Big Panda Boss

Chapter 29: storytelling

   After half a month, the rainy season came again.

   The peculiar energy concentration floating between the heaven and the earth increased sharply again, which gave birth to more monsters.

   But all this seems to have nothing to do with Chen Fan.

   A bamboo lounge chair that has been polished out of pulp, a pot of green bamboo leaves and a plate of candied fruits.

   While eating snacks and drinking wine, he closed his eyes and listened to the patter of rain, humming untuned little tunes.

   can let Chen Fan lie down for a day without moving.

   He found that he would become very lazy during the rainy season. As long as he could sit and never stand, he could lie down and never sit. And I don’t have much interest in anything, except eating…

   But the magic is laziness, but the efficiency of absorbing the aura of heaven and earth has not diminished at all.

   Chen Fan obviously didn’t need to do anything, this spiritual energy took the initiative to drill into his heavenly spirit cover. Whether it’s eating, drinking, Lazarus, or sleeping, the aura of this bit of drill has never stopped.

   Then he finally successfully opened up the legendary “Sea of ​​Qi” in his body three days ago.

   It’s just that the position of Qi Hai is a little bit higher, not in the traditional Dantian position, but in his stomach.

   Chen Fan was puzzled by this, even more puzzled, and then he didn’t care about what he should eat and sleep.

   Anyway, what’s the matter with love, after all, the nine-year compulsory education hasn’t taught him how to cultivate to become an immortal. Maybe the right place to open up the sea of ​​Qi is in the stomach. As long as it doesn’t affect his appetite, just eat it.

“Tsk tusk!” Chen Fan grinds his teeth, and then sticks out his tongue to scrape the pulp shreds stuck between the teeth, but after a long time he can’t scrape it out, so he has to pop a claw to buckle, and it took a long time to pull it out. , And then sucked into his mouth again with a chuckle.

   “Uncle Xiong~~~” A sweet laugh suddenly came.

   “Cough, cough, cough.” Chen Fan coughed for a long time, then raised his head weakly, and said weakly: “Little Yo-yo, don’t run around on a rainy day. Beware of thunder.”

   The little white mouse rushed to the bamboo house with a smoke, and only a little water vapor was attached to the snow-white hair.

   “Uncle Xiong, I have developed a magical power again!” The little white mouse kept rubbing excitedly on Chen Fan’s belly.

   “Stop, stop.” Chen Fan hurriedly shouted: “I just had lunch and I am digesting.”

   Little White Mouse giggled and said: “Uncle Xiong, get up quickly, I will show you my new supernatural powers, it’s amazing!”

   “How powerful is it?” Chen Fan propped up lazily, and yawned, “Is it possible to fly or not?”

   Little White Mouse chuckled and said, “Uncle Xiong, you guessed it! Look good!”

The mouse said that it directly spit out its magic weapon Dingfeng Orb, and then urged the orb to release a blue wind, which engulfed its body and suddenly jumped out. It jumped out a thousand steps away, almost flying with each other. It looks no different.

Chen Fan raised his hand and closed his almost dislocated chin, then clapped and said in admiration: “It’s not bad, you can almost fly. Remember to practice harder, maybe one day you will really be able to fly to the sky.” He lay back with a plop.

   “Uncle Bear!~~~” The little white mouse bounced back and rubbed his belly violently.

   “What’s wrong?” Chen Fan said helplessly.

   Little White Mouse said, “Uncle Xiong, do you remember the new supernatural power my father just realized?”

   Chen Fan squinted his eyes and said: “Then what kind of mountain moving?”

   Half a month ago, the Bamboo Rat King comprehended the new supernatural powers and took him out for hunting. He planned to show off, but he saw a dragon and snake battle.

   The Bamboo Rat King, whose confidence has been hit, has no show of thought, but just demonstrates its new magical power: moving mountains.

   Of course, the supernatural powers are definitely not as powerful as those described in fantasy novels. At most, they can only move a few tons of small stones in the air.

   However, this supernatural power has great potential. I believe that as the strength of the Bamboo Rat King grows, it may one day be able to move a mountain.

   Therefore, after repeated requests from the Bamboo Rat King, Chen Fan deliberately named it the “moving mountain technique” for its magical power.

  Bamboo Rat King was famous and overjoyed, and then went to the dinosaurs in the valley of disasters, and finally made Chen Fan clean for many days.

“Yes.” said the little white mouse: “My dad will love to run into the river valley every day after he has new magical powers, saying that he wants to build our three big monster kings in the green bamboo forest while the Tyrannosaurus is still healing. Prestige.”

   Chen Fan raised his brows and asked, “When will I become the Demon King?”

   Little White Mouse chuckled and said, “My father gave us a seal. It always calls itself the green-haired king, has sealed me a white-haired king, and uncle Xiong has sealed you a big-bellied king.”

  Green hair, white hair, big belly…

   Chen Fan covered his face and was speechless, feeling that it was necessary for him to improve the literary literacy of these monsters.

“What then? The prestige of our three demon kings has been publicized by your father?” Chen Fan has made up his mind. If the white mouse dares to say yes, then he is ready to live in this mountain and forest until he is old, never again. Take a half step.

   “No.” The white mouse gloated, “Daddy was driven back by those big dinosaurs the first day he went out.”

   “Should!” Chen Fan said happily, “Those diplodocus dare not even provoke the Tyrannosaurus rex. Your father is purely looking for smoke.”

“Who said it’s not.” The white mouse said helplessly: “But my father doesn’t believe in this He was healed at home and went out again. Uncle Xiong can only help him if you persuade him. Help me.”

   Chen Fan sighed, helpless about it. That guy was obviously a rat, but his heart was higher than the sky, and he didn’t know anything about being low-key. If this goes on, if one day encounters an expert, you might suffer a big loss.

   Chen Fan thought for a while and said, “Let’s go back to your father and tell him that I am going to tell the big guys to increase their knowledge at night, as long as the sage is turned on, they can come.”

   “The storytelling????” The mouse scratched his head straight and said, “Is that the truth again? Can’t you say something simpler, Uncle Xiong? We don’t understand a word of the truth!”

   Chen Fan said with a smile: “It’s not easy to listen to the simple ones. There are so many stories in Uncle Xiong’s belly that you can’t finish listening to them for a lifetime.”

   “Really?” The white mouse said with bright eyes: “Uncle Xiong, what story are you going to tell tonight?”

   Chen Fan smiled slightly and said, “A story about teaching monsters how to learn to be low-key.”

   into the night.

   The little rain outside the bamboo house was ticking, and the bi-bamboo rods were suspended under the beams of the building as fluorescent tubes, but the greenness of the whole house was illuminated. More than a dozen new bamboo rat spirits filled the corners, all eyes glowing green.

   This situation is enough to scare normal people to death.

   I saw Chen Fangao sitting on one side, with a table in front of him. On the table stood a brick-sized waking wood and a bamboo fan. I saw him grabbing waking wood and pat on the table.


The room was quiet, and I heard Chen Fan slowly speak in a low and gloomy tone: “Chaos is not divided into chaos, vast and vague, no one can see. Since Pangu breaks the omnipotence, pioneers from the clear and turbid discernment. Overwhelming the masses, admiring benevolence, invent Everything is good. If you want to know good luck, you have to look at the biography of Shi E on Journey to the West.”

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