Big Panda Boss

Chapter 37: New neighbor

   Zhang Yuan lived in the bamboo forest for more than half a month, and finally healed his injuries. But because of hurting his heart, his cultivation base fell sharply, and he fell directly from the original combined realm to the Yuan Ying realm. Even because of the erosion of the Chaos Qi, his Nascent Soul almost failed to keep.

   Anyway, the number training has passed.

But Zhang Yuan didn’t want to die, after all, after working for the Heavenly Court for more than three hundred years, he still saved some wealth. As long as he can go back and rely on his accumulated wealth, he can invite a **** to heal and recover. Repair for.

   The only difficulty is the erosion of chaos.

   This is something that even Daluo Jinxian can’t do anything about, otherwise Hunyuan Xing would not be listed as a ninth-level fierce star.

   So Zhang Yuan knew very well that he might be hopeless to become a fairy.

   Then he simply broke the jar and played with a bunch of monsters.

   After all, it is better to die than to live, and after half a month of getting along, he actually enjoyed the happy life like a fairy.

   The three bamboo chairs slid out, Chen Fan lay in the middle, Bamboo Rat King and Zhang Yuan lay on one side each, each with a glass of wine in his hand, and there was a bamboo leaf on his forehead basking in the sun.

   How comfortable, how easy it is to be a fairy.

   “Brother Zhang Yuan.”

   “Eh, something is wrong with Brother Xiong?” Zhang Yuan thought there was something serious when he heard Chen Fan calling himself. After half a month of getting along with each other, he had a rough judgment on this bear spirit. In summary, it was four words, delicious…Great wisdom is like foolishness.

   Inadvertent conversations will always reveal some great truths, and understanding can make people feel awkward. If you don’t understand, you think it is alarmist.

  Moreover, this Xiong Jing can tell stories and books. Although they are all outdated and old stories, they are so witty that even he is fascinated by them.

   In short, it’s not like a normal monster.

   After all, he had never seen any monster of the Buddha system, and how leisurely he spent every day, as if he could see through the world that Hong Chen had reached a state of incompetence. However, he was full of curiosity about the outside world, and he often asked him about the stories of the gods and ghosts. He was simply a monster full of contradictions.

   “Can you fly?”

   Some of this question caught Zhang Yuan off guard. He coughed a few times and laughed, “I used to fly, but now I’m hurt, so I don’t fly too high.”

   Chen Fan turned his head, his eyes gleaming and said: “Then can you teach me?”

   “Uh…Yes.” Zhang Yuan hesitated and nodded, but then asked: “By the way, I don’t know what Xiong Xiong’s cultivation level is, but is it in the transformation stage?”

   Generally speaking, the division of demon cultivators and human monks is similar, and they are divided into three small realms among the seven realms.

   From the agile period of the early demon cultivating the spiritual wisdom to the condensed pill period, it corresponds to the foundation of the human monk to the golden core state, and then there are differences.

   Human race monks are pill-forming infants, while demon cultivators are pill-forming infants. The former is equivalent to one more life and one more clone, while the latter focuses on self-change and achieves a reborn state.

Generally speaking, a demon can transform into a human form when it reaches the transformation stage, but often due to insufficient cultivation, the changed human form often has animal characteristics, such as wearing a furry head, or multiple tails and animal ears. such as.

   Of course, there is also the kind of existence that does not transform the human form, but directly builds the road with the beast body. However, this kind of demon cultivation is generally a prehistoric beast of the ancient times. After all, since Nuwa pinched a person, the human form is the innate body appointed by the heaven and the most suitable for cultivation and enlightenment. Therefore, monsters generally change their body to human-shaped structure during the transformation stage, so that they can better conform to the heavens and absorb the aura.

   Because Chen Fan’s words and deeds are almost the same as human beings, Zhang Yuan regarded him as a monster in the transformation period.

   Chen Fan scratched his head, and said, “I don’t know what realm I am. After all, I used to think about it.”

In fact, he has never practiced systematically like in Xianxia novels. The most he gets up every day is to practice radio gymnastics or do Tai Chi as many times as he likes, and then he sunbathes and considers what to eat at noon and what to eat at night. , What can you eat tomorrow…

   Zhang Yuan was embarrassed when he heard the words, and then asked: “Then Brother Xiong is in his belly?”

   It is actually a taboo thing to ask people about the realm of cultivation, but fortunately, Chen Fan is a demon, and he is not so particular about it. Besides, because everyone is getting along well, Zhang Yuan dare to ask. If you change to another big demon, how dare you ask the other party, it is estimated that he will slap him directly.

   “Condensation pill in the belly?” Chen Fan rubbed his round belly, and said to his heart that there is no pill, can it be considered a stick?

   “Isn’t it condensed?” Zhang Yuan was amazed, because Chen Fan felt unfathomable to him. It didn’t make sense even the condensed period was not.

   “I have! I have!” The bamboo mouse king beside him said excitedly: “I have a bead in my stomach, is it condensed pill?” He was about to vomit!

   “Don’t!” Chen Fan covered his mouth and warned severely: “You have to vomit and wait until I get away!” After speaking, he jumped up and left…

   Zhang Yuan’s face was wrong, and when he turned his head, he saw the bamboo rat king chuckling, UU reading opened his mouth and spit out his orb.

   Then, Zhang Yuan still lost his appetite for three days, and vowed that he would never discuss cultivation issues with the monsters again.

   However, according to Zhang Yuan’s judgment, both the Bamboo Rat King and the White Rat are both demon cultivation in the condensing period, and they can be transformed into a further step.

   As for Chen Fan’s realm, Zhang Yuan could not see through.

   Obviously he has extraordinary wisdom, but he is not even in the condensing period, which is really strange.

   “In fact, there is another way to determine the realm of Brother Xiong.” Zhang Yuan said a little nervously.

   “Oh? What’s the way?” Chen Fan asked curiously, “Is it about fighting with you?”

   “Brother Xiong, don’t be joking.” Zhang Yuan waved his hand repeatedly and joked. He would dare to fight an unfathomable big monster unless he got bored.

   “Little brother means to check with treasures.” Zhang Yuan said euphemistically.

   Chen Fan curiously asked: “Oh? What treasure can check the cultivation base?”

   Zhang Yuan thought for a while, and said carefully: “Ling Lingjing.”

   Chen Fan wondered: “Peeping Mirror? What magic weapon is this? I have never heard of it.”

   Zhang Yuan embarrassedly said: “In fact, this magic weapon has another name that everyone knows, according to the magic mirror.”

  As soon as he spoke, Zhang Yuan stared at Chen Fan nervously, for fear of annoying him.

   Chen Fan haha ​​laughed and said: “If you look at the demon mirror, you must take the demon mirror. You have to take the entire scientific name. It is hypocritical. So how do you say you have a demon mirror?”

Seeing that Chen Fan was not angry, Zhang Yuan secretly breathed a sigh of relief, then shook his head and said, “My magic weapon was lost when fighting those monsters, and only a natal flying sword was left. But I know there is a magic mirror there. “

   “Where?” Chen Fan asked curiously.

   Zhang Yuan said slowly: “Xianting.”


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