sky.

   Chen Fan didn’t care at first, but as the ‘dark clouds’ drifted closer and closer, he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be something wrong with the dark clouds.

   Curiosity drove him to climb a tree canopy to visit the dark clouds floating in the night sky, but when he really saw the true colors of these dark clouds, he almost didn’t get scared to fall from the tree.

   Because those dark clouds are all floating islands! ! !

   “Uncle Newton is here, it’s not that I don’t want to hold your coffin board, but it’s really not your responsibility.” Chen Fan prayed silently, and quickly climbed down the tree to hide in the cave.

   This world is so terrible, it is safe to hide in a cave.

   Chen Fan, who hurriedly hid in the cave, did not find that there were pavilions on the floating islands, just like palaces in the sky.

   It’s just that there are no half-person figures in these palaces, let alone gods, Buddhas, and immortals.

   The next morning, Chen Fan took a probe at the entrance of the cave and looked at the sky for a while, and saw that the floating islands had drifted away and gradually disappeared into the clouds.

   Chen Fan secretly breathed a sigh of relief, glad that these floating islands did not fall and hit himself on the head.

   “Ang!!!” A long howl resounded through the mountains and forests, declaring to the beasts and birds nearby the power of the overlord of this territory.

   Chen Fan curled his lips disdainfully: “What kind of madness? Isn’t it great to be big? Isn’t it extinct, Lao Tzu is a national treasure…”

   “Oh. UU reading” Chen Fan sighed and shook his head and went back into the hole.

   At night, Chen Fan once again wore a natural auspicious suit and went out of the cave.

   first went to the stream to see the harvest of fish and shrimp, and then went to inspect a few traps, only to eat half full.

   Chen Fan went to pick up the fruit under the fruit tree again. He was looking down and eating the fruit, but he didn’t notice a dark shadow hanging from the treetop!

   “Hiss, so sour!” Chen Fan had just eaten a sour fruit, and he felt his mouth full of teeth are sour. Suddenly there was a warning sign in my heart, as if there was danger imminent!

   Chen Fan instinctively raised his head and looked around, and suddenly felt a thick object hitting his back, and immediately felt that his stomach was tightened like a belt!

   Chen Fan looked back and saw that it was a black python entangled him. He was shocked and rolled all over the floor with fright, but the python tightened tighter and wrapped around his neck.

   But fortunately, he was still wearing a layer of auspicious clothes, so that the python could not entangle his limbs for a while.

   But Chen Fan also felt choked, desperately using his claws to tear the python. But the scales of this giant python are extremely tough, and the scratching of his claws only brought out a spark.

   “To die! To die! To die!”

   If it were an ordinary beast, he would definitely struggle frantically until he was completely strangled to death, but Chen Fan was not a beast, so he immediately slammed into the big tree and slammed into it!

  嘭! ! !

   The violent impact caused the tree to sway violently, crackling and dropping the fruit.

   “Hiss!” Although the giant python that was used as a meat shield was rough and thick, it couldn’t withstand the violent impact. He was shocked and shook his head to bite Chen Fan’s neck.

   But it was greeted by a mouth full of sharp teeth in the blood basin-ah!

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