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Chapter 32: Demon Slayer Order

Hearing the reminder, the Golden Armor Heavenly General was very calm and said: “It’s normal. After all, this world has been restored by the saints to restore the growth of all things, but because the aura is mixed with the chaotic air, it is no longer suitable for us gods to absorb cultivation. On the contrary, it is suitable for those monsters who don’t have much brains. After all, those monsters don’t need much brains to cultivate.”

   “Ha ha ha.” All the heaven soldiers let out a knowing laugh, alleviating a lot of tension.

Jin Jiatian swept his gaze across the turbulent undercurrents under the sea, and continued: “But you also have to be careful. The monsters in this world have inhaled too much chaos, so it is extremely difficult to activate their spiritual wisdom, almost like wild beasts. Once we show weakness, we are very vulnerable to their attacks.”

   The heavenly soldiers nodded one after another, and quickly released their coercion.

   Another heavenly soldier asked curiously: “General Ji, have you ever seen the appearance of a heavenly demon outside the domain?”

   The golden armored general was silent for a moment, and said slowly: “I have seen, back then, I was ordered by the marshal to follow a celestial demon to destroy an extraterritorial celestial demon. As a result, only 21 of the more than 300 heavenly generals survived…”

   “Hiss!” All the heavenly soldiers gasped in amazement, and finally realized what terrible existence they had just visited.

   I knew that I had brought a few more photo jade bii, maybe it would be enough for them to brag for hundreds of years…

   “That’s right!” The Golden Armor Heavenly General suddenly reminded: “Although the extraterritorial heavenly monsters are powerful and terrifying, they are no different from ordinary monsters in the early stage of their birth. Once you find that you can kill these monsters as long as you work together and deal with them carefully.”

   Tianbing asked curiously: “General Ji, then how should we distinguish the difference between an extraterritorial celestial beast and an ordinary beast?”

   The Golden Armor Heavenly General said lightly: “There is no need to distinguish, because the heavenly court has already issued a demon-killing order. The monsters bred from dangerous places like Hunyuan Star, as long as they have activated their wisdom, they will be killed without mercy!”

All the heavenly soldiers looked at each other for a while, because although the monster beasts were barbarous and terrifying, their status in different realms was different, and because there were a large number of monsters in the heavenly court, the attitudes of the human races from all walks of life towards the monsters mostly adopted the policy of keeping away. The monsters do not take the initiative to invade the human race, and the human race generally does not provoke the monster beast.

   After all, if it is soaring in the future, but encounters a familiar demon as an official in the same court, it is okay if the two parties have no grievances and no enmity, it would be very embarrassing if it is an old enemy.

   Therefore, it is rare for all realms to have such a severe demon-killing order, unless there is a big demon’s brain that wants to create the heavenly court, the heavenly court will issue the demon-killing order. But generally, only the first evil is punishable and the accomplices are severely punished. As for the little demons, most of them are directly dispelled.

   The Golden Armor Heavenly General said: “Do you think the Heavenly Court is too harsh?”

   The heavenly soldiers did not dare to speak.

The Golden Armor Heavenly General smiled bitterly: “That’s because you didn’t know that an extraterritorial celestial demon pretending to be the demon race who had activated the wisdom escaped from Hunyuan Star and caused a great catastrophe involving several realms. That’s why the heavenly court was to end the troubles forever This decree was issued.”

   “That’s how it is.” All the heavenly soldiers were immediately stunned.

   “General Ji, if we encounter a beast that has enlightened intelligence, will there be merit rewards for killing it?” a heaven soldier asked with bright eyes.

“No.” Jin Jiatian wiped out his crooked brains and sneered: “If you want to gain merit, you can only do things that are beneficial to the heavens. Monster beasts are also all creatures protected by the heavens. You only need to follow the orders of the heavens to kill by mistake. , If you deliberately kill, not only will you not gain merit, but will also damage your yin virtue, and you will be targeted by some careful demon. So I advise you not to use these crooked brains, after all, for Hunyuan Xing’s demon-killing orders have been issued for nearly half of the Yuanhui, but have you ever seen any expert who deliberately came here to make merit?”

   “Thank you for the general’s teachings.” The heavenly soldier who had just spoken was scared into a cold sweat by his innocent thoughts, and quickly thanked him.

   “Just keep it in your heart.” Jin Jiatian said lightly: “People are looking at the sky. If you want to cultivate the right way, you should avoid those crooked paths.”

   “Yes!” All the heavenly soldiers prayed to Xie Tianjiang for his teaching.

   This is also one of the reasons why monks from all walks of life are fighting to break their heads and want to become heavenly soldiers. After all, you can’t get the personal teaching of a celestial general when you go to other places. This is a chance that no amount of effort can be exchanged.

   Jin Jiatian flew quickly, flying back to the coast in less than a quarter of an hour. Then he took out the gossip mirror and operated it, projecting a round of coordinate wheel similar to a navigator.

   The coordinate wheel turned slowly, and soon locked in one direction.

   “This direction.” Jin Jiatian held the gossip mirror in his hand and followed the coordinate roulette to speed up the flight, but he did not disturb the beasts on the ground.

   “Huh?!” Suddenly Jin Jiatian, who was leading the flight, stared in one direction and let out a whisper: “What a strong evil spirit!?”

   The deputy heaven soldier asked nervously, “General Ji, is it an extraterritorial demon?”

“Not sure, I will take a picture of it.” Jin Jiatian will stop flying and hover in mid-air, and from his waist bag he draws out a shining fairy mirror, which is facing a demon-like atmosphere thousands of miles away. The place was photographed in the past.

   Soon I saw a flash of light on the demon mirror, projecting a body of more than ten feet, with a long and sharp head, UU reading www. A black giant python.

   This giant python is nestling in a miasma-filled swamp, swallowing aura, huge snake body is covered with scars, and the wounds in some places even have deep bones.

   is obviously a badly injured monster!

   “Hiss!!!” All the heavenly soldiers took a breath of air when they looked at it. Although they were often dispatched to various circles to perform demon removal tasks, they had never seen such a terrible monster.

   The well-informed Golden Armored Heavenly General was very calm, but he was slightly surprised and said: “It turned out to be a black chick who is about to turn into a flood. It seems that he has just fought with other big monsters and has suffered a lot.”

All the heavenly soldiers listened to the golden light, this demon snake may not be worth much to the golden armored heavenly general, but it is a windfall for them, if it can kill even if everyone is evenly divided, it will be enough to cost several years of cultivation. The capital.

   “General Ji, do we want to get rid of this demon snake?” A heavenly soldier eagerly asked immediately.

   “Don’t hurry.” Jin Jiatian said with veteran experience: “Take a look at its heels and feet first.”

   Jin Jiatian will once again urge the demon mirror to reflect a round of strange light, and the black chick demon in the mirror immediately showed a strong green air like a flame.

   This green aura is a demon, and the stronger it is, the deeper the Taoism.

   But what the Golden Armored Heavenly Admiral looks at is not how high the demon snake’s Taoism is, but to see if there is any ‘gray energy’ on the demon snake. If it is strong gray, it will almost always be transformed by an extraterritorial demon.

“Well, the demon is pure and not mixed. This demon knows how to purify the aura and eliminate the erosion of the chaotic aura. It is really rare. It is estimated that the strength will be improved after the injury is recovered, and the flood is expected. It is a pity that the Hunyuan star has been The dragon gate is sealed, and if the demon wants to transform the dragon in the future, it may be hopeless for life.” The Jin Jiatian general shook his head and said regretfully: “No matter how much we do, we don’t kill evil and save it a life.”

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