Big Panda Boss

Chapter 5: Dig a hole

   The painful memory and the sweet memory rushed to my heart, allowing Chen Fan to understand where the smell came from.

   That is the source of the stream, a cliff, and a huge beehive hung at the bottom of the cliff. Earlier, the whole bag was stung to eat bees…

   Chen Fan breathed the sweet air, and his mouth watered. In the end, he couldn’t resist the temptation of sweets, and decided to find out. At the same time, he had already thought of several safe ways to steal honey.

   He is wrapped in impenetrable snake skin, which should be able to prevent bee bites, plus a Geely suit can completely avoid bee detection.

   Chen Fan secretly cheered for himself while groping forward, and soon came to the source of the stream.

   In the cold moonlight, a waterfall hung like a silver chain quietly stuck to the cliff.

   At the bottom of the cliff, there is a pool the size of a basketball court, where fish and shrimps scurry and ripple in the water.

   Chen Fan stuck his head behind a big tree and looked around for a long time before discovering that the location of the hive was actually in a concave cave at the bottom of the cliff.

   The cave is wide, but not high.

   has a width of about 100 meters, but the height is only one foot high.

   And that honeycomb is like a curtain, covering almost half of the hole.

   This is just an exposed honeycomb. It is estimated that there is a larger honeycomb connected to the cave.

  ’S keen sense of smell made Chen Fan unable to stop drooling, staring scorchingly at the huge hive.

   At this moment, it is late at night, no bees are flying, the whole cave is quiet.

   Chen Fan did not act rashly, but looked at the surrounding environment carefully with wide-eyed eyes, and then his brain turned at a high speed and analyzed several routes that could be used for strategic retreat.

   This is not counseling, but safety first!

   The best safe route is undoubtedly to take the waterway, but the problem is that the stream is too shallow to hide his round body.

   There are dense forests on both sides of the creek, which can’t stop the swarm from chasing and killing him. He doesn’t know, but it will definitely affect his speed of escape.

“Why don’t you observe the speed of the bee colony first, and then think about the countermeasures.” Chen Fan secretly made up his mind, quietly touched a few pebbles by the stream and put a few pebbles into his arms, then touched back in the woods and found the deepest bush. Drill into the place where it is perfectly hidden.

   Chen Fan, hiding in the grass, took out a stone and aimed it at the hive a few hundred meters away, then threw it out.

   As soon as the stone left his hand, Chen Fan leaned back into the grass and motionless.

   just listened to “咻——PA!”, it spread far away in the quiet night sky.

   Chen Fan saw through the gap in the grass that the stone he threw out did not hit the hive, but hit the cliff.

   But such a big movement also alarmed the worker bees in the hive. They immediately heard the buzzing in the cave, and then saw a crowd of dark shadows pouring out!

   Chen Fan was shocked on the spot!

  Because each of these bees has the size of a fist, the gushing out of the cave completely obscures the sky.

   At dawn, Chen Fan crawled back to the cave in disgrace.

   Then I began to summarize the results of my first outing and exploration…very complete, at least I can come back alive.

   In addition, he also found out the two neighbors next door, an adult saber-toothed tiger, and a group of little bees.

   At least these two neighbors are blocking him in front, and there is a high mountain behind, Chen Fan’s nest is still very safe, don’t worry about some jackals, tigers and leopards suddenly coming in to invade his territory.

   Peace of mind…A ghost!

   Chen Fan is very mad, because the way out is blocked, if you want to expand the territory, you must first solve these two difficult neighbors.

   Chen Fan’s expression changed, and finally he made up his mind. The little bees are so powerful that they are not easy to mess with. Unless it is attacked by fire, but the movement is too loud, it is easy to provoke more ferocious beasts.

   There is only one saber-toothed tiger with a big target, but it is easier to deal with…

   Chen Fan was eager to think about digging pits.

  In the night, Chen Fan went out of the cave to fill his stomach as usual, but the scarce food made him feel more pressing.

   went back home but did not enter the cave, but climbed up the mountain.

   The peaks are very tall and treacherous, with sparse trees and strange rocks everywhere.

   Chen Fan looked around here and there, and quickly picked a big boulder.

   Then Chen Fan returned to the foot of the mountain, and within a moment he carried a thick wooden stick and several spears.

   First use a spear as a shovel, dig under the boulder until it becomes loose, and then use a wooden stick as a crowbar to pry the boulder.

   This huge boulder weighs at least a few tons, but under the action of skill, it is still easily moved, and it rumbling down the mountain for several times.

  Chen Fan took a sigh of relief with the wooden stick, and continued to repeat the work just now, first digging and then prying, pushing the boulder down halfway up the mountain a little bit, and hovering just above the entrance of the cave.

   Chen Fan carefully checked the position of the boulder and the entrance of the cave, and then dug a raceway with a stone spear to prevent the boulder from deviating from its position when it rolled down.

   then carefully dig under the boulder, until the boulder can be pushed down with a light push.

   Then Chen Fan took a large bundle of vines to weave a long rope, one end went straight to the foot of the mountain, the other was tied with a boulder, and the boulder could be pulled down with a gentle pull.

  Everything is ready, the next step is to invite you into the urn.

Chen Fan, who had been busy all night, did not immediately provoke the saber-toothed tiger. Instead, he went back to the cave and had a good night’s sleep. It was not until dusk that he got out of the cave and sneaked into the saber-toothed tiger’s territory. .

   is still the same place, the taste is weak.

   Chen Fan approached a big tree with the strongest smell with a serious face, and raised his head straight up with a hot…


   Half of the urine was left half. This was the amount he had saved for a day, and then he quickly slid back, running and sprinkling it all the way back to the cave. He shuddered and finally drew the last drop.

   The next step is to wait patiently.

   Chen Fan first ran to the stream to wash away the smell, and then took a long way to hide on a big tree not far from the cave, with tight vines in his hands, to make sure that the boulder could be pulled down at any time.

   And this wait until it gets dark, the wind blows in the mountains, and dark clouds blow.

   It is the moon and the black wind and the high night!

   “Wow!!!” An angry growl suddenly floated in the wind.

   Chen Fan, who was squatting on the tree trunk, immediately jumped in his heart and said in secret, “Come!”

   A moment later, two dazzling green eyes lit up in the pitch-black forest, and immediately a giant beast with a head and shoulders of nearly three meters squeezed out of the grass.

   After seeing the true face of this behemoth, Chen Fan immediately didn’t dare to breathe, secretly thanking that he had not chosen to be strong.

   The saber-toothed tiger smelled the remaining smell, touched the entrance of the cave with a grim look, and let out a threatening growl, as if to come to ask for an explanation.

   It is a pity that there is no movement in the dark cave. The saber-toothed tiger has been weighing at the entrance of the cave for a long time, and finally jumped in with the anger in his heart.

   Chen Fan immediately pulled the vines hard, and the boulder immediately rolled down with a rumble, blocking the entire cave with a bang!

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