Big Panda Boss

Chapter 25: recovery

   “Yawn!” While yawning, Chen Fan scratched his stomach and pushed the door and walked out of the bamboo house, habitually spreading fertilizer on the flowers. Then he turned into a wine gourd and took a sip, refreshing.

   There are countless bees flying in the sky in the flower garden, and each one is the size of a fist.

   A few newly born bamboo rats are chasing these bees scurrying in the flowers.

   Chen Fan grinded his teeth, turned around and took out a sausage hanging under the eaves, stuffed it directly into his mouth and chewed on the wine.

   But no matter how delicious the food is, it will make you tired every day. Chen Fan misses hot pot, mala Tang, Chuanchuanxiang, which are full of spicy flavors.

It’s a pity that after nearly four years, Chen Fan rummaged through the hills within a radius of ten miles, but failed to find a spicy plant. The only thing that could taste a little spicy was the poisonous mushrooms. As for the salt of the top of the hundred flavors, Not even a trace was found.

   It is reasonable to say that lack of salt will affect the biological fluid balance, and even make many internal organs lose their functions.

   But fortunately, there is a little salt in the blood of animals, so at least wild animals will not die from lack of salt.

   But the problem is that if you want to make hot pot and other heavy-tasting delicacies, pepper and salt are definitely indispensable. If you can find sesame pepper, it would be better.

   Thinking about it, Chen Fan couldn’t help but drool again.

   “Uncle Xiong, do you think about something delicious again?” A crisp voice sounded abruptly.

   Chen Fan quickly wiped the corners of his mouth, and said with a smile: “Yeah, I just thought of a delicious food, but unfortunately there are few seasonings. Why did you come here so early today?”

   Chen Fan turned around, and saw a snow-white spirit beast that was nearly three meters long and the size of a cheetah jumped up to him.

“Daddy asked me to ask you, do you want to hunt together today?” The former white mouse has grown up, and even started to be promoted to a monster. Under Chen Fan’s careful guidance, he has refined his bones and can vomit. People say it.

   Among the bamboo rats group, only the bamboo rat king and the other three old bamboo rats can learn human words.

   Chen Fan said in surprise: “Has Brother Lv Mao’s’Magic Weapons’ sacrifice completed? If it fails, I would not dare to follow it to hunt, lest I be injured again.”

   After seeing Chen Fan with a magic weapon in three years, the Bamboo Rat King has been thinking about it, and dreaming about having a big baby for fun all day. Therefore, it immediately thought of the treasure bamboo of the same style, and ran to the bamboo forest to break the root back, but the bamboo branch withered before it appeared for a few days.

   The unwilling bamboo rat king has collected hundreds of weird “big treasures” to sacrifice and refine them into magic weapons, but they all ended in failure without exception.

   In the end, Chen Fan really couldn’t stand it anymore, so he taught it the “Truth of Virtue and Dao”, and asked it to hold the big baby to recite the truth every day. Maybe it could influence God to make it really sacrifice and refine a magic weapon.

   But Chen Fan’s native method can only be a ghost, but the Bamboo Rat King listened to his nonsense, holding a pile of collected “treasures” and chanting for seven or forty-nine days.

  Until the turning point appeared, the mouse accidentally picked up a strange bead from the wild. After swallowing it by mistake, he even sacrificed and refined a magical treasure similar to the Dingfeng Bead.

   The Bamboo Rat King looked jealous, then he ate his stomach and lay on the bed for ten and a half days…

   But I don’t want to be a blessing in disguise. I was really fooled by it and made a gem in my belly.

   It’s just that the effect of this orb is a bit strange, it can be invisible, but it is full of flaws within three steps. It can escape from the soil, but it is not as fast as it can drill the soil by itself. The only practical thing is to release poisonous gas. Although it is not poisonous, it can kill people alive…

   Another thing is that you must be optimistic about the wind direction when discharging the poisonous gas, otherwise it is very easy to accidentally injure your friendly forces!

   White Mouse heard what Chen Fan said, and couldn’t help but chuckled happily: “Don’t worry, Uncle Xiong, Dad has been able to release poisonous gas as he pleases, and won’t smoke his own people anymore.”

   Chen Fan still had lingering fears when he thought of his last encounter. That time he had no appetite for food for three days, which was more painful than killing him.

   “Okay, you go back and tell it, I’ll go when I’m ready.” Chen Fan responded.

   “Okay.” The mouse immediately squeaked back.

Chen Fan hiccuped his wine, turned back to the house, put on snakeskin underwear first, then opened the closet and picked a geely suit suitable for hunting in the river valley and put on a hat full of grass. Finally, I took the Huya spear and wandered out to the bamboo forest.

   “Hurry up, old bear, it will be noon if you dare.” Just heard a drake shout.

   Chen Fan regretted teaching it to others, and it was not as sweet as the original ‘yo yo’ call.

   “What’s the rush?” Chen Fan chewed a piece of bamboo leaf in his mouth and slowly said, “Is it just trying to show off your magic weapon, we haven’t seen it before.”

   Bamboo Rat King stroked the green hair on his forehead for three to seven minutes, and said proudly: “Hey, let’s not tell you, this king has just recently realized a new magical power. I will open your eyes later.”

   Chen Fan asked solemnly: “What magical powers? I warned you in advance that if you develop some unappetizing magical powers, I really want to break your relationship with you!”

   “Look at you, hurry up.” The bamboo rat king swaggered forward and opened the way.

   The little white mouse covered his mouth and followed happily. UU reading

   Chen Fan sighed and followed silently.

   There are more than a dozen giant tiger-sized bamboo rats quietly guarding the surrounding area.

   The hunting team drove out of the bamboo forest and crossed the forest to the river valley boundary.

   Chen Fan lifted his hat and looked at the sky, and stared at the sky, and said, “The rainy season seems to be coming again.”

   The little white mouse looked up and said, “Yes, I hope that more pups can survive the rainy season this year.”

   The bamboo rat king flicked his green hair and asked, “Old Xiong, can you count it? How big is the rainy season this year?”

   Chen Fan rolled his eyes and said, “You really think of me as a god, and you can figure out the time with a pinch. Anyway, every year, it is good to be able to carry it, and it is also good to be able to carry it.”

   Through nearly four years, Chen Fan has experienced three rainy seasons.

   In the first year of the rainy season, he saw the extinction of the beasts, but that time he was frightened, and he thought he had encountered some terrible infectious disease. Later, I learned that it was not an infectious disease that made everything go extinct, but the invisible and intangible ‘qi’.

   In the rainy season of the second year, the concentration of’qi’ between heaven and earth skyrocketed again. Then everything grew madly, and there were many strange creatures resembling monsters, and many animals died without being able to carry it. It was also in this year that the bamboo mouse king and the white mouse opened up their wisdom and learned the human language.

   The third year of the rainy season, that is, last year, although the concentration of “qi” between heaven and earth did not increase much, there was a peculiar ray of energy.

   Then the white mouse and the bamboo mouse king both had their own magic weapons and realized new magical powers.

  This situation is like a scene of spiritual recovery in the novel…

   And Chen Fan has remained the same in the past three years, living like a retired cadre every day. Practicing Taijiquan, researching and studying food, and occasionally accompany the rats out for a walk and hunting, and I have a very comfortable life.

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