Big Panda Boss

Chapter 4: Explore and discover

   Experiments prove that Chen Fan’s anti-injury Geely suit is very effective, but it’s a bit too much, and even achieves the effect of losing both sides…

   Chen Fan squatted on the ground with a grin, and carefully pulled out the poisonous thorns that had been stuck on his body with his claws.

  Thanks to his thick skin, these thorns and poisonous thorns didn’t pierce too deeply, otherwise it would have to hurt to death.

   After pulling out the stinger, Chen Fan still didn’t give up, scratching his head to think about countermeasures, and suddenly the snake skin he had thrown in the corner caught his attention.

   Chen Fan immediately came to his heart, ran over to pick up the snake skin, and then clumsily wrapped the snake skin around himself.

   This snake skin can’t even scratch his claws. It is definitely a treasure with thousands of physical defenses.

   Chen Fan, who entangled himself with the mummy, swaggered to the front of the auspicious clothes, rolled on the spot, nothing happened!

   Chen Fan immediately happily happily, again putting the auspicious suit on his body and rolling a few times on the ground. Except for a little panic, it doesn’t hurt at all.

   Chen Fan suddenly gained confidence and walked out of the cave in auspicious clothes wrapped in snakeskin.


   The mountain shook, and I saw a mountain-like diplodocus slowly walking through the forest, and some colorful birds fell on the back of the diplodocus, bouncing around.

   Chen Fan turned around and returned to the cave…

   As night fell, the forest gradually became noisy.

   Chen Fan yawned and slowly climbed out of the cave, and went to pick up the fruit to eat as usual. The fruits are sour, but appetizing.

   Then he went to the stream and checked a small dam, but only a few small fish were harvested, which was not enough to stuff his teeth.

   then went to inspect several traps in the bushes, still empty.

  In the past, Chen Fan might return to the cave and wait for the food to be delivered to the door, but if he wants to survive and become strong, he must make a change and force himself out of this forest to actively hunt. After all, he also has the fangs and claws that are standard for predators, and he has a clever brain. There is no reason why he can only feed on rotten fruits in this poor country.

But Chen Fan is not the kind of person who doesn’t care about his blood. Human reason makes him understand that any mistake in this dangerous ancient world may cost him his life, so he wants to leave this mountain forest and go out. To hunt, you must first be fully prepared.

   While the moonlight was still early, Chen Fan first inspected his site carefully, and then took everything he thought could be used back to the cave.

   After dawn, I sleep for a long time to rest my mind, then get up and arrange the things I collected last night into different categories.

   “It’s edible first.” Chen Fan pulled aside a lot of fruit tubers.

   “Then you can’t eat it.” Chen Fan sorted and pulled the stones, vines, and branches together.

   “Finally, it is useful for hunting…” Chen Fan scratched his head and pulled out a few stones and placed them in front of him.

   “Oh, clever women can’t cook without rice!”

   Chen Fan fiddled with a few stones but was helpless.

   “How did ancient primitive people make stone spears and stone axes? Smash?”

   Chen Fan grabbed a stone and slammed it on the other.


   Two stones were suddenly smashed by him.

   Chen Fan stretched out his paws and looked at it with surprise. He didn’t know how powerful he was.

   Driven by curiosity, Chen Fan picked up another stone and squeezed it hard, and the stone was smashed to pieces with a click.


   Chen Fan immediately touched his arms. They were mushy, and he didn’t have any hard muscles. He didn’t know where he was so hard.

   If I don’t understand, I don’t bother to think about it. Anyway, just know that I’m strong.

   But no matter how strong it is, it is impossible to fight a dinosaur head-to-head. It is not hunting, but death.

   However, although human beings do not have the fangs and claws of beasts, they rely on clever brains to step up to the top of the food chain.

   So if you want to hunt a prey, the most important thing is to rely on this… Chen Fan patted his head, trying to recall the teachings of Bei Ye and De Ye.

   The easiest way to survive in the wild and catch prey is to set up traps, which Chen Fan did before. But due to the limited materials at hand, only small traps can be made.

   And if you want to catch large animals, you must upgrade your hunting tools, so Chen Fan thought for a long time and decided to build a shovel to dig the pit!

   first carefully selected a hard branch and a few vines from a pile of spare materials, and then directly used his mouth and claws to repair the branches into handy sticks.

   Then carefully smash a stone to obtain a sharp piece of stone, then tie it to the top of the wooden stick, and then…

   Congratulations: I would like to mention a stone spear!

   Chen Fan suddenly became embarrassed. He obviously wanted to get a shovel, but in the end he made a stone spear. The main reason is that the stone chip used as the shovel head is too small, but more like a stone spear.

   “The stone spear is the stone spear. It can still dig pits and can be used as a weapon in danger.” With limited materials on hand, Chen Fan couldn’t make more advanced weapons, so he could only use it first. UU read, but just in case, they made a few more spares.

   As night fell, Chen Fan wrapped a snakeskin and wore anti-injury auspicious clothes, with a few fruits in his waist, a stone spear in his paws, and he walked out of the cave with his cat on his waist.

   At this moment, he is like an evolution that has spanned thousands of years, directly evolving from a beast to a primitive form.

   is just evolution to evolution, I still have to be counseled.

   After all, it was the first time to leave the territory he was familiar with, and any disturbance would surprise him.

  Before he set off, Chen Fan had already planned his route. He first went to the creek at the boundary of the site, and then followed the creek to explore downstream, so that he would not have to worry about getting lost and would be more likely to encounter prey.

   The stream is gurgling, and the rocks are piled up.

   Chen Fan walked deep and shallowly across the grass on the shore, staring at the movement around him. Walking upright not only liberated his front paws, but also gave him a better vision to spot prey or danger in advance. At the same time, his keen sense of smell allows him to smell ‘information’ that his eyes can’t see!

   “Suck!” Chen Fan suddenly stopped and sucked his nose hard, smelling a peculiar smell in the air.

   is very fishy, ​​very showy!

   The neurons in the brain are immediately activated by odor pheromone, and feed back some fragmentary image memory fragments.

   “This is the smell of urine from an adult saber-toothed tiger!” Chen Fan held his breath with a serious face, turned and left.

   The downstream is actually a saber-toothed tiger!

   Chen Fan secretly wrote down the matter and turned to explore upstream.

   The creek is winding and winding, and the more rugged it goes upstream.

   Chen Fan fumbled along the current for about a few kilometers, and suddenly he smelled a peculiar smell again.

   is very sweet and fragrant!

   is honey!

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