Big Panda Boss

Chapter 35: Aliens and monsters (part 1)

   Early the next morning, there was still a drizzle in the sky.

   Chen Fan yawned and got up and took off the hat hanging on the wall. He opened the door and went outside to breathe a breath of fresh air. Then, as usual, he applied wave fertilizer to the flowers in the flowerbed.

After fertilizing, Chen Fan was about to turn around and go back to the house when he saw the mouse running over, shouting as he ran: “Uncle Xiong, I picked up the stars, but they are completely different from what I expected. Go and help me. See if the stars all look that way.”

   Chen Fan could not laugh or cry: “What is so beautiful about a broken stone.”

   “Stone?” Little Gem said blankly: “What I picked up was not a stone, it was a living thing, but it was dying.”

   “Alive?!” Chen Fan was stunned: “Are you sure what you picked up fell from the sky?”

   “OK!” The white mouse said confidently: “Because I have never seen that thing.”

   “That line, take me to see.” Chen Fan came to curiosity, and followed the mouse to the bamboo forest, and then went into a hole to go deep into the den of the bamboo rats.

   This nest cave extends in all directions, just like an ant nest. It is very likely that Chen Fan will get lost if he goes deep into it rashly, but it is not the first time that Chen Fan has come. He followed the mouse to its nest.

   I saw that the huge lair of the white mouse was filled with all kinds of sparkling things. Before entering, you should squint to avoid being dazzled.

   “Uncle Xiong, that thing is the star I picked up.” The mouse pointed to the corner and said.

   Chen Fan squinted his eyes and walked over to take a look. He was stunned, and then squatted down and checked.

   “Uncle Xiong, is this star still saved?” The white mouse asked leaning forward.

   Chen Fan condensed his eyebrows: “He is not a star, but a human being.”

   “Humans?!!!” The mouse said in shock: “Uncle Xiong is the same kind of Tang monk in the book?”

   “Uh, yes.” Chen Fan carefully uncovered the damaged armor on the person’s body, and found that the chest was pierced and he was poisoned.

   The little white mouse’s eyes glowed green and said: “Uncle Xiong, can we live forever if we eat him?”

Chen Fan said with embarrassment: “What are you thinking about when you listen to the book? Only by eating the Tang monk can you live forever, eat ordinary humans without the supplements of dinosaurs. Moreover, human meat is not tasty at all, and it is bitter and bitter. It’s sour, and it also carries various terrible infectious diseases. If you eat too much, you will have diarrhea and pain.

   The mouse was frightened by Chen Fan’s flicker, and said in horror: “Uncle Xiong, then you can drag this guy away, I don’t dare to touch him again.”

   At this time, Chen Fan had already stripped off the person, and then fed him Zhu Yeqing to hang on to his life, and then directly carried him back to the bamboo house.


   Zhang Yuan felt that he had had a very strange dream. He was obviously dead but the ecstasy messenger of the underworld came to look for him. Instead, a strange bear spirit came and carried him away. Then I was like meat on a chopping board. I was stripped clean, then scrubbed back and forth, and then forcibly poured into some kind of irritating marinade, and finally pricked with a needle on my body by the opponent Easy to taste…

   Then Zhang Yuan was scared awake!

   “Uh! Cough, cough, cough!” Zhang Yuan kept coughing, feeling a splitting headache. As a result, he coughed too violently and pulled to the wound on his chest, causing cold sweat on his painful forehead.

   When the pain faded away, Zhang Yuan took a long breath, then opened his eyes and looked at the surrounding environment.

   A simple bamboo house with some animal skins and hunting tools hanging on the wall.

   looks like a mortal hut, but the furnishings are very generous, as if they were made for giants.

   “Am I still alive? It seems that I was rescued by the owner here.” Zhang Yuan sighed in relief, cleared the nightmare from the coma out of his mind, and then carefully sensed the injuries on his body.

   The heart pulse is damaged, unable to mobilize true qi.

   The most terrible thing is that the Dantian Qihai is corroded by the Qi of Chaos. Whether it can keep the cultivation base or not, it’s good not to degenerate into a demon.

   Zhang Yuan gave a wry smile, and said that he might as well just die, and at least he could bring him back to life.

   Suddenly heavy footsteps came from outside the house, Zhang Yuan immediately squinted and stared at the door, trying to see who saved him, and he was even more curious about who could escape the world in such a dangerous place.

   The door was pushed open with a creak, and a tall black figure squeezed in from outside.

  Because of the backlight, Zhang Yuan didn’t see the other party’s appearance for a while, he heard a gentle voice: “Are you awake? Drink some honey water, it will help you recover from your injury.”

   “Thank you, did your Excellency save me?” Zhang Yuan tried to prop up his body, but found that he couldn’t lift his energy all over, so he could only lie down on the bed.

   “It wasn’t me, it was my niece who saved you.”

   “Oh, thank your niece for me, then.” Zhang Yuan couldn’t help but think of a storyteller’s favorite rambling dog-blood story: It is rare for a master to save a good and beautiful village girl, and then the two fell in love…

“Wait when you get better, thank it, come, and drink the honey first.” Sombra walked to the bed, Zhang Yuan’s eyes suddenly widened, and his face full of horror was about to arouse his true energy, but he hit the wound. , Twitching painfully again. UU reading

   Chen Fan shook his head speechlessly, stretched out his paw to pinch his mouth, and poured a bowl of honey water into his mouth just like feeding a duck.

   Zhang Yuan felt as if the nightmare had reappeared, and was almost scared to pee.

“Don’t move, I will sew the wound for you. If it collapses, you have to sew it again.” Chen Fan pushed him back on the bed, then put the bowl on the table and said, “Besides, you can rest assured that I don’t eat human flesh. .”

   Zhang Yuan suddenly felt even more worried…

   Chen Fan turned around and glanced at him, and said, “If I really want to eat you, I won’t bother to save you back.”

   Zhang Yuan was right, but couldn’t help asking: “What kind of monster are you? Why are you here?”

   Chen Fan said lightly: “I’m just an ordinary bear spirit, I have grown up here since I was a child. On the contrary, it is you, why did you fall from the sky?”

   Zhang Yuan was silent for a moment, and decided to move out of the backstage and shake the other party.

   “Actually, I am a third-class heavenly soldier. I was ordered to come here to perform a classified mission. If I can’t get in touch with the heavenly court in time, they will send someone to find me.”

   Chen Fan stepped forward and pressed his forehead to feel it, and said with a puzzled look: “It’s not hot, how can you talk nonsense?”

   Zhang Yuanzao flushed, and said in shame: “What I’m telling is the truth. If you don’t believe me, you can look at my waist card. I’m really a heavenly soldier, cough cough cough!”

   “Hmm, I believe, you should take a good rest first.” Chen Fan said perfunctorily, then shook his head and left the bamboo house.

   Zhang Yuan was desperate, and his heart said I would die…

  Actually, Chen Fan had half believed what Zhang Yuan said. After all, he found the celestial soldier’s waist card when he was picking up his equipment last night. The props he thought they were at the time were actually genuine!

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