Big Panda Boss

Chapter 24: Buddhism

   “Ah, enjoyable, hiccup!” Chen Fan drank a swig of strong alcohol and exhaled a long scent of alcohol.

The bamboo mouse king beside    was already drunk and confused, and swayed his head and fainted directly.

   Chen Fan called a few big bamboo rats to take their king back to rest, then picked up the wine gourd and shook it, and found that more than half of the wine was left in it.

   is amazing, you know that Chen Fan and Bamboo Rat King alone drank nearly a large jar of spirits this evening, and this amount was enough to fill hundreds of wine gourds.

   “Is there something in it?” Chen Fan squinted into the gourd, but only saw the dangling liquor.

   I don’t understand, if I don’t understand, I just don’t think about it. Anyway, knowing it’s a treasure is enough.

   Chen Fan yawned, patted his full stomach, swayed into the bamboo house with a bizhu stick, and fell asleep.

   The bizhu stick he put on the head of the bed turned into an aura and penetrated into his stomach…

   The magic weapons in the novels are all drilled into people’s heads, but his magic weapons love to drill into the belly. There is really no magic weapon for the owner.

   He slept until dawn, Chen Fan got up and touched off the bed, and opened the door with his eyes confused to fertilize the flowers and plants.

   Then he scratched his stomach and greeted a few little bamboo rats frolicking in the flowers, and turned back to the house to prepare breakfast.

   “Huh?! Where’s my magic weapon?” Chen Fan suddenly found that the bi-bamboo stick he was laying on the head of the bed was missing. He was shocked and thought he was a thief.

   Suddenly his back itch, Chen Fan subconsciously scratched his backhand and grabbed a thick and hard object…

   took the Bizhu stick that appeared again suddenly, Chen Fan scratched his head and wondered how this big baby got into his body?

   Suddenly there was an inexplicable heart movement, Chen Fan was just a thought, and the bizhu stick in his hand turned into a light and penetrated into his belly.

   Chen Fan scratched his stomach with surprise on his face, and then moved in his heart, suddenly feeling an itchy back.

   “Ha, it’s fun!” Chen Fan seemed to be a bear kid who got a new toy. He came to reclaim the magic weapon that summoned himself, and had a great time playing.

   “Yo yo yo!” At this moment, the voice of the bamboo rat king rang out.

   Chen Fan immediately smiled, turned around and walked out of the room to beckon to the Bamboo Rat King: “Brother Green Hair, come, I will show you my big baby!”

   “Yo yo yo?” The bamboo mouse king ran forward curiously.

I saw Chen Fan, like a magician, demonstrating that he didn’t hold anything in his hand, and then shouted: “Come out, my big baby!” He fished back and pulled out the thick and long bizhu directly behind him. Rod!

   “w(0д0)w” Bamboo Rat King was stunned: “Yo yo yo?”

“Hey, it’s amazing? I can not only make it out, but also make it disappear. Look good, I will accept it!” Chen Fan breathed a breath, and the Bizhu stick in his hand slammed into him immediately. In the belly.

  ????? The bamboo mouse king flashed his eyes for a while, and asked him how he did it. It also has to learn.

   “Do you want to learn?” Chen Fan said with a faint smile: “But even if I teach you, I can’t learn it, because you have no magic weapon.”

   The Bamboo Rat King was immediately lost, feeling that the whole rat life was gray.

   Chen Fan quickly comforted: “But don’t be too sad, after all, you can still roar. This is a long-range attack spell, and it is also a large-scale kill. I don’t think I can learn it.”

   Chen Fan praised it fiercely, which made the bamboo mouse king feel a little better. But the desire for magic weapons has already been rooted in its heart. After all, the baby doesn’t want one that is so fun and beautiful.

   “嘤嘤嘤.” Hearing a familiar voice, I saw a white mouse jumping around.

   The Bamboo Rat King rushed to embrace his fatherly love, but the mouse directly ignored it, holding a golden gem and offering it to Chen Fan.

  Bamboo Rat King instantly feels that his rat life has fallen into darkness again…

   “What is this? You picked it up from there?” Chen Fan took it over and looked at it curiously. At first he thought it was gold, but after a closer look in his hand, he discovered that it was a piece of amber.

   Put this piece of amber in the sun, and you will find that it is full of small bubbles and a small bug is also sealed.

   If this thing survives into the 21st century, it will definitely be an invaluable treasure, but now it’s just a nicer stone.

   “Deep.” The little white mouse made a pair of small paws to explain the origin of this beautiful stone. Chen Fan learned that this piece of amber was bought by the little white mouse from the queen bee with a half jar of bamboo leaf green.

   “It turns out that you asked for a pot of bamboo leaf green from me last night. You went to the queen bee for a baby.” Chen Fan smiled and returned the piece of amber to it.

   Little White Mouse screamed triumphantly, as if he was taking advantage of something.

   Chen Fan did not expose it, because this beautiful amber is indeed a rare ‘jewel’ in this ancient era.

   The little white mouse hugged the beautiful amber stone and went It is estimated that he is going to decorate in his own nest.

   Chen Fan turned around and found that the Bamboo Mouse King had already squatted in the corner to draw a circle, shaking his head and laughing into a wine gourd shaking.

   The bamboo rat king heard the sound and immediately became energetic. He took the initiative to bring in the bamboo chair and asked Chen Fan to sit down, and then took two large bamboo cups, as diligent as a shop assistant.

   Chen Fan chuckled, filled the two bamboo cups with wine, then took out a bamboo leaf and took a sip in the wine cup, and immediately let out a long and pleasant chant.

   Bamboo Rat King also learned Chen Fan’s soaking bamboo leaves in a glass of wine, but after a taste of it, he almost didn’t get out of his body. He quickly fished it out or sucked it comfortably on his forehead.

   One bear and one mouse are like retired old cadres, bathing in the sun, smelling the fragrance of potpourri, and tasting fine wines. It’s so pleasant.

   The leisurely time always goes by very quickly, especially when there is no worry about food and clothing.

Chen Fan was an ordinary nerd in his previous life. As long as he has a computer, he can stay home for three years without going out of the house. If it weren’t for the introduction of the person at home, he would have looked right, and went to the hospital for a minor operation for the happiness of his lower body… Can stay in the wild and grow old.

   After crossing into a panda, he has become a realm. In addition to sleeping, every day is to ponder the cooking techniques of various foods. He didn’t have any idea of ​​cultivating magical powers to dominate the world, because he was too tired. And what if he conquered the world? In the end, there is no motivation to eat and wait to die.

   Therefore, Chen Fan lived a very Buddhist life after passing through, as long as he was not forced by life, he would never leave his nest for half a step.

   And the only motivation that can drive him to leave his nest is the yearning for good food. After all, there is no network in this wild world, so he can only focus all his energy on the pursuit of good food.

   The years are in a hurry, and three years have passed in a flash.

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