Big Panda Boss

Chapter 23: Bizhu stick

  ;°ロ° suddenly saw Chen Fan’s whole body enveloped by a strange light, and the mouse was frightened suddenly, got into the flowers with a thud, and only stuck out half of his head to stare at him.

   Chen Fan himself was frightened. The scripture that was blurted out just now was read out without passing through his brain. Immediately I felt the itch on the back disappeared, but something seemed to grow…

   “Guru!” Chen Fan swallowed secretly, stretched out his paw and slowly scratched his back, but scratched a hard object.

   Chen Fan frightened and touched the thing. It seemed to be a stick based on the feel of his hand, and he took it off with a slight force.

   took a look in front of him, and Chen Fan was shocked.

The thing that grew out of his back was the treasure bamboo branch that got into his stomach just now, but the treasure bamboo branch became thicker and longer after turning around in his body. It became a bamboo stick.

   The whole bamboo stick is just as high as his eyebrows, the arms are thick, the whole body is straight, and the crystal clear green is like emerald.

   But what really surprised Chen Fan was that there was a big golden gourd attached to the top of the bamboo stick, and a Tai Chi Yin Yang fish pattern was printed on the gourd belly.

   Chen Fan looked stunned, and said that the bamboo head went in and out, but it became thicker and longer. He could understand it, but where did this big gourd pop out?

   Chen Fan stretched out his claws to hold the big gourd and shook it. He could hear the gurgling sound of water coming out of it, and when he unplugged the plug, a familiar, rich aroma of wine was released.

  Chen Fan took a sip of curiosity, then smacked his mouth and said, “Isn’t this the puree of bamboo leaves I just drank?”

   This thing is so fascinating that Chen Fan was a little confused, so he took a few more sips. It was found that the green bamboo leaves seemed to be mixed with a bit of royal jelly’s potpourri scent, which brought the wine taste to a higher level.

   Chen Fan rubbed his belly, and said to his heart that my belly shouldn’t be cultivated into a wine container, right?

   “Yo yo yo!” At this moment, the bamboo rat king brought a group of his men to bring a protohorn dinosaur that had just been hunted, and when he saw Chen Fan was stealing and drinking, he immediately rushed over.

   “Hey, Brother Lumao, you just came here to **** newly brewed bamboo leaf green.” Chen Fan immediately took out a small bamboo tube and poured it a small cup.

When    Bamboo Rat King smelled the rich wine, he turned his anger into joy, and took a sip from the glass carefully. Now it has learned well, and dare not drink what Chen Fan handed to it.

   “How is it? How does it taste?” Chen Fan asked curiously.

   The bamboo mouse king immediately flashed green eyes, added a little water and sucked a small glass of wine cleanly, then asked him with a shy face.

   Chen Fan clutched the wine gourd and shook his head: “Let’s save this wine for the evening. It is important to prepare barbecue first. I am almost starving to death.”

   “Yo yo yo?” When the wine was too late, the bamboo rat king stared at the extra bamboo stick in his hand, wondering where he picked up this bamboo stick, which is very similar to Baozhu.

  Chen Fan scratched his head. I don’t know where to start. He suddenly saw a little white mouse still probing his head. He immediately pointed to it and said, “You ask your girl to go, and he just saw it.”

   The bamboo mouse king turned his head and slammed at the mouse twice. The mouse got out of the flowers and immediately explained what he had seen and heard while making gestures.

   Bamboo Rat King looked shocked after listening to it, stared at Chen Fan’s stomach, and immediately carried a lot of fruits…

   “Go, you really used my stomach as a wine tank!” Chen Fan didn’t have a good air, but his paws had already stretched out to grab a few fruits and stuffed them directly into his mouth.

   In fact, he himself is also very curious about how the wine and royal jelly eaten in his belly are mixed into this gourd.

   If he has really studied and understood, wouldn’t it be said that there are more magical powers?

   It’s just that this supernatural power doesn’t seem to be able to meet people!

   Imagine a white sword fairy came to ask him what magical powers he has? He replied: “Master Bear can eat and drink, and he can make wine and spit out what he eats…”

   The picture is beautiful just thinking about it!

   However, he couldn’t rush to study supernatural powers. Although he had often spent time reading countless books on a certain mother’s website in his previous life, he had never practiced the practice of cultivating immortals.

   Reasonably say that there may be a set of routines. After all, there are nine hundred Xiuxian novels I have read. But if you really want to practice according to the routines in those novels, you don’t believe it or dare not.

   into the night.

Chen Fan leaned on the magic weapon’Bizhu Staff’ he had just started and directed the mice to rack rows of marinated dinosaur meat on the charcoal fire ditch. At a glance, he saw ten rows of grills, and each row of grills was skewered With hundreds of catties of dinosaur meat.

   Soon rows of grilled meat made a beautiful sound under the charcoal fire.

   Chen Fan picked up a wine jar, held a brush made of leaves in his right hand, and threw the leaves onto the barbecue while walking.

  A drop of splashing liquor on the charcoal immediately ignited a group of magnificent flames, constantly causing the rats to marvel in unison.

   Chen Fan feels like a bishop at this moment. UU Reading is baptizing these barbecues. The ritual is full…

   is the smell of grilled meat, people who are salivating, seriously destroy the sense of solemnity.

   spirits can ripen tough dinosaur meat. When the surface of the barbecue is scorched and the oily aroma is stimulated, Chen Fan picks up a jar of honey and carefully brushes it onto the barbecue.

   The scent of fat is immediately mixed with the sweet scent of honey, making the aroma of roasted meat more fragrant.

   The honey also coats the surface of the grilled meat with an attractive golden color under the high temperature grilling.

   Chen Fan sniffed, pulled out a tiger-tooth dagger, cut off a piece of barbecue, threw it into his mouth and tasted it. The coveting rats gathered one after another, all of them glowing green, looking at the weird people.

   “It’s cooked, let’s eat!” Chen Fan waved his hand and took away the largest piece first.

   Bamboo Rat King took advantage of his status as the king and grabbed the fattest piece.

   And the white mouse grabbed the brightest piece of it with his lightning-fast skill.

   As for the rest, the rats were instantly divided up.

   For a while, the open space in front of the bamboo house was full of chirping sounds.

   Chen Fan has grilled meat with one hand and wine gourd with one hand. What he eats is a chic and cozy.

   The bamboo mouse king leaned forward holding his share of barbecue, and stretched out a big bamboo tube with a shy smile.

   Chen Fan glanced sideways, filled a large glass for it, and warned: “It’s just too much, don’t drink it up.”

   Bamboo Rat King nodded repeatedly, squatting down next to Chen Fan learning how to take a mouthful of meat and wine, devouring food.

   Suddenly another bamboo tube stretched out in front of him. Chen Fan looked down and saw that it was Xiao Youyou, and then said with a smile on his face: “Do you like drinking too? Here, give it enough.”

   Xiaobai thanked him, and quickly disappeared into the forest with the barbecue and bamboo tube in his mouth.

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