Big Panda Boss

Chapter 30: Swallow the sky

   “It is precisely: Hongmeng originally created the original no surname, and broke the stubbornness of Wukong. After all, I don’t know what to do backwards, and listen to the next time.”


   Chen Fan woke up with a slap, and awakened all the rat spirits who were so intoxicated.

   The white mouse asked impatiently: “What is behind Uncle Bear? That monkey spirit was bestowed by a god, did you learn any powerful magical powers?”

Chen Fan picked up the wine gourd and pecked it lightly, and smiled: “I have said it and listened to the decomposition of the next time. Naturally, I will continue the next time. I want to know the funeral and come back tomorrow night. Okay, it’s too late, you guys. Go back to sleep.”

   “Ah! Don’t!” The white mouse screamed: “I want to listen! I want to listen!”

   Bamboo Rat King is also eager to try, a posture that I will be with you endlessly without you continuing.

   Chen Fan picked up Xingmu and took a heavy shot, condensing the smile that often hangs on his face, revealing a solemn expression.

   Little White Mouse was shocked, knowing that Uncle Xiong was angry.

  Uncle Bear is generally not angry, but whenever he is angry, he becomes scary.

The bamboo mouse king suddenly stood up and said with a righteous look: “Why are you so disobedient? Old Xiong said tomorrow night and continue to talk about the following, but you can’t wait for one more day. Walk around, all Going back, come back tomorrow night. Old Xiong, let’s go back first, and don’t disturb you to rest.”

   Chen Fan immediately smiled like a spring breeze, and said: “The road is slippery on rainy nights. Be careful when you go back.”

   “I know, I know, don’t send it.” The bamboo rat king immediately left the bamboo house swaggeringly.

   The little white mouse squatted his mouth, and reluctantly followed.

   When all the rat spirits had left, Chen Fan shook his head slightly and gave a wry smile.

   Monsters don’t understand etiquette, do not distinguish between esteem and inferiority, do not know the heights of the sky, and only fear the strong and bully the weak.

   Chen Fan talked about Journey to the West in order to let them understand that there is a sky outside the sky, and there are monsters in the demon. You must learn to keep a low profile to live longer. But these guys only saw the monkey’s indispensability, but didn’t see the monkey’s humility when facing the real strong.

   “Well, I just talked about Fang Cunshan’s apprenticeship. When it comes to making troubles in the Heavenly Palace and being crushed under the Five Elements Mountain, these guys may understand that being a demon is too high-profile and will often die miserably, unless you have a big boss behind you…”

   Chen Fan shook his head, yawned, put away the bizhu stick and fell asleep.

   In the following days, all the mouse spirits seemed to find a spiritual sustenance during this long and boring rainy season, which is to listen to Chen Fan’s storytelling time every night.

   And the mice will always be happy and sad with the experience of the monkey, completely listening to the fans and substituting themselves into it, but ignoring Chen Fan’s good intentions.

   But the only thing that made Chen Fan pleased was that after listening to more books, the literary literacy of Bamboo Rat King was improved in a straight line.

   Then he changed the titles of himself, Xiaoyouyou and Chen Fan, and re-designated himself as the king of the move!

   This cargo finally has a little self-knowledge, and didn’t directly proclaim himself holy.

   Then he named Xiaoyouyou a Yufeng Dawang, which was quite appropriate.

   In the end, he wanted to change Chen Fan’s title, but Chen Fan immediately dismissed it, admonishing him to keep a low profile. If the title is too loud, it is easy to be unworthy of virtue and be jealous of God and bring disaster down.

   Bamboo Rat King heard it, and turned his head to seal him with a… King Swallow!

   and said: “You have such a big belly, as long as you swallow the sky, don’t you need to be afraid of the disaster?”

   This guy said so rationally, Chen Fan was speechless for a while, so he could only pinch his nose to acquiesce.

   Since then, the three demon kings of Cuizhulin have their own loud and domineering titles, but the prestige of the three demon kings is only known to a group of rats…

   Days passed, and almost half a month passed in a blink of an eye.

   The rainy season did not stop at all, but it was better than the previous years. As a result, the water level in the valley rose sharply and flooded everywhere.

   The fierce beast in the river took the opportunity to go ashore to make chaos, and then was trampled to death by those diplodocus…

   The Tyrannosaurus seemed to heal his wounds and reappeared again, but finally had some brains and stopped provoking Diplodocus. After eating the trampled beasts, he feasted and returned to the western forest.

   And the Journey to the West that Chen Fan said happened to be the twenty-seventh chapter: the three corpse demons play Tang Sanzang, the holy monk hates the Monkey King.

   After listening to this chapter, the rats all bit the stupid Tang Seng bitterly and complained for the monkey.

   The Bamboo Rat King yelled not to let it meet the Tang Seng, or else just swallow him.

   Chen Fan picked up a brick-sized wooden wake and carried it directly on his forehead, and all the rats immediately sat back to their positions, watching their noses and noses and minds, as well-behaved as three good students.

Since discovering that these rat spirits are difficult to change, Chen Fan has changed his strategy. After talking about a chapter every night, he asked the rats to express their opinions, and then corrected and guided them so that they would not be deceived by the appearance in the book. .

   But it was obvious that the Bamboo Rat King had listened to books for so many days, and he didn’t learn anything useful, which made Chen Fan very disappointed.

   “Do you know why I hit you?” Chen Fan snorted coldly.

The bamboo mouse king scratched his forehead, picked up Xingmu with a shy smile, and put it on the table, saying: “Old Xiong, you can do whatever you want. UU read and just throw things away. It’s nothing to hit me. It’s not good if you hit those flowers and plants.”

   Chen Fan twitched the corner of his mouth, his expression speechless.

In order to portray the four masters and apprentices of Journey to the West more vividly, Chen Fan borrowed some of the settings in Journey to the West instead of copying the original text of the ancient text. Therefore, the Tang Seng he described by his mouth is much more “cute” than the original text, at least not so tricky. People hate. But even so, Tang Seng’s popularity is always the bottom of the four masters and apprentices, and it is not as good as the white dragon horse with poor lines.

   Chen Fan said in a huff: “Have I told the story for half a month for nothing? You said, how many monsters who dared to fight Tang Seng’s idea ended well?”

   Bamboo Rat King scratched his head, unable to tell.

   Because in the story, the monsters who dared to fight Tang Seng’s idea are generally divided into two categories. Those with backgrounds are arrested and sent back to labor camps, and those without backgrounds are directly beaten to death with a stick.

   Chen Fan hummed: “So I really let you meet Tang Seng, how should you respond?”

   The bamboo rat king grinds his teeth and dared not say what he was thinking, he turned his head to look at the white rat. As soon as the white mouse’s eyeballs turned to his father, he replied: “Uncle Xiong, if we meet Tang Seng, will we have to serve him with delicious and delicious food, and then send him to the west?”

   There is nothing wrong with this, but it sounds a bit wrong.

Chen Fan twitched the corners of his mouth and warned: “Wrong! You all remember to me that a protagonist like Tang Seng who has great cause and effect, we must avoid as far as possible, and don’t have anything to do with him, otherwise Once we are calculated by the big guys in the sky, we don’t know how we died, understand?”

   The rats seemed to understand, but they nodded obediently.

   “Wow! Rumble!” A thunder suddenly flashed in the downpour outside the house!

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