Big Panda Boss

Chapter 20: Bamboo Leaf Green

  Seriously, facing such a bright mushroom, a normal person would definitely not dare to touch it.

   But Chen Fan not only touched it, but also licked it, rubbing his mouth and commenting: “It doesn’t taste much, it feels like licking marshmallows without sweetness.”

   Then he took another bite and nodded slightly, “Well, this mushroom really has a mushroom flavor, and it tastes quite crispy. Are other mushrooms the same flavor?”

   The mouse immediately handed out another blue and white mushroom, and Chen Fan took a bite.

   is slightly sweet and sour, and a bit spicy, but also very crisp.

   is like an apple dipped in an old godmother to eat.

   Two mushrooms soon fell, and Chen Fan didn’t feel anything strange after rubbing his stomach.

   “Yo yo yo!” The bamboo rat king made a gesture.

Chen Fan gave a thumbs up and praised: “Brother, you dare to think that you actually want to use these mushrooms for barbecue and soup. We might have a taste of these mushrooms after eating it, but your children and grandchildren might be as good as a bite. .”

   “yo yo yo.” The Bamboo Rat King immediately took out two more bamboo leaves and said.

   Chen Fan condensed his eyebrows: “You mean to take this bamboo leaf soak in wine and distribute it to other bamboo rats? Is this possible? No, how come you have more bamboo leaves?”

   Chen Fan suddenly looked up, and saw that several branches were already bald on the leafy bamboo.

   “Well, brother Lv Mao has such a good thing, you don’t even think about your brother first!” Chen Fan rolled up his sleeves and hummed: “No, today I have to take up one hundred or eighty leaves and go back to make tea.”

   Bamboo Rat King quickly stopped Chen Fan with a smile on his face, and then stuffed a small rubbing bamboo leaf into his hand.

   Although Baozhu has straight branches and luxuriant branches, but it can’t stand the two guys smashing wool regardless of the consequences. If Baozhu died, it would be a big loss.

   Gained the benefit, Chen Fan hummed and said, “It’s okay to have a mushroom meal, but…”

   The Bamboo Rat King was very proactive and stuffed him a small handful of bamboo leaves, and then made a posture of a dead fish.

   Chen Fan took the bamboo leaf into his arms: “Go.”

   A bear and a mouse went back to the bamboo house, and Chen Fan went to the cave to get a jar of honey fruit wine, and then picked a bamboo leaf and threw it in.

   The Bamboo Rat King couldn’t stand it, so he took out a handful and threw it in.

   Chen Fan took a breath: “Do you want to poison all the bamboo rats? You haven’t tasted the smell of bamboo leaves!”

   Chewing a piece of this bamboo leaf has a feeling that makes the sky soar into the sky. If you sprinkle it in, just smell it and you can see the Buddha, right?

   “Yo yo yo!” But how can the monsters that become refined are clever ghosts? The bamboo rat king makes all the gestures.

   Chen Fan exclaimed: “Mixed with water? High, it is really high! Wait a while, won’t it become the happy water with the essence of wind and oil?”

  Bamboo Rat King licked the corner of his mouth, some can’t wait to taste the taste of the happy water with bamboo leaves.

   Chen Fan directly covered the wine jar and said: “Soak it for three days first, and wait until the bamboo leaves are soaked to taste and drink.”

   Bamboo Rat King thought for a while and nodded in agreement, but seriously warned him not to drink it secretly.

   Chen Fan slapped his chest, righteously said: “Am I that kind of person?”

   At midnight that night…

   Chen Fan sneaked out of the back door, but ran into the same sneaky bamboo rat king at the entrance of the cave.

   “I just don’t worry, I want to see how the wine is brewing.”

   Bamboo Rat King repeatedly nodded, indicating that he too.

   “Then go together?”

   Bamboo Rat King nodded again and again.

   A bear and a mouse looked at each other with a smile, and walked into the cave together very tacitly.

   dug out the wine jar that had been buried for a long time, Chen Fan first took a breath and held his breath, then carefully lifted the lid.

   Bamboo Rat King rushed to take a breath, but his face was very surprised.

   “How is it? Does it smell good?” Chen Fan asked, holding his breath.

   Bamboo Rat King scratched his head, and gestured that he did not smell alcohol.

   “It’s tasteless? Can’t it!” Chen Fan immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and then took a sip before pouring down the wine jar.

   is really tasteless, even the original sweet smell of wine is gone.

   “It’s weird? How could this be?” Chen Fan stared wide-eyed and looked into the jar, dark and unable to see clearly. He picked up the wine jar again and shook it, and there was indeed a jar full of wine.

   Chen Fan did not believe in evil, so he dipped his claws with a drink and directly slammed it into the mouth of the unsuspecting Bamboo Rat King…

   The Bamboo Rat King was about to get angry. Suddenly the rat’s body shook. He rolled his eyes and twitched directly.

   “Hello? Brother Lvmao, are you okay? You have to hold on!” Chen Fan hurried to rescue, and he was struggling with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and he almost didn’t get his overnight meal out.

   “Cough, cough, cough.” Fortunately, after Chen Fan’s rescue, Bamboo Rat King finally survived, but he passed out a few drunken hiccups and fell asleep.

   Chen Fan saw it screaming asleep, and shouldn’t die, so he ignored it. He picked up the wine jar and went outside the cave, looked into the jar by the bright moonlight, and saw that the originally slightly yellow wine had turned green, and it was like jelly when it was gently shaken.

   Chen Fan didn’t know what kind of ghost he had brewed. He hesitated for a while and still couldn’t restrain his curiosity. He put a drop in the bamboo cup, and then filled a glass of water.

   After being diluted with water, the wine mixture in the bamboo cup turned pale green, which looked a bit like the eye-catching soda that I loved to drink when I was a child.

   The key is that this thing smells boring, and you don’t know what it tastes unless you taste it yourself.

   Chen Fan held up the bamboo cup and gathered courage. With a strong heart, he stretched out the tip of his tongue and licked it gently, then closed his eyes and tasted it carefully.

   The entrance was slightly cold, and the tip of his tongue was numb. Soon, the numbness spread to his whole body like an electric current, causing Chen Fan to step on an electric door and twitch uncontrollably.

“Hoo!!!” After the intense irritation subsided, there seemed to be an inexplicable celestial energy pouring in from Tianlinggai, instantly refreshing Chen Fan’s spirits, sweeping away all the exhaustion, and the true energy in his body seemed to be direct. Added a touch.

Chen Fan finally understood why the Bamboo Rat King only tasted a drop and then drew it. He just licked the diluted wine and felt how violent stimulation it was. If this is a direct sip of the undiluted wine, it might be true. It will be fatal!

When the strong irritation subsided, Chen Fan couldn’t help but licked another sip, and then his whole body twitched a few times uncontrollably, then licked another sip, twitched again… licked again… licked, Smoke…

   can’t stop at the end!

   When dawn came, Chen Fan directly drank Xiaobantan’s “Zhuyeqing”.

   This is the name he gave this wine, very appropriate.

  Because the wine is just a sip, you can’t even go out for five steps, you have to dilute it to taste it.

At this time, there was a sudden movement in the cave. Chen Fan guessed that the bamboo mouse king woke up, and quickly sealed the wine jar back. With a red face, he was about to turn around and say hello to the bamboo mouse king. Suddenly, a strange heat flow gushed from the heart. Forehead, stunned him!

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