Big Panda Boss

Chapter 26: hunting

   “Yes, it’s all fate.” Enabling the spiritual wisdom also means that the thinking is complicated. The Bamboo Rat King raised up to the sky and sighed: “Why do we monsters come into this world?”

   Chen Fan took out a sip of the wine gourd mii, and threw it to it with a grin: “This kind of thing can only be understood by the gods in the sky. As long as we little demons live happily and happily every day.”

The Bamboo Rat King caught the wine gourd, took a sip and threw it back to Chen Fan, smacked his mouth and said in a huff, “Well, it’s the old bear, you understand. But are there really gods in the sky? What do those gods look like? of?”

   Chen Fan spread his hand and said: “I don’t know this. At least I haven’t seen what a fairy looks like. Maybe you are not as handsome as you.”

   The Bamboo Rat King immediately stroked the green fur on his head with a smug look, and laughed: “Haha, this king likes to listen to the old Xiong you tell the truth seriously.”

   The white mouse couldn’t stand it anymore, and urged the two treasures to go faster.

   “叽!” Suddenly a giant bamboo mouse that was exploring the road uttered a low scream.

   唰唰, there was a talking and laughing team instantly disappeared in the grass, there was no movement.

   After a while, the giant bamboo rat that was exploring the road sneaked back and expressed his discovery in sign language: a strange trace was found, and it was impossible to discern which animal’s footprint left.

   Bamboo Rat King looked back, but still didn’t find Chen Fan hiding there…

   “Old Xiong, go and see.” Bamboo Rat King had to lower his voice.

   “Hmm.” An abrupt voice sounded on the other side of it, about three steps away from it.

  Bamboo Mouse King dropped a drop of cold sweat down his forehead, thinking to himself that if this was a beast, he might be dead…

   The slightly swaying grasses are almost integrated with the surrounding environment. If you don’t look carefully, you can’t think of a big bear spirit nestling next to you.

   Chen Fan gently exhaled a breath of exhaust gas to increase the frequency of his heartbeat and get out of the tortoise’s breath state, and then gently touched it forward.

   Soon, an odd trace stopped in front of him.

   Chen Fan gently opened the bushes, squinted his eyes and looked around, and saw that the lush bushes in front of him were pressed into a long rut, which looked like a big truck had just driven from here.

   Chen Fan stretched out his claws and pressed the squeezed grass, pulled a spike of grass and put it on the tip of his nose to smell it, and then pursed his mouth and let out a murmur.

   There was a rustling movement immediately behind him. The little white mouse was the first to show his head, lying next to Chen Fan and probing curiously: “What is the trace of Uncle Xiong? Did any monster roll over here?”

   Bamboo rats appeared one after another, but no one dared to make a sound.

The opening of    agility allows them to quickly learn a lot of knowledge, including various skills and experience when hunting.

   Chen Fan condensed his eyebrows: “It’s a snake!”

   “Snake?!” The little white mouse and the bamboo rat king who had just climbed over let out a low voice, and then shuddered inexplicably.

  Snakes are the world of rodents, more terrifying than cats.

   Because cats rarely drill holes, but snakes do. So compared to cats, rats are more afraid of encountering snakes, especially big snakes!

   “No way?” The mouse said in disbelief: “How big is this trace? How big is this snake?”

   Chen Fan estimated the rut. It was at least three meters wide, and the squashed grass was almost crushed into powder, which meant that this giant snake weighed at least several tons. This made him immediately think of a kind of super predator that only existed in ancient times-the Titan Python!

When he thought that there was such a huge python at his door that had just climbed, Chen Fan couldn’t feel at ease anymore, for fear that the python would sneak into his cave while he was asleep and eat his precious wine… …

   “It must be killed!” Chen Fan licked the corner of his mouth, swearing that he was not greedy anymore!

   “Change weapons, use spore eggs!” Chen Fan said solemnly.

   Bamboo Rat King was taken aback and reminded: “Old Xiong really wants to use spore eggs? You can’t use this thing indiscriminately. If you spill a little bit, the consequences will be disastrous!”

   “Then do you have any other way to kill a giant python that can swallow us in one bite?” Chen Fan asked back.

   The Bamboo Rat King immediately stopped speaking.

   Chen Fan looked at the little white mouse and said, “Xiao Yo Yo, it’s up to you this time.”

   The little white mouse nodded and proudly said: “Uncle Xiong, please look forward to it.”

   Chen Fan stopped talking nonsense, and waved his big paw: “Chasing!”

  The group of rats immediately dispersed and followed the rut.

   The huge river valley is shaped like a funnel, running north-south.

   To the north is dense forest, separated by a mountain range.

   The place where Chen Fan occupies is on the east side of the mountain range, and the west side of the mountain range is the birthplace of a big river.

   The vegetation over there is more lush, so the large dinosaurs basically live along the river.

   Naturally, large predators also like to get there.

   For example, the Super Tyrannosaurus that has grown to more than 20 meters tall.

   Now this Tyrannosaurus rex is regarded as a river valley tyrant. Every time it patrols the site, it will always cause a piece of chicken to jump, and then it will be driven back by a group of Diplodocus…

   But this guy likes to run into the river valley every three to five to harass the diplodocus. You say it’s here to hunt, but it’s not like it, because the prey in the forest is its own, so you don’t have to worry about eating or drinking.

   So Chen Fan only has one word for the Tyrannosaurus Rex: cheap!

   Now Chen Fan traced the crawl marks left by the Titan giant python and found that the giant python crawled into the territory of the Tyrannosaurus along the river valley boundary.

   The mice turned back and stared at him, waiting for him to make a decision.

   The rats with super biochemical weapons are not afraid to face a giant python, because so far only one guy is immune to the spores of those poisonous mushrooms.

   That guy is the Tyrannosaurus!

   So every time that Tyrannosaurus appeared in the valley, the rats would always walk around it.

   Chen Fan pondered for a moment, then decided to say: “Xiao Youyou come in with me to check the situation, Brother Lu Mao, stay.”

   “Why?” The Bamboo Rat King immediately refused to accept his breath: “This king is also a monster with magic weapons!”

   “Because you are not as fast as the two of us!” Chen Fan said directly.

   Bamboo Rat King was speechless immediately.

   Hunting first rule: Safety first, you must run faster than your prey.

   Chen Fan nodded at the mouse, took off his auspicious suit and turned his face to reveal the jungle camouflage color and put it on again, and then touched his tiger-toothed spear into the dense forest.

   “Good girl, be careful!” Bamboo Rat King said with a worried expression.

   “I know, Dad, there is Uncle Bear, it’s okay.” The mouse responded impatiently, and followed Chen Fan excitedly.

   Bamboo Rat King can only hope that Chen Fan can protect his precious daughter from coming back safely. In fact, he does not know how strong Chen Fan is. Because this guy is too lazy, he rarely goes out. Even if I go out hunting occasionally, I just hide behind and make suggestions, and rarely do it myself.

   But relying on the perception of ‘qi’, if the ‘air pressure’ on the Tyrannosaurus rex is like a mountain. Then the ‘air pressure’ on Chen Fan’s body is like a sky…

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