Big Panda Boss

Chapter 31: Mixed star

   The thunder was a bit scary, and all the rats were so scared.

   Chen Fan saw that the rain was heavier outside the house, so he ordered: “Go back and rest early.”

   The rats all learned to write in the book and say goodbye.

   Then I saw the bamboo rat king pull a wooden board outside the bamboo shed, revealing a tunnel entrance and jumped down, and the rats followed and got in.

  Because the bamboo house is also close to the bamboo forest, after obtaining Chen Fan’s consent, the bamboo mouse king dug a secret road under the bamboo house that leads directly to the bamboo forest, so that he can go back every night after listening to the book.

   This can avoid the rain and make it easier for them to come by.

   sent away the mice, Chen Fan stood in front of the window and watched the thundering rainy night. He always felt a little restless. He seemed to sense that something was going to happen.

   But he doesn’t know how to divination, so he can’t tell what will happen.

   chanted a side of the scriptures in his heart for peace of mind, then turned back to bed and went to sleep.


   Tens of thousands of miles away, there is an island on a vast ocean.

   There is a mountain on this isolated island that looks like an Optimus Pillar, which leads from the bottom to the sky, but half of the mountain is covered by thick dark clouds.

   As if a sharp sword pierced through for nine days!

   At this moment, the dark clouds surrounding this isolated island are constantly turning, forming a circle of huge spiral clouds.

   The rolling thunder is like countless thunder snakes rolling in the clouds, scaring all sea beasts within a hundred miles to flee.

   Suddenly a thunder slammed on the top of the mountain peak of the isolated island, illuminating the entire island.

   If anyone is here, they will be horrified, because the peaks of this isolated island are actually covered with huge chains.

   Leiguang quickly passed along the chain, illuminating the countless golden talisman sticks on the chain in an instant.

   It seems that some of the talismans gradually lost their aura because they were too old, and finally disintegrated into a plume of smoke.

   As the golden talisman disappeared, the whole island suddenly shook.

   But the golden talisman still affixed to the chain was not ten thousand, and nine thousand. The golden light shining on the debut together directly suppressed the shaking island.

   A few days later, a flash of light came from the sky and fell on the beach to form a huge gossip array.

  The gossip array shined with strange light, gradually consolidating into several tall figures wearing gold and silver armor.

   When the gossip array disappeared, these figures immediately and uniformly posted a golden talisman to themselves, forming an egg-shaped aura barrier to protect the whole body.

The leader of the golden armor looked around like electricity, and the next group of soldiers wearing silver armor warned: “This realm is the Hunyuan Star, and the danger level on the Heavenly Court Observatory is listed as: 9th class fierce star! You must always maintain the aura barrier on your body, and do not breathe in the contaminated aura in this world, otherwise it will damage your soul, and at the worst, you will lose your cultivation and become mundane!”

   had already warned about the dangers of this world many times before he came, but the golden armored general could not help but warn again. After all, these silver armored heavenly soldiers are all mortal cultivators recruited from the lower realms. Every time they go out to perform tasks, various strange accidents will occur and cause death.

Fortunately, the celestial watchman will not really assign a dangerous mission of the 9th magnitude star to a group of rookies. Therefore, even if this mission is just a simple reconnaissance mission, one is also deployed from the observatory. Senior third-class celestial generals, as well as twelve veteran soldiers who have completed more than ten outstanding assessments.

   “Yes, General Ji!” The silver armoured heavenly soldiers agreed in unison, and then each offered their own weapons to guard the surroundings.

   Some of these heavenly soldiers are holding traditional flying swords and long swords, some are holding magic weapons and magic weapons, and some of them are carrying laser guns and electric cannons behind their backs…

   “Array, the gods travel thousands of miles!” The Golden Armored Heavenly Commander gave an order, and all the heavenly soldiers stood in their positions, and then under the leadership of the Golden Armored Heavenly General, they soared into the sky and flew quickly toward the depths of the sea.

   Before these celestial soldiers and celestial generals flew to the deep-sea island, they saw Jin Jiatian drew out a gossip mirror to illuminate the chain on the island, and soon discovered the missing talisman.

“Jot down, there are seventy-one missing seal golden charms on the Hunyuan Star Town Demon Monument.” Jin Jiatian stared at the feedback on the gossip mirror, and said in a deep voice: “After you go back, I will report to the Demon Palace. Re-refining the magic golden talisman to repair the seal here.”

“Yes!” The twelve silver armored heavenly soldiers immediately cast a spell to remember the matter in their souls. If they were unfortunately killed on the way home, the heavenly court would immediately feel it, and then please move the gods to resurrect, even if they remember after resurrection Some will be missing but the most important information will not be lost.

   After the exploration is completed, Jin Jiatian will draw out a round jade ring and inject divine power to send a return signal to the heaven.

   But after waiting for a long time for the signal to be sent, the heavenly court did not respond.

   Jin Jiatian’s face was solemn, but he didn’t panic, because he knew the dangers of this place before he came, and had made various plans, including naturally how to save himself if he lost contact.

Jin Jia Tian said in a deep voice: “Presumably the chaos has interfered with our connection with the heavenly court. I am afraid that we will have to wait until the end of the rainy season to contact the heavenly court and return to the immortal world. Now execute the third and fourth preplans, look for shelters and wait for answers or Return directly to the heavenly court through the teleportation formation in the shelter. I hope that the teleportation formation in this shelter will not be in disrepair…”

   The old heaven soldier Zhang Yuan who served as the deputy team asked: “General Is there a shelter set up by the heaven in this world?”

“Yes, it’s just relatively old, I hope it can still be used.” Jin Jiatian activated the flying formation, leading all the heavenly soldiers to fly and said: “Actually, this land was not called a Hunyuan Star before the One Yuan Hui, and it is not dangerous. The land, on the contrary, is a land of good fortune in the three thousand great worlds.

   It’s a pity that this world was broken for nine days due to the competition of various forces, which caused the chaos gas to infuse and make it a death star.

After   , although some saints made repairs, the leaked chaotic energy could not be completely eradicated and contaminated the spiritual energy. As a result, the realm could no longer be cultivated into the right way, and it became a breeding place for the celestial demons outside the territory.

   Under the demon suppression monument we just checked, an extraterritorial celestial demon is suppressed, and if it ran out, it would definitely be infinite disaster.

   And the place we are going now is actually the fairy garden established in this realm in Tiangong that year, a place for full-time recruitment of monks from the lower realm. “

   All heaven soldiers heard this immediately, because they all became glorious heaven soldiers through the recruitment of the fairy garden in their respective small world.

   Although he is a mortal, he can follow the gods to travel through the world to increase his knowledge, and he can also save the devil and defend the way to accumulate merits and increase the chance of crossing the catastrophe.

   So being able to become a heavenly soldier, but it is the most coveted thing for monks from all walks of life.

   But the fairy courts from all walks of life only recruit heavenly soldiers every 100 years, so in order to become heavenly soldiers, the lower realm monks often break their heads.

   Naturally, those who can win are all outstanding.

   “General Ji, did you feel it? There seem to be many monsters in this sea?” A heavenly soldier who is more sensitive to monsters suddenly spoke.

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