Big Panda Boss

Chapter 22: Weirdness of Yin and Yang (Part 2)

   After a clear drink, Chen Fan drank a big bottle of iced Sprite under the heat.

   can only use ‘too cool! One word to describe the refreshing feeling at the moment.

   “Huh! Hiccup!” The dryness in his heart was finally extinguished, and Chen Fan suddenly took a long breath, belching out a strong, clear drink.

   “Huh?” Chen Fan suddenly realized that the taste was wrong, and when he held the jar, he saw that there was a little green liquor left at the bottom of the jar.

   can’t be wasted!

   Chen Fan raised his head and poured the rest of the liquor into his mouth.

   The Bamboo Rat King immediately surprised him as a heavenly man.

   The mouse has already tasted the diluted bamboo leaf green, so he also knows how terrifying the staying power of this magical liquid is.

   Seeing that Chen Fan actually drank the whole altar in one gulp, and he was like a okay person, he couldn’t help but leaned forward to touch his claws and touch his chubby belly.

   Chen Fan licked the corners of his mouth, sighed up to the sky, “Ah! I finally came back to life!”

   “Huh huh?” The mouse poked his drunken belly with curiosity.


   There was a grunt in his stomach, which made the mouse startled.

   Chen Fan rubbed his stomach and felt nothing strange except for the hunger.

   “Yo yo yo?” The Bamboo Rat King also leaned forward and touched his stomach.

   “Don’t make trouble.” Chen Fan patted its paws, and said helplessly: “Don’t ask me what’s going on, I am still at a loss.”


   again made a strong protest in his stomach, and he was hungry again just after filling a whole jar of drinks.

   “It doesn’t matter so much.” Chen Fan rubbed his stomach and waved his big paws: “To celebrate Lao Tzu’s alive again, there will be a barbecue party tonight!”

“╰(*°▽°*)╯嘤嘤嘤!” The mouse immediately followed with cheers, and although Chen Fan collapsed for more than a month, the bamboo mouse king took over as the barbecue master for him, but the barbecue that he made was simply a waste of time The land is not on the same level at all.

   Bamboo Rat King ran out first and ordered his men to prepare.

   Chen Fan scratched his stomach and walked out of the bamboo house and glanced at it. After more than a month, the outside of the house was still the same.

   Flowerbeds with hundreds of flowers blooming, lush bamboo forests, blue sky, white clouds, green mountains and green waters, it is a paradise scenery.

   “Buzzing.” Several small bees flew in front of Chen Fan, hovering in front of a few flowers, picking nectar.

   But the little bamboo rats playing in the flowerbeds have long been surprised by these bees.

   “嘤嘤嘤.” The little white mouse jumped out of the roof suddenly, and saw a big golden bee flying over slowly carrying a big bamboo tube.

   The little white mouse stretched out his small paws to catch the bamboo tube, said goodbye to the golden bee, and then jumped off the roof and handed the bamboo tube to Chen Fan.

   Chen Fan took the bamboo tube with a look of surprise, and smelled a wonderful honey fragrance before opening it.

   “This is??” Chen Fan opened the cover and immediately saw the bamboo tube filled with golden milk sauce: “Royal jelly!!!”

   The little white mouse was smug and wailed as he gestured, letting Chen Fan understand that this little guy and the group of bees had reached a mutually beneficial agreement.

  The rat swarm agrees to bees to come here to collect honey, and in exchange the swarm will give the rat swarm a few bamboo bees as rewards at regular intervals.

   In addition, the white mouse also used a few fruits to become a good friend of the queen bee, and often went to the door, and the queen bee used extremely precious royal jelly as a gift to it.

   After Chen Fan heard the bizarre story of White Mouse, he sighed in his heart that you are the protagonist and I am only a supporting role. Why didn’t he encounter such good things? Think about how hard he had spent to taste the bees.

   Chen Fan stretched out his paw and picked a bit of cream-like golden royal jelly and put it in his mouth, and instantly a strange taste spread in his mouth.

   It’s like drinking a glass of rich and mellow wine, the first thing you taste at the first entrance is a strong milky fragrance, which makes people feel full of happiness.

   Then the royal jelly melted into the throat and turned into a sweet and fragrant syrup straight into the abdomen.

   In the end, the sweet syrup reacted with stomach acid to produce a large amount of gas surging up. It was like drinking too much soda in the same breath, and could not help but belch.

   But every time I hiccup, I can smell a peculiar fragrance of flowers pouring up from my throat and reaching the sky, making people feel as if they are in a sea of ​​colorful flowers.

   Chen Fan hasn’t recollected the wonderful taste of royal jelly. He suddenly felt that his back was unbearably itchy, and he couldn’t help but stretch his paw to scratch it, but he couldn’t reach it.

   “Little Yo Yo, quickly help Uncle Xiong scratch his back, it’s itchy.” Chen Fan turned and pointed.

  ”Щ(????щ The white mouse stood upright, stretched out its small paw and scratched it hard.

   “Huh, feel comfortable, use more strength.” Chen Fan said with a smooth expression.

   The little white mouse tilted his head and looked at it, popping out his little paw and scratching it again.

   Chen Fan didn’t feel any pain at all, instead he looked on enjoyment.

   “嘤嘤嘤.” The mouse scratched hard.

   “What’s wrong?” Chen Fan asked back.

   The little white mouse pointed at his back and gestured.

   “Is there something on my back?” Chen Fan asked with a look of surprise: “Is it because you have been moldy after lying down for too long?”

Chen Fan twisted his head too hard but still couldn’t see his back. UU Reading, the white mouse made a gesture but couldn’t describe what he saw. He simply lay down on the ground and drew a circle with his small paws. The circle was divided into two with a crooked curve, and then a small circle was drawn in each half of the circle.

Although the painting of    Little White Mouse is very abstract, Chen Fan recognized this pattern that is familiar to all Chinese people.

   “Tai Chi picture???” Chen Fan looked shocked: “You mean I have the same pattern on my back?”

   The white mouse nodded repeatedly.

   Chen Fan couldn’t believe it. He hurried to the water tank and took a photo with him sideways. He really saw a very clear picture of Tai Chi printed on his back.

   This Tai Chi picture has been fused with his hair, as if it was born.

   But Chen Fan thought of more, and immediately thought of the old **** who gave him his dream.

   Chen Fan actually had some guesses about the identity of the old god, but he didn’t dare to think about it, because it was too mysterious.

   Now that a Tai Chi picture appeared on his back, Chen Fan’s doubts disappeared a lot, but the doubts in his mind were even more.

   But this kind of thing can’t be understood in a moment, Chen Fan scratched his head depressedly.

   At this time, a strange itch came from his back again, and Chen Fan couldn’t help but stretch his claws to scratch, and suddenly felt that the two waves of true energy that had returned to peace in his body became restless again.

   “Come again?!” Chen Fan was shocked, trying to suppress the irritability of Zhen Qi, and suddenly the scriptures imprinted in his mind shine brightly.

Chen Fan subconsciously recited one of the scriptures: “If great success is lacking, there is no harm in its use. Great surplus is like rushing, and its use is endless. Great and straight if you are wrong, big and clumsy if you are clumsy, and if you are arrogant. Cold is better than heat. Quietness is the righteousness of the world.”

  In an instant, Chen Fan’s back shined!

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