Big Panda Boss

Chapter 28: Tyrannosaurus

   As a neighbor, Chen Fan naturally did not have the idea to fight this Tyrannosaurus rex.

   digging pits and poisoning to make evil tricks, I have tried every way I can think of.

   However, three years later, this Tyrannosaurus is still a local tyrant.

   But Chen Fan and the Bamboo Rat King only dared to nest in the narrow mountain forest to the east, and did not dare to cross the hill half a step.

   It’s all because this Tyrannosaurus is not only thick and skinny, but also because this guy has already evolved into a monster beast, and has realized a unique skill-dragon breath!

   “Suck——” I saw the Tyrannosaurus grinning and taking a deep breath!

   Chen Fan turned over and hid behind a rock without saying a word.

   “Roar!!!” Shaking roar is like a sound wave, but what is really terrifying is a burst of flames.

  The billowing flames instantly ignited the nearby mountains and forests and turned into a sea of ​​flames.

   The black dragon was the first to bear the brunt, and was directly sprayed by the flames of the dragon’s breath, and immediately rolled all over the floor in pain.

   “Roar!” However, the Tyrannosaurus rex won the power and did not spare the snake, opening its blood basin and biting directly at the neck of the black dragon. If this bite hard, it is definitely the end of the head and neck separation.

   But he didn’t want this black dragon to save his life, and suddenly opened his mouth and spit out a dark green bead in the middle of the Tyrannosaurus rex, and directly blew it out.

   The violent shock wave of the explosion directly lifted off the ground with a radius of hundreds of meters, and even blown out the fire.

   The aftermath dissipated, everything was calm, and only a mess was left.

   Chen Fan covered his mouth and nose and glanced at it from the back of the rock. The scorched earth was filled with wisps of dark green aerosol. You don’t need to guess that it must be extremely poisonous.

   Tyrannosaurus rex lay down on the ground, life and death unknown.

   And that black dragon has disappeared.

   The last move of this monster snake is like the monster blew its inner core in the fairy-xia novel. Even if it does not die, it will definitely get rid of half its life.

   Chen Fan’s eyes flickered, and he beckoned back, and immediately all the rats crawled out of their shelters.

   “You stay and stare at this Tyrannosaurus rex. I’ll see if that big snake is dead. If it doesn’t die, I will make a few more shots.” Chen Fan ordered.

   Little White Mouse said: “Uncle Xiong, that big snake is too terrible, I think it’s better to forget it.”

   There was just a dragon-snake battle, and all the rats were frightened and scared. How could they have the guts to find the bad luck of that big snake.

   Chen Fan said in a deep voice: “If you don’t take the opportunity to kill it, what if it recovers and comes back to seek revenge and kills us?”

   The rats were speechless immediately.

   “Look at it.” Chen Fan glanced at the Tyrannosaurus rex and flew out immediately.

   The **** flood is too big, and coupled with the serious injury, it can’t hide the traces at all.

   Chen Fan soon discovered the traces left by the black dragon when he escaped, and found that it had been hiding in the river all the way through the mountains…

   Chen Fan is gone now, and I can only hope that this **** dragon will not come back after he escapes.

   The original road returned to the valley, and the rats immediately gathered around and asked about the life and death of the **** flood.

   Chen Fan told the truth truthfully, which cast a haze on the hearts of the rats.

   “Uncle Xiong, do you think that big snake will really kill it after he has been wounded?” The mouse said with a worried expression on his face.

Chen Fan groaned for a long time, turning his head to stare at the Tyrannosaurus, who was still lying motionless on the ground, and said: “If you are wronged, you have a debt and a debtor. Even if the big snake really kills back to seek revenge, you must look for this Tyrannosaurus first. If it pays back Living is bound to be another dragon-snake battle. If it dies, I am afraid that the big snake will occupy this mountain forest and become a greater threat to us. So not only can we not kill it now, but we have to find a way to save it. , Let it stand in front of us and attract hatred for us.”

   All the rats nodded in agreement.

   At this time, the poisonous fog on the scorched earth was almost gone, and Chen Fan let the rats stay in place, and only checked the life and death of the Tyrannosaurus.

   step by step cautiously approaching, you can more intuitively see the huge mutated Tyrannosaurus rex at close range, and a head alone is the size of a container!

   It is estimated that a few more evolutions can be a guest role in Godzilla.

   Chen Fan walked to the front of the Tyrannosaurus rex with ease, and found that this guy still had a weak sniff.

   The Tyrannosaurus rex lying on the ground suddenly opened his huge eyes and stared at Chen Fan.

   Chen Fan remained motionless, staring at it quietly. At this moment, he is only less than ten steps away from the Tyrannosaurus Rex. If this beast is in trouble, then he can only kill the killer and consider moving.

   “Huh!” Tyrannosaurus rex glared his eyes, grinned and exhaled a suffocating breath, as if to lament that he was dominating the world for the first time, and finally died in the hands of a little bear spirit.

   Chen Fan stared at it for a moment, took out a bamboo tube and filled it with wine, then sealed it and threw it to Tyrannosaurus’s mouth.

   Tyrannosaurus snorted, and a hint of doubt flashed through his cold eyes.

   Chen Fan shook the wine gourd, then raised his head and took a sip, showing an expression of enjoyment.

   Tyrannosaurus rex sniffed and smelled a peculiar scent that it had never smelled before. After hesitating for a moment, he stretched out his tongue and rolled the bamboo tube into his mouth.

   Chen Fan chuckled, knowing that it was half done, and now it depends on whether this wine can detoxify the black dragon.

   Tyrannosaurus rex snapped the bamboo tube with a click, UU read www.uukanshu. Com felt a cool liquid flowing into his throat. It was originally burnt with snake venom, and it felt like a puff of ice water was poured down, and it really experienced the feeling of coldness.

But this is not over yet. You must know that in the past three years, Chen Fan has added a lot of good things to this wine, such as bamboo leaves, royal jelly, big mushrooms, and spirit fruits are stuffed without money. Anyway, just eat it in his own mouth. It can be transformed into the precious brew in the gourd.

   So it is not an exaggeration to say that the rare wine in this gourd is fairy wine, but because the wine is too strong, even the bamboo rat king dare not drink too much puree directly, but dare to drink with water.

   Soon the wine surged, and the Tyrannosaurus felt a cold air current from the abdomen to the forehead, and the snake venom in the body instantly melted under the impact of this magical air current.

   “Roar!!!” Tyrannosaurus rex was rushed by Jiujin, and couldn’t help letting out a low growl, then stared at Chen Fan with wide-eyed eyes.

   “Want to drink?” Chen Fan shook the wine gourd with a smile on his face.

   Tyrannosaurus rex snorted, turned his head arrogantly, but opened his mouth very honestly.

   Chen Fan grinned, then filled a large bamboo tube with wine and threw it into his mouth.

   Tyrannosaurus rex snapped the bamboo tube with a click, then closed his eyes and savored the wonderful taste of the drink.

   Chen Fan observed this Tyrannosaurus rex complexion and found that its black Yin Tang had faded, and the wounds on his body no longer shed dark, poisonous blood, he guessed that this guy’s life should be saved.

   Chen Fan didn’t stay any longer. He didn’t expect a fierce Tyrannosaurus rex to know what to know, he just needed it to continue to stay alive to block his guns.

   Tyrannosaurus rex was looking at the distant figure of Chen Fan while reminiscing about the smell of wine, a flash of agility in his cold eyes.

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