Big Panda Boss

Chapter 33: Virtual kun

   All the heavenly soldiers heard that the heaven would say that they would spare the demon snake’s life, and couldn’t help feeling disappointed, but they didn’t dare to say anything.

Jin Jiatian will once again lead all the heavenly soldiers to continue on their way, and at the same time warn: “This **** knows what you are trying to do, and I am not preventing you from making money. But don’t forget where we are now. This is a nine-class fierce star, even if it is. This **** cannot guarantee that he can return to the heavenly court safely, so it is better to do more than less. As long as you can complete the task safely, the heavenly court will have your reward.”

   “Thank you for the general’s teachings.” No matter what they think in their minds, all the heavenly soldiers appear to be humbly taught.

   Jin Jia Tianjiang nodded slightly, feeling that these old rookies are finally better than those new rookies, and they won’t be fascinated by the little profit in front of them…

   “Ang~~~~~~~~~~” Suddenly a long chant came down from Nine Heavens.

   Jin Jia Tianjiang’s face changed violently, and without a word, he led all the heavenly soldiers to dive directly into the ground at high speed.

   “Earth Walk Technique!” As if entering the water from a high altitude, all the heavenly soldiers plunged into the ground with a thud, and went directly into the ground with a breath.

   “God hidden golden talisman!” Jin Jiatian didn’t care about his heartache, and took out a very light golden talisman to urge the crowd to send out a mist.

   All the heavenly soldiers did not dare to breathe for a moment, although they all looked confused and didn’t know what happened…

  Only the Golden Armor Heaven General turned pale, as if he had encountered something terrifying.

   Above the sky.

   A phantom that stretched for hundreds of thousands of miles slowly crossed the sky, and then disappeared into the void.

   Three days later, Jin Jiatian led all the heavenly soldiers carefully to drill out of the ground, confirming that the thing had already gone, and let out a long sigh of relief.

   “General? What is that?” Although the heavenly soldiers didn’t know what they had just passed by, they were also very scared by the heavenly general who was like a great enemy.

Jin Jiatian looked up at the sky and slowly said: “Presumably you also know that there are nine layers of heaven in the three thousand worlds. Mortals can only survive in the three layers of days. There are winds outside the three layers of heaven but no oxygen. If you are not a god, you can’t go deep. And every time you increase the danger level of a layer of heaven It will also rise in a straight line, and what just flew over our heads is the virtual kun that inhabits outside the seventh heaven!”

   “Void Kun?!!!” The heavenly soldiers took a breath, and they did not expect to encounter such ancient beasts that only exist in legends in this world.

Jin Jiatian led all the heavenly soldiers on the way, and sighed as he flew: “Because the Hunyuan Star was once broken into the Nine Heavens, which caused the Qi of Chaos to leak, there are often all kinds of ancient demon beasts outside the Seventh Heaven. Even the Golden Immortal God did not dare to easily go deep. It is even more rumored that the cracks in the Nine Heavens were not completely closed, so the eighth and ninth heavens might even be entrenched by the great demon from outside the territories. If you come here again in the future, be sure Don’t fly too high.”

   All the heavenly soldiers were embarrassed when they heard it, and they said that there was no future, and they would not dare to come again for this kind of ghost place.

   Fortunately, the next journey was without surprises, and after flying over tens of thousands of miles, Jin Jiatian made a beep from the navigation wheel in his hand.

   “It’s finally here.” Jin Jiatian will stop the team and look at a white cloud ahead.

   The heavenly soldiers were also agitated. After all, they could finally leave this ghost place. They didn’t want to stay here for a moment.

   The Golden Armor Heavenly General stared at the white clouds for a moment, and said with satisfaction: “The fairyland is still operating normally, it seems that the facilities inside have not been damaged.”

   Jin Jiatian will stretch out his hand to shoot a golden light straight into the sky, a moment later a golden light gate emerges out of thin air. In the door, there are islands floating in the sky, fairy clouds, pavilions, towers and pavilions, like a fairyland.

   Jin Jiatian will immediately lead everyone into the golden light gate and fly over the many floating islands for observation, and soon found the Tongtian Temple in the dry position.

   This hall is the main hall of the Xian Ting of the Lower Realm and the Heavenly Court of the Upper Realm. There are three large and small gossip transmission arrays in the hall. The large teleportation array can transmit hundreds of heavenly soldiers and generals at a time, and the small teleportation array can transmit ten people at a time.

   Jin Jiatian brought a group of heavenly soldiers to the gate of Tongtian Hall, and the whole palace was over ten feet high and one hundred feet wide. In fact, there is the universe within, spanning ten miles from left to right.

   After all, the teleportation arrays are easily interfered with each other, so they can only be separated far away.

   The Golden Armor Heaven General stood in front of the temple gate, took out a golden waist badge and stuck it on the door, and immediately two three-foot-high door **** projections appeared on the gate. They carefully scanned the Golden Armor Heaven General, confirming that it was the heavenly righteous god, and took the initiative to open the temple door.

   “Let’s go in.” Jin Jiatian stepped into the temple as if traversing a layer of veil and came to the other world.

   I can see that the stars in the Tongtian Temple are the cover, the mountains and the rivers are the ground, and the feet are moving while standing on the auspicious clouds.

   The Golden Armored Heavenly General had already seen no surprises, and he drove straight to a small teleportation formation. After all, the observatory on the Heavenly Court is much more spectacular and more advanced than this, and the setting here is, how to say, an old antique before the Yuanhui.

   Jin Jiatian will soon find a small teleportation formation, but finds that the energy spirit stone on the formation has long been removed. UU reading www. doesn’t need to check the other teleportation arrays, I’m afraid the same.

   Jin Jiatian had already expected this, after all, this fairy garden had abandoned the one yuan meeting.

“It seems that we need to inject aura manually to activate this teleportation formation.” Jin Jiatian circled the teleportation formation and said with a chuckle: “Fortunately, this teleportation formation is not too old. This type of transmission array is often used. It’s just not as smooth as the current new type of transmission array, and there may be some bumps in the transmission process.”

   All the heavenly soldiers felt that the bumps did not matter, as long as they could be sent back intact.

Jin Jiatian fiddled with the teleportation formation for a while, but he said with a deep eyebrow: “This teleportation formation hasn’t been activated for a long time. It takes a while to activate. In addition, this is an old type of teleportation formation. Otherwise, it is very easy to cause positioning coordinate errors. You should take a rest nearby and be alert.”

   “Yes, General.” All the heavenly soldiers agreed and dispersed to guard the surroundings.

   After a while, the aura that was visible to the naked eye converged, and continuously injected into the teleportation array under the focused guidance of the Golden Armored Heaven General, lighting up the runes that had been sealed for a long time.

   The rune array on the teleportation array is like a round watch of heaven and earth, but there are endless changes.

   Jin Jiatian will recall the coordinate formula that is about to be forgotten, while shifting the dozens of runes that need to be used to the coordinate position, and then wait for enough aura to activate the teleportation array and directly teleport them back to the heaven.

   “General.” Suddenly a heavenly soldier whispered: “Look outside the hall, this fairyland illusion seems to be disappearing!”

   “What?!” Jin Jiatian’s expression changed, and he immediately looked back and saw that the illusion that enveloped the fairy garden was gradually dissipating.

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