Big Panda Boss

Chapter 27: Dragon and Snake

   Chen Fan and the white mouse walked into the dense forest along the trail left by the giant python. The insects and birds disappeared along the way. They were obviously scared away by the powerful aura emitted by the giant python.

   White Mouse asked quietly: “Uncle Xiong, you said that if this giant python fights with that Tyrannosaurus rex, that one will be more powerful?”

   Chen Fan thought for a while and said, “It’s hard to say.”

   Although it was not Guan Gong vs. Qin Qiong, it was not seen with his own eyes, so it was impossible to judge.

After all, this world has changed a lot every year, and it has become completely two worlds from the ancient world he saw in his book. At least the book does not say that there will be two moons in the sky in the age of dinosaurs, and they will fly around. The floating island, and there are no monsters capable of spells.

   Therefore, Chen Fan is more inclined that he should have traveled to an ancient and different world.

   As for the magic of that giant python, it’s hard to judge without seeing it in person.

   Suddenly Chen Fan must have a certain stature and made a silent gesture.

   The mouse immediately got into the grass, only half of his head was exposed.

   Chen Fan sneaked a few steps and came to a big tree. He stretched his claws and touched the thick trunk, and saw that there were a few fresh scratches on it.

   The white mouse quietly stepped forward and took a look, and whispered: “Uncle Xiong, is this a claw mark? How big! How big is the claw? Could it be that the python has paws?”

   Chen Fan condensed his eyebrows: “It doesn’t look like a claw mark. If you look carefully, the mark is more like a scratch from right to left, but it stands to reason that the snake scales can’t scratch such a scratch.”

   Little White Mouse pointed his eyes, and whispered with a finger in front of him: “Look, Uncle Xiong, there are also scratches on the big tree in front.”

   Chen Fan hurriedly took a look, then looked around, and found that there were scratches on the big tree a few meters away.

   Chen Fan stepped back and looked at the huge rut left on the ground just passing between the two big trees.

   “Uncle Xiong, did you see anything?” Seeing him with a serious face, the mouse couldn’t help asking.

   Chen Fan shook his head slightly and said: “It’s just a guess, but I can’t be sure. Let’s follow up and see the situation first.”

   “Ang!!!” Suddenly a familiar roar resounded across the sky, as if a violent wind was rolling in, and the blowing woods clashed.

   Chen Fan and the mouse looked at each other, and immediately guessed that the Tyrannosaurus must have found the intruder.

   A bear and a mouse immediately speeded up their pace and rushed over.

   Deep in the mountains and forests, in a valley filled with miasma.

   The Tyrannosaurus, nearly seven feet tall, was standing at Taniguchi, roaring at the middle of the valley.

   But the huge sound wave can not dissipate the rich miasma in the valley, so it can only stare outside the valley.

Chen Fan and Little White Mouse who rushed to the scene happened to see this scene. Looking at the rut on the ground straight into the valley, it is not difficult to guess that the giant python must have entered the valley, and then was blocked by the angry Tyrannosaurus. Lived the exit.

   Chen Fan immediately came in and took out a bamboo leaf, threw it into his mouth, and waited for the show to be performed enthusiastically.

   However, I waited from day to night…

During the    period, the anxious bamboo rat king waiting outside the forest also ran in.

   Then a bear and two mice sat in rows under the cold moonlight.

“Uncle Xiong, how did that giant python persuade you?” The white mouse lay languidly in the grass and said boredly: “This Tyrannosaurus has been guarding outside the valley for a day, why haven’t you seen it come out to fight? There is another way out in the valley, has it slipped away?”

   The Bamboo Rat King straightened up and took a look, then shook his head and said: “Here, the veins are converging, and there is only one way to survive, that is Nagukou.”

   Chen Fan said in surprise: “When did Brother Lu Mao realize the magical powers of observing Feng Shui?”

   Bamboo Rat King proudly said: “You don’t want to think about what this king is best at!”

   Chen Fan said, “Abandoned and deceived?”

   “Go and go.” The bamboo rat king said in a bad mood: “It’s a hole!”

   “Oh, I understand.” Chen Fan nodded, and did not continue to ask.

   The bamboo mouse king scratched his head for a moment, and said to his heart, why are you stupid bear asking only half of the question? You will continue to ask! If you ask one more question, I can take the opportunity to show off the magical powers I just understood!

   But Chen Fan just chewed on the bamboo leaves and closed his eyes to rest.

   Suddenly the little white mouse lying on the ground pricked his ears and said vigilantly: “The wind direction has changed!”

   Chen Fan opened his eyes and burst out a little light: “Scatter!”

   The mice gathered together instantly dispersed, each finding a place to hide.

   I saw mist suddenly surging in the valley, like rolling waves coming out.

   Tyrannosaurus roared and immediately stepped back hundreds of meters.

   “Hiss!!!” A harsh whisper came from the valley, and a huge black shadow was looming in the surging mist.

   “Ang!” The Tyrannosaurus was not afraid at all, opening its mouth and roaring.

   The sudden surging mist ejected a huge boulder and hit the Tyrannosaurus rex, staggering it, followed by a black shadow that threw out like lightning!

   Chen Fan suddenly widened his eyes, and finally saw the true face of this Titan Python!

   The pitch-black scales reflect the metallic luster in the cold moonlight, and the thick and powerful snake body is at least ten feet long, and it’s thick, just like a train!

   But what really shocked Chen Fan was that the snake’s head had two sharp horns and a row of gill-like wings!

   What kind of python is this? UU reading is clearly a black dragon that only exists in myths and legends!

   In the next second, this **** flood that threw out like lightning directly bit on one of the thighs of the Tyrannosaurus rex, and immediately followed the snake’s body to wriggle around the other leg of the Tyrannosaurus.

   Chen Fan whispered: “This big long worm will suffer!”

   The next moment I saw Tyrannosaurus rex with one leg bitten, directly lifting the other leg and stomping down fiercely, stepping directly on the seven-inch position of the black flood.

“Hiss!!!” Hei Jiao was in pain immediately, loosened its mouth and twisted its body and flicked its tail directly to knock the Tyrannosaurus to the ground, while it twisted the huge snake body and rolled on the ground several times, and then spouted a big mouth. Black blood.

  The black blood is like strong acid, and it withers instantly when it is splashed on the flowers and vegetation.

   “Ang!” The Tyrannosaurus quickly got up again, grinning and limping towards the **** dragon.

   The **** dragon immediately twisted his tail and rolled up a huge boulder to fly towards the Tyrannosaurus rex.

   saw the Tyrannosaurus smash the boulder with its head down, then rushed forward and slammed on it.

   Da Hei Jiao dodged in panic, but the Tyrannosaurus rex stepped on its tail and bit its back.

   “Hiss!” Hei Jiao was aroused by the **** pain, and when he turned his head, he bit on the neck of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

   But this Tyrannosaurus can’t even do the poison of the big mushroom, and the poison of the black flood can only slow it down.

   However, the two entangled two sides let the black dragon seize the opportunity, entangled the whole body of the Tyrannosaurus rex, and used the best strangling technique.

   However, in this ancient world full of monsters and beasts, would the Tyrannosaurus rex, which can grow to a height of more than 20 meters, not have its own housekeeping skills?

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