Big Panda Boss

Chapter 36: Aliens and monsters (part 2)

   It turns out that there are gods in this world!

   But the gods are so weak, they look like a female gun…

   Chen Fan played with the Celestial Soldier’s waist card, took out a bamboo leaf and threw it into his mouth to chew. The cool air rushed straight into his forehead, making his thinking a little more active, and naturally he could think more profoundly.

   It seems that my low-key before is still very foresight.

   I saved this heavenly soldier this time, I wonder if there is any cause and effect involved?

   Otherwise, just in case, I should just dig a hole and bury it.

   Well, there are still dead bodies buried. If you don’t burn it, and then lift the ashes, you don’t have to worry about sending someone to investigate it.

   However, all gods have powerful magical powers. If you don’t keep the gods, they have the ability to look back time…

   “Oh, trouble!” Chen Fan scratched his head dejectedly, annoyed that the mouse had picked up a hot potato for him.

   “Cough cough cough.” There was a movement in the house.

   Chen Fan sighed, got up and left the chair and pushed the door into the room. He saw that the heavenly soldier had already sat up and was reaching out to raise his bowl. As a result, he coughed straight from the wound.

   Seeing Chen Fan and hearing movement come in, Zhang Yuan said with a smile: “I’m a little thirsty.”

   “Wait.” Chen Fan turned to give him a bowl of water, and dripped a drop of wine into it.

   Zhang Yuan drank a few sips, and the hot heart pulse immediately cooled down a lot.

   “Thank you.”

   “I’m not afraid I ate you?”

   “Ahem, your Excellency is not joking. I haven’t thanked your Excellency for your help.”

   “Uncle Xiong! Uncle Xiong!” Suddenly, a crisp voice came from a distance.

   Chen Fan said, “My niece is here. If you want to, thank it.”

   When Zhang Yuan heard the voice, he felt as if he saw a lovely girl jumping up and down, and he couldn’t help but think of the storytellers’ favorite plot…

   “Uncle Bear!” A white shadow rushed in and said angrily: “You lie to me! Human flesh must be delicious!”

   “Cough cough cough cough!” Zhang Yuan coughed, and went to the special storyteller. As expected, the stories are all deceptive!

   Chen Fan said silently: “How did I lie to you?”

   Little White Mouse hummed: “You told me that the monsters in those stories like to eat humans the most. If human flesh is not good, how can those monsters think about eating human flesh every day?”

   Chen Fan couldn’t refute what he said.

   Zhang Yuan, lying on the bed, couldn’t help but shiver, bemoaning why his life was so bitter? Might as well die directly on the battlefield.

   Chen Fan thought for a while and asked, “Then let me ask you, what happened to the monsters that have eaten people?”

   “Uh…” The mouse was speechless immediately.

   Chen Fan touched its little head, and warned with earnest words: “It is indeed the rule of heaven that things compete for natural selection, and the weak eat the strong. But all things have spirits, we cannot indulge ourselves for the sake of appetite.”

   The white mouse scratched his head seemingly understanding, but Zhang Yuan, who was lying on the bed, looked surprised. It was unbelievable that such a great truth would come out of a monster.

   Chen Fan saw that the white mouse didn’t understand it, so he drew an analogy: “Do you know that the top three in the bear clan’s recipe is your rodent clan? But have you ever seen Uncle Bear and I have eaten you?”

   ;°ロ°)!!!” The mouse was shocked: “Uncle Xiong, would you still eat our rat clan?”

Chen Fan laughed and said: “Is there anything weird about this? The snakes, the eagles, and even the carnivorous dinosaurs often hunt rats for food. But animal hunting is different from simply satisfying the appetite. They are for food. Live.”

   Little White Mouse scratched his head straight when he heard it, and felt that what Uncle Xiong said was too profound, and he didn’t understand it! I dont understand!

   “Then Uncle Xiong, why don’t you eat our rat clan now?” The mouse still cares more about this, after all, it is the closest to Chen Fan in the entire bamboo rat group.

“Who said I won’t eat anymore?” Chen Fan made a half joke, scared the white mouse to pale, and listened to him with a smile: “But Uncle Xiong, I know what can be eaten and what can’t be eaten. Just like you Uncle Xiong has never eaten these little guys.”

   “Why?” The mouse thinks this question is very important and must be asked clearly.

“Because you have opened up your mind and wisdom, you are no longer pure animals.” Chen Fan said in a persuasive way: “We can prey on animals to maintain the most basic needs of life, because this is natural selection. But if we are already full. If you have a stomach, you deliberately hunt for spiritual things for food. It is bound to be intolerable by heaven and will be spurned by all things. Such guys are generally called’devil’!”

“Yes, cough cough cough cough.” Zhang Yuan lying on the bed couldn’t help but exclaimed: “What your Excellency said implied the great principle, and I benefited a lot from listening to your words. In the past, many doubts were also cleared. The real difference. Please accept the next prayer.”

   “You should lie down honestly.” In fact, what Chen Fan said just now was also for the heavenly soldier, one to dispel his vigilance, and the other to promote the relationship. After all, this person has a special identity, and he can’t kill him, so he can only do a good relationship and ask for more information.

   “Yeah!!!” The mouse only noticed Zhang and asked in amazement: “Uncle Xiong, did you really save this star?”

   Zhang Yuan’s face was suddenly covered with black lines, and he defended: “I am not a gorilla, I am a human.”

   “I know you are a human.” The mouse subconsciously licked the corner of his mouth and said, “But you fell from the sky.”

   Zhang Yuan was left speechless by the strange brain circuits of the mice.

   “Those who fell from the sky may also be aliens.” Chen Fan came forward and said roundly: “Okay, let’s go out first, don’t disturb others to rest.”

Suddenly, an excited voice came: “Old bear, old bear, this king heard that you have picked up a human being. Shall we celebrate at a barbecue party at night? This king has long wanted to taste it. What does human flesh taste like.”

   Zhang Yuan lay back on the bed with a gray face: “Why is my life so terrible…”

   Chen Fan shook his head and let out a laugh, it seemed that he would have to spend more time talking.

   At night, a lively barbecue meeting was launched in front of the bamboo house.

   Of course the grilled meat is dinosaur meat.

   As a high-level monk, Zhang Yuan has nothing to say about his physical fitness. After lying down for a day, he can already walk on the ground. So as a special guest, he attended the barbecue meeting organized by the monsters, but he actually refused it in his heart. What if these monsters were not full and roasted him?

   But people had to bow their heads under the eaves, and Zhang Yuan could only participate with a bitter expression.


   “Hmm!!! This dinosaur meat is so fragrant!”

   “Wow!! What kind of wine is this? It’s more exciting than Tianting Immortal Brew!”

   “Come on, Brother Xiong, Brother Mouse, and brother. Let’s not say anything that is hypocritical. From now on we will be like a family.”

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