Big Panda Boss

Chapter 3: Evolved

   The giant python’s head was the size of a volleyball, but Chen Fan bite it and splashed out a lot of blood.

   Although Chen Fan crossed to become a panda, he was also a bear anyhow!

   The bite force of the bear clan is not weaker than that of the liger, and coupled with the life-and-death struggle, Chen Fan used the strength to bite this bite hard.

   Moreover, Chen Fan happened to bite on the slenderest neck of the python, and he broke the neck of the python directly.

   The headless snake body immediately twisted crazily, tightening instinctively.

   Chen Fan threw out the snake’s head and slammed into the tree trunk frantically, and finally passed out due to lack of oxygen.

   After an unknown period of time, Chen Fan suddenly woke up, feeling like he was covered with a thick blanket.

   Chen Fan immediately struggled to get up, only to find the impressive python covering himself.

   It’s just that this python has already been bitten off his head, and he can’t die anymore.

   At this time, the sky was already bright, various large beasts began to wake up, and the forest began to become quiet.

   Chen Fan picked up the giant python and dragged it into his hole without saying a word.

   Chen Fan didn’t know how much strength he still had, and he was able to drag half a ton of giant python back into his hole in one breath. Although he was as tired as a dog afterwards, he couldn’t stop panting…

   This is actually like walking two steps with a hundred catties of rice, but I can definitely walk like flying with a hundred catties of banknotes.

   Chen Fan huffed and gasped for a long time, looking at the giant python corpse, the saliva flowed down first.

   “No matter what, let’s fill up the stomach first!” Chen Fan immediately opened his teeth and danced his claws to tear open the tough snake skin, opened his mouth and snorted a piece of white and tender snake meat into his mouth and chewed hard.

   “Hmm!!!” Chen Fan immediately beamed his eyes, feeling like he was eating tender and juicy lobster meat, even if it was eaten raw, it was delicious.

   Chen Fan doesn’t know if snake meat is delicious, but this python meat is definitely something he hasn’t eaten in his entire life. For a while, he gorged himself and almost died.

When Chen Fan couldn’t eat anymore, he looked back with his chubby belly and found that the big python weighing half a ton had been gnawed away by him, leaving only a piece of snake skin, not even bones. Leave a little.

   Chen Fan popped a claw and picked his teeth, lamenting that he is worthy of being a legendary iron-eater, and his appetite is worth ten rice buckets.

   “Hiccups!!!” But this time, it seemed that I really had to eat. Chen Fan hit a few full hiccups, and immediately a tiredness came.

   Chen Fan was too lazy to move, rolled into the den and fell asleep.

   Outside the cave, the smell of blood attracted some predators.

   A sturdy saber-toothed tiger sniffed the blood and dug out of the grass silently, staring down at the hideous python head. There was a sarcoma growing on the snake’s head. It seemed that something was about to break out of the skin, but it was a pity that there would never be this chance.

   The saber-toothed tiger stepped forward and sniffed the snake’s head, then licked the snake’s blood, his eyes lighted up and the snake’s head was picked up and quickly fleeed away.

   Then, the smell of blood attracted several predators one after another. But because there are no corpses left, these predators can only return empty-handed.

   The days flickered, and half a month passed.

   Chen Fan turned around and woke up slowly, sat up in a daze, then stood up and wanted to go to the toilet to fill the water, but squinted his eyes for a long time and did not touch the light switch…

   “Huh?!” Chen Fan was taken aback, opened his eyes and looked around, sighed helplessly, and walked out of the cave, but suddenly felt that something was wrong after not taking a few steps?

   “Huh???” Chen Fan looked down and realized that he had actually stood up.

“It seems that the habit I have developed over the years is not so easy to change.” Chen Fan sighed lightly, twisted his hips with his claws on his hips, and did a set of stretching exercises. He was surprised to find that he didn’t feel pain after standing for a long time , My back is not sour anymore!

   “It’s amazing!” Chen Fan stretched out his claws to hold on to the wall and leaped cautiously a few times, feeling just like a human!

   Chen Fan quickly checked himself with a shocked look on his face, and he was still covered in fur, and there was no strange change.

   “Does I just evolve to an upright walking form after a nap?” Chen Fan hurriedly walked two more steps, then two more steps, and walked straight out of the cave.

   A breeze blew by, and Chen Fan suddenly felt relaxed and happy.

   Standing and looking far away, and crawling on the ground are completely two feelings.

   “Sure enough, I still stand tall and look far away!” Chen Fan couldn’t help laughing a few times with his arms akimbo, but he didn’t dare, because the roaring voice in the daytime would attract those predatory dinosaurs!


   A stream of heat gushes out from under the crotch, making Chen Fan feel refreshed.

   “Hmm!!!” Suddenly a scream passed across the clouds.

   Chen Fan looked up and saw a pterosaur the size of a fighter jet flying across the clouds.

   Chen Fan shivered and immediately landed his front paws on the ground, twisted his **** and went back into the hole.

   In a blink of an eye, at night, Chen Fan wore an auspicious suit and went out of the cave. He was afraid to stand and walk for fear of exposing his target. Like an old Yinbi, sneaking on the ground.

   As the saying goes, once he was bitten by a snake for ten years, he was afraid of well ropes. Now Chen Fan dare not walk under the tree. And he took a step and looked three times, for fear that there was another giant python lying on that branch.

   Chen Fan tremblingly crawled under the fruit tree and looked around, only to find the rotten fruit falling all over the ground, but could not see the traces of the battle last night.

   Chen Fan scratched his head and didn’t know why, but he didn’t bother to go into it. He cautiously circled the tree and quickly picked up the unrotten fruit and went to the stream.

   The small dam beside the stream was full of harvest, so Chen Fan had a full meal. Then he checked several traps he had buried in the bushes, and found that several traps were damaged.

   Chen Fan did not feel much disappointed about this. After all, the traps he set up could only catch small animals such as pheasants. If a large animal passed by, I might not even be able to injure a single vellus hair.

   arranged several traps again, and Chen Fan went back to the cave with some thorny vines and thorns.

   This time he is going to upgrade his auspicious clothes and add some ‘anti-injury’ functions.

   After all, being surrounded by giant pythons left him with a huge psychological shadow. If he wasn’t lucky enough to play ‘One Hit Kill’, he might have been killed.

   So in order to avoid this situation again, Chen Fan specially took back a large bundle of thorny vines and thorns.

   Chen Fan squatted on the ground, with the original auspicious clothes spread out in front of him. Ten claws were like fingers to smooth the thorny vines and thorns first, and then weave them into the auspicious clothes one by one.

   This is a job that tests patience and skill, but fortunately Chen Fan has no shortage of both.

   finally finished his work, Chen Fan immediately put the upgraded new anti-injury Geely suit on himself and tried it on. In order to test the effect, we rolled several times on the ground…

   “Wow! Wow! Wow!”

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