Big Panda Boss

Chapter 38: Flying lift

   Chen Fan still remembered that when he first came to this world, he was so frightened to see the floating islands floating in the night sky. Later, he saw it several times, and saw that those floating islands would not fall, so he didn’t care anymore.

   It’s just that whenever those floating islands float above his head, Chen Fan will always hide away for fear of hitting himself.

   So he never knew that there was a fairy palace on the island.

   Until Zhang Yuan told him about the relationship between Xian Ting and Tian Ting, Chen Fan suddenly realized that this so-called Xian Ting was not a branch of Tian Ting opened in the lower bounds.

   “Those islands floating in the sky really have demon mirrors?” Chen Fan asked in surprise.

   Zhang Yuan explained: “After all, the fairy garden is modeled after the heaven, so there will be a demon mirror hanging at the entrance.”

   Chen Fan immediately beamed his eyes, and asked: “So are there any other treasures in this fairy garden?”

   Zhang Yuan said with shame: “The fairy garden in this world has been abandoned for a long time. Except for some infrastructure, other treasures have long been taken away.”

“Oh, it’s boring.” Chen Fan looked disappointed, and immediately lay back down, continue drinking and basking in the sun, and said lightly: “Those floating islands will float through the sky every other time, and you will fly when they float by next time. Go up and see if that magic mirror is still there.”

   “Well, I think so too.” Zhang Yuan said it should be, but in his heart he wanted to take the opportunity to get out of trouble. After all, the only way to leave this world is in the fairy garden. If you can find an excuse to slip up, you will have the opportunity to leave this ghost place. He had thought of many excuses before, but he didn’t expect Chen Fan to agree so readily, which made him feel a little untrue.

  Actually, Chen Fan also guessed that Zhang Yuan was looking for an excuse to escape, but he was eager to do so. After all, he couldn’t cut off his mouth. He could only offer it as an ancestor, so it’s better to let him go. Besides, if he saved his life, he was deemed to have formed a good relationship.

  Because there is no way to judge Chen Fan’s realm, Zhang Yuan simply taught him one of the simplest flying techniques: step by step!

   This spell was originally a set of ritual steps for Taoist monks to worship the stars and send gods. The turning point of his walking is like stepping on the star Dou Su. Later, it spread to the rivers and lakes and became a light skill for everyone, and later improved by the experts to make it a flying technique capable of lifting hundreds of miles.

  Because it is easy to learn and has little loss, it has become a compulsory ‘magic skill’ for low-level monks, which is suitable for driving, dodge and escape.

   And learning this technique is also conducive to the low-level monks lay a good foundation, which can make it easier to cultivate into higher-level flying techniques such as wind riding, cloud flying, and fog driving in the future.

However, if you want to learn this technique, you must first learn the directions of the gossip. Zhang Yuan originally thought that it would take a lot of effort to teach a monster to understand this kind of advanced theoretical knowledge. However, he did not expect that he only drew a picture, and Chen Fan just looked at it. understood.

   Zhang Yuan can only describe this as being shocked, and he also believes that Chen Fan is not an ordinary monster.

   And then Zhang Yuan thought that the very simple training process made Chen Fan helpless, because if you want to learn the stepping technique, you must first memorize the steps according to the gossip position, and then release the true energy from the feet to produce the lifting effect. Beginners can lift one hundred meters in one step, even if it is an introduction, while masters can reach one hundred miles in one step, almost no different from flying.

   Chen Fan is stuck on the simplest threshold in Zhang Yuan’s view, how to release his true energy.

   No matter how Zhang Yuan’s mouth was broken, Chen Fan couldn’t do anything about how to teach the principles of infuriating movement himself.

Because the two hot and cold qi in Chen Fan’s body completely disobeyed his command, just like blood, it will flow through his body meridians again and again next week under the drive of the heart. As for how to control, gather Qi, and release it, that is No need to think about it.

  Which monk can control his own blood release?

   Before starting the fight, screaming blood?

   That’s not cultivating magical skills, it’s killing one’s life.

   Zhang Yuan was helpless about this, feeling that he was really happy, and even wondering if Chen Fan was a monster.

   “Old Zhang, don’t be too disappointed.” Chen Fan patted Zhang Yuan on the shoulder, and in turn comforted him: “Perhaps this spell is not suitable for our monsters to practice.”

   Zhang Yuan had a temper, and he didn’t believe that a dignified master of the fit period plus a dignified heavenly soldier would not teach a monster the simplest flying technique.

“Brother Xiong is right.” Zhang Yuan immediately reviewed: “The reason may really be in the cultivation technique. After all, the stepping and stepping fighting technique is a Taoist orthodox technique, and your monster race is better at riding the wind. Let’s teach Brother Xiong another skill to ride the wind.”

   This is a typical example of learning to fly before even learning to walk.

   “Okay.” Chen Fan responded with a smile and asked, “What’s the name for this spell?”

Zhang Yuan smiled and said: “This technique is called’Riding Wind Technique’, but it has a lot of background. This technique was originally the Wind Control Technique in the Seventy-Two Variations of the Earth Shaman. It can fly in the wind and travel thousands of miles a day. But the Earth Shaman Seven The twelve changes are supernatural powers, but not everyone can learn them. So some experts have improved many of these advanced spells. For example, the wind riding technique reduces the flying speed and altitude. UU Reading www.uukānshu .com has also greatly reduced the difficulty of learning, as long as the monks of the Golden Core Stage can learn.”

   Chen Fan repeatedly nodded and said, “Well, this is good, so I will learn this.”

   “The younger brother first teaches Brother Xiong the mantras for riding the wind.” Zhang Yuan slowed down and began to teach the mantras word by word.

   Chen Fan listened attentively and remembered.

   Zhang Yuan finished reciting the mantra, and asked Chen Fan to recite aside, and then taught the luck tricks to match the mantra.

The reason why the wind riding technique is higher than the stepping and stepping technique is not because it has any advanced skills. On the contrary, this technique is easier to learn than the stepping and stepping technique. The difficulty is that the wind is invisible, and it is impossible to control it without deep mana. Very easy to fly into the air, spell failure and fall from the sky.

Therefore, various schools generally stipulate that only golden core monks can practice the wind riding technique. One is because the golden core monks can basically afford the energy consumption of this technique, and the other is because the golden core monks have rough skin. It’s thick, at least it won’t die if it falls from a height of several hundred meters.

   It took only half an hour for Chen Fan to remember all the skills of using the wind riding technique, and then… still failed to fly.

   is still stuck at the reason why the real qi does not listen to the transfer.

   Not only Zhang Yuan is depressed, but Chen Fan is also depressed, lamenting in his heart that he may not be able to fly in this life.

   “Uncle Xiong! Uncle Xiong! Uncle Xiong!” Suddenly the white mouse shouted in exclamation, with a trace of horror in excitement: “Look at the top! I can fly!”

   Chen Fan followed the sound and looked up, and he saw the little white mouse whizzing directly over his head with a wisp of breeze…

   “Oh! Uncle Xiong, save me! I can’t stop…”

   Zhang Yuan was stunned and said: “Isn’t this the magic of imperial wind in the seventy-two changes?!!!”

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