Big Panda Boss

Chapter 34: Falling star

   “General, what’s going on?” All the heavenly soldiers gathered at the entrance of the hall.

   Jin Jia Tianjiang Xin said that I also want to know what’s going on, this illusion has been running unharmed for a dollar, why didn’t it dissipate early and late, but they dissipated as soon as their front feet landed?

   I want to say that there is nothing tricky in it, and I don’t believe it if I kill him!

   “Be alert!” Jin Jiatian said in a condensed voice: “The teleportation array will be activated immediately, and there must be no interference!”

   “Understand!” All the heavenly soldiers also understood that they must protect the teleportation array if they wanted to leave this ghost place alive, so they immediately lined up in the palace gate.

   Jin Jiatian will continue to stare at the teleportation array, and find that with the infusion of aura, those runes have been illuminated for more than half.

   “General, there is a demon spirit!” The Celestial soldier who was very sensitive to demon spirit exclaimed and reminded.

   The Golden Armor Heavenly General suddenly turned his head and saw a black wind rolling in from the horizon.

“It’s the spiritual energy gathered by the teleportation array that attracted this monster!” The Golden Armor Heavenly Commander sternly ordered: “Everyone listens to the order, this **** allows you to execute the demon-killing order No. 109887 of the Heavenly Court! Anyone who sees the demon with the spirit wisdom in this world All beasts will be killed without mercy!”

   “Yes!” All the heavenly soldiers agreed in unison.

   “Hmm!!!” I saw the demon wind showing a giant eagle with a wingspan of 100 meters.

   The golden armor heaven will throw a photo of the demon mirror, and see the green flame and demon energy on the demon eagle boil, but it is stained with a lot of dust.

   “This demon has inhaled too much chaos, has lost his intelligence, kill!” The Jin Jia Tian general gave an order, and two heaven soldiers carrying laser guns and electric light cannons fired first.

   The dense barrage instantly shredded the wings of the demon eagle, and fell to the clouds with a mournful cry.

   “Cut!” A heavenly soldier followed the mending knife, threw the magic weapon flying sword in his hand, and cut off the head of the demon eagle with a single sword.

   “Destroy!” Another heavenly soldier held a mouthful of Baoding and irradiated an incense smoke, which directly blew out the demon’s three souls and seven souls, and even his bones were burned into ashes.

   All the heavenly soldiers looked at the Juding Heavenly Soldier together, the heavenly soldier looked embarrassed and said: “I’m sorry, I’m too nervous, I didn’t control it well.”

   Everyone was speechless, how big the Demon Eagle was, it would definitely sell for a good price when it was taken back, but it was burnt to ashes. If it wasn’t for business matters, they would definitely beat the pig teammate first.

   “Here again, don’t be distracted.” Jin Jiatian reminded him while running his divine power to speed up and inject aura into the teleportation array.

   In fact, there is no need to remind the heavenly generals, all the heavenly soldiers have already seen it, and they all groaned.

   I saw a group of flying centipedes with a length of one hundred and eighty feet, each of which was the size of a train.

   As soon as these flying centipedes entered the attack range of the heavenly soldiers, they all showed their magical powers to attack.

   And the flying centipede immediately thought of the color, and spit out poisonous fog to cover the sky and the sun.

   For a time, all around Xian Ting was full of various magical brilliance, shining non-stop.

   More than a dozen heavenly soldiers immediately fell into a bitter battle, and they could only defend by the gate of the temple.

   Fortunately, although this fairy garden has been abandoned for a long time, the various protective prohibitions are still complete.

   In order to avoid the attack, several flying centipedes hit the restriction and were burnt to ashes.

   The movement produced by the fierce fighting technique attracted more monsters.

   “Hold on for a moment, and the teleportation array will be activated immediately!” Jin Jiatian said in a deep voice with sweat on his forehead. In order to urge the teleportation formation to be activated as soon as possible, he had already consumed his divine power. And every day when the soldiers’ defense line was about to collapse, he would give a helping hand, which intensified his divine power consumption.

   But what is even more terrible is that this world is full of chaotic air, which means that these heavenly soldiers and generals cannot absorb the aura of this world to make up for their own consumption.

   The heavenly soldiers will soon run out of true energy and can only take medicine to support them.

   The line of defense immediately appeared flawed, and a beast resembling a manta ray took the opportunity to jump into the battlefield and attack the exhausted heavenly soldier. Zhang Yuan, the deputy team, immediately pushed the exhausted Heavenly Soldier away, but he was stabbed in the chest by the monster tail and pulled him out of the palace.


   “Vice team!!!”

   “Zhang Yuan!!!”

The tragic death of    comrades immediately spurred a group of heavenly soldiers. Several of them immediately used their magical powers at the bottom of the pressure box to attack the manta ray, and instantly exploded the beast.

   But the heavenly soldiers who were dragged out of the temple have also fallen into the sea of ​​clouds, probably dead forever.

   The remaining heavenly soldiers are full of grief and anger.

   At this time, only the last three runes were lighted up, and the Golden Armor Heavenly General took a look at the teleportation formation and immediately turned and raised his sword to join the battle.

  The gap between gods and vanities is like a chasm. The Golden Armored Heavenly General just cut out with a single sword, causing dozens of great monsters to fly into ashes and annihilate them instantly, scaring other monsters to retreat even more.

   “Retreat!” Jin Jiatian said sharply: “The teleportation array will be activated soon.”

   “General Ji, the deputy team has fallen!”

   “Retreat!!!” Jin Jiatian said coldly: “Zhang Yuan won’t die in vain, Heaven will bring him back to life.”

   The heavenly soldiers were grief and speechless but helpless, because each resurrection had to pay a great price, ranging from the loss of the cultivation base and falling to the realm, while in the worst case, it might hurt the origin and lead to hopelessness.

“Don’t worry.” After all, Jin Jiatian general is a person who has seen countless lives and deaths. He comforted in a deep voice: “Zhang Yuan sacrificed himself to save Heavenly Court will share more merits and save him. Repair base.”

   All the heavenly soldiers finally felt better when they heard this, and they retreated to the teleportation formation.

   At this time, the teleportation array has finally completed its charge and restarted.

   Jin Jiatian will immediately control the teleportation formation to send away all the heavenly soldiers, and then escape the world by walking on the last one.

   All the monster beasts lost their target, and they dispersed the whole fairy court after a disaster.


   “Yawn, thunder has been constantly thundering this night, so let people not sleep?” Chen Fan turned over and covered his ears and continued to sleep, when suddenly he was banged on the door of the room.

   “Who is it?” Chen Fan answered in an angry tone.

   “Uncle Bear is me!” The mouse’s excited voice sounded outside the house: “Uncle Bear, open the door, I just saw a star falling.”

   “Don’t make trouble.” Chen Fan said silently: “This night, it is thunder and rain, it is impossible to see the meteor.”

   “It’s true, Uncle Xiong.” The mouse pushed open the window and got in, jumping and jumping: “The star falls on the other side of the river valley. I see it really.”

   Chen Fan lay on the bed and said with a dead body: “Then have you made a wish?”

   The white mouse scratched his head and said: “I was so excited to see the stars falling just now, so I forgot. Uncle Xiong, let’s go pick the stars!”

   “Not in a hurry.” Chen Fan said weakly, “It won’t be too late until dawn. The star will fall and you won’t be able to run long legs.”

   Little White Mouse curled his lips and saw that Uncle Xiong had no intention of getting up, so he hummed, “You don’t want to pull it down, I will go by myself, and when the time comes, I will pick up the stars and envy you.” After speaking, he got out of the window.

   “Thunder at night, remember not to hide under the tree.” Chen Fan turned over and continued to sleep.


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