Big Panda Boss

Chapter 21: Weirdness of Yin and Yang (Part 1)

   Chen Fan, who was fainted by brain congestion, felt like he had another long dream this time.

   The whole person seems to be half drunk and half awake. His mind is half awake and half drowsy, unable to wake up, wanting to be completely drunk but staying half awake at all times. It was as if the head had been split in half, and neither was under his control.

   But the body is more uncomfortable than a headache.

   Chen Fan, in a state of being awake and confused, felt that his heart seemed to have become a big furnace, and he kept pumping hot blood out to fill his limbs and skeletal meridians.

   But when the blood flows around the whole body half a circle, it will become extremely cold, and then flow back to the heart through the veins.

   Such alternating hot and cold makes Chen Fan feel like he is experiencing the two heavens of ice and fire in the true sense.

   Chen Fan, who was half drunk and half awake, couldn’t do anything, and could only endure this painful suffering silently.

During the   , he could feel that he was carried back to the bamboo house by the rats, and then poured water and bees into his mouth, but he couldn’t wake him up.

   Later, the white mouse came, and he stuffed a few big colorful mushrooms in his mouth, but he still couldn’t wake Chen Fan.

   All the rats have no way, and they can only pray silently that Chen Fan can wake up.

   And the Bamboo Rat King is also a rare loyalty, arranged for a few big bamboo rats to take turns to take care of Chen Fan, and regularly fill his mouth with water and food to prevent him from dying of thirst or starvation.

   And Chen Fan felt unconscious for more than a month before slowly regaining control over part of his body.

   The brain is the first to regain control, and then he can open his eyes but still cannot speak.

   The big bamboo mouse who was taking care of Chen Fan finally opened his eyes when he saw him, and immediately ran to call the bamboo mouse king in.

   “Yo yo yo?” The Bamboo Rat King patted his shriveled belly with great concern.

   Chen Fan couldn’t speak, he could only gesture with his eyes.

   The Bamboo Rat King was unknown, so he gestured again and found that Chen Fan could only blink and move his eyes.

   Then I looked at each other affectionately…





   (╬ ̄ bowl ̄)

  (′?Ω?)?(._.`) Touch your head……

   If it weren’t for being unable to move, Chen Fan would definitely kill this stupid mouse. How could he not understand the simple look in his eyes? I want to drink water! ! !

   Suddenly, the Bamboo Rat King seemed to understand Chen Fan’s deep-meaning eyes, and immediately ran out of the house, and after a while he brought back a wine jar.

   Chen Fan was frightened. He was paralyzed in bed for more than a month after he drank too much. If he drank a few more sips, he wouldn’t be dead!

   Chen Fan immediately blinked his eyes frantically, then his eyes rolled around.

   Bamboo Rat King finally realized that Chen Fan was not asking for a drink, tilted his head and stared at him, rolling his eyes, and followed his gaze around the room.

   “Yo yo?” The Bamboo Rat King immediately ran to cover him with the tiger skin hanging on the wall.

   “Do you want to kill Lao Tzu? There is no hood covering the quilt!” Chen Fan twitched frantically. Fortunately, the bamboo rat king reacted immediately and quickly opened the quilt for him.

   If the look in the eyes can kill people, Chen Fan’s eyes can kill the goods thousands of times.

“Yo yo yo?” But the bamboo mouse king got it wrong again. He went around in the room and put a lot of scattered things beside his bed. Those who didn’t know thought he was going to give him something to bury. It.

   Chen Fan completely gave up the hope of making eye contact.

“嘤嘤嘤!” Suddenly, the savior finally came, and I saw a more slender and well-proportioned white mouse rushing in, went to the bedside to visit Chen Fan, and then exchanged with the bamboo mouse king. A big mushroom was stuffed into his mouth.

   Chen Fan wanted to cry without tears, and said in his heart that you girl has nothing to do except feeding people poisonous mushrooms?

   After only a few mushrooms were eaten, Chen Fan felt the two surging hot and cold qi in his body seemed to ease a lot.

   “Eating mushrooms is useful?” Chen Fan was overjoyed immediately, and quickly motioned to the mouse with his eyes to feed him more mushrooms.

   But the White Mouse obviously understood what he meant just like the Bamboo Mouse King. He thought that this mushroom would not allow Chen Fan to fully recover, so he could only think of another countermeasure.

   Seeing Chen Fan’s gaze, the mouse also tilted his head and followed the gaze. Suddenly he saw the treasure bamboo branch that was hung on the beam of the room as a fluorescent tube.

   “Huh?” The mouse immediately rushed to the room beam and picked the Baozhu sticks off and put them on Chen Fan’s belly.

   Yes, add another funeral.

   Chen Fan sighed silently, saying that your father and daughter would simply bury me.

   Just as he fell into despair, suddenly the two hot and cold qi in his body agitated again, and it made his heart beat faster.

   “Pills!” Chen Fan was shocked. He wanted to stop the two energies, but couldn’t start. He could only endure unimaginable pain.

   Soon the bamboo mouse king and the white mouse also noticed his strangeness, after all, smoke was all over his body.

   “Yo yo yo!” The Bamboo Rat King was anxious, and hurriedly brought a bucket of water and poured it on Chen Fan to cool him down.

   But this time it was too late to water.

   Chen Fan felt that the hot and cold qi in his body not only did not slow down, but instead continued to accelerate.

   The beating heart was pumping at least two hundred beats per minute, and Chen Fan felt that his brain was congested again.

   Just as he gave up hope, he suddenly noticed that the hot and cold qi did not go straight to his forehead, but instead gathered in his abdomen.

“Huh? Qi rushes to Dantian? Great achievement?” Chen Fan looked shocked, but soon discovered that the two qi was not filled with the so-called, but both were filled and placed on his belly. Went to the bamboo sticks.

   “Help baby!” Chen Fan was overjoyed immediately, thinking that he was saved.

   Suddenly the vision regenerates, and the true energy filled in the bamboo sticks is quickly fed back…

   “Play with me?” Chen Fan suddenly became mad, breathing quickly and stirring his stomach to shake the broken bamboo branch off.

   But this broken bamboo branch seemed to be dipped in strong glue, and it was firmly stuck to his belly and connected to him. No matter how much he stirred his belly, he couldn’t shake it off.

   And the two energies seem to become electric current, and the continuous flow through the bamboo branches makes it brighter and brighter!

  Bamboo Rat King and Little White Mouse were shocked when they saw this vision!



   Bamboo Rat King subconsciously stretched out his paws to grab the bamboo branches, but he retracted his paws as if he was electrocuted, and quickly pulled the mouse back a few steps.

   At this time, the vision reappeared, and the shining bamboo branches suddenly shrank into a little ball of light, and slipped into Chen Fan’s belly.

   Then I saw Chen Fan’s shriveled belly rounding up again at a speed visible to the naked eye.

   The little white mouse stepped forward with curiosity and touched Chen Fan’s stomach, very curious about how such a long bamboo branch got in?

   “Ah!!!” Suddenly Chen Fan sat up, shocking the two mice.

   “Water! Water!” Chen Fan, who suddenly regained control of his body, felt a heartburn, and crawled out of bed to find water. When he saw a jar, he put it beside the bed, and he held a cow drink!

  っ°Д°;)っ” The Bamboo Rat King was shocked again, because the jar was filled with wine, and it was undiluted puree!

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