Big Panda Boss

Chapter 6: fire

   “Wow!!!” Panic and angry roars continued from the cave, and the huge boulder blocking the entrance was trembling.

   Chen Fan hurriedly jumped off the branches and ran to the cave to withstand the boulder forcefully to prevent the saber-toothed tiger from getting out.

   The two sides were in a state of wrestling across a huge rock.

   And this stalemate is one day and one night!

   In the end, the saber-toothed tiger lost its strength and was trapped in the cave and let out weak roars.

   Chen Fan took out a fruit and threw it into his mouth, then dug up the soil to close the gap, and finally found a few stones and wooden sticks to withstand the boulder.

   But just in case, Chen Fan didn’t dare to go far, so he squatted in front of the boulder with the saber-toothed tiger inside.

   The sun rises and the moon sets, seven days passed by in a flash…

During the    period, the saber-tooth tiger struggled several times, but failed to break out of the cage.

   There was no movement in the cave three days ago, but Chen Fan waited patiently for another three days, and muddled a few more layers of mud in the gap to ensure that the cave was completely sealed.

   The night came again, Chen Fan held a stone spear and gently poke a small hole out of the cave entrance, then lay on the edge of the cave and listened carefully for a long time to confirm that there was no movement in the cave.

But Chen Fan waited until dawn to move away all the obstacles against the boulder, and then gently pryed the boulder to reveal a little gap. By the morning light, he peeped in and saw a furry head drooping at the entrance of the hole, open. A pair of unsatisfied eyes met Chen Fan’s four eyes!

   Chen Fan secretly swallowed his saliva, lifted the stone spear and poked the saber-toothed tiger in the eye, but did not respond, it seemed to be completely dead.

   Chen Fan breathed a sigh of relief, and the seven-day hunting finally ended successfully.

   He only used the simplest method to successfully leapfrog and kill an elite little BOSS. This is the gap between intelligent creatures and beasts.

   Pry open the boulder and drag the huge saber-tooth tiger body out of the cave.

   A closer look at the true face under the sun, Chen Fan couldn’t help but wonder.

too big! too big! Even the Siberian tiger, the largest cat in the previous life, couldn’t be compared with it. Just one claw was bigger than his head.

   There is nothing more to say next, drink blood and eat meat, leaving bones and teeth.

   Especially the two oddly long canine teeth, which are perfect for making spears.

   And tiger skin can be used to make a bed, thick and soft, not to mention how comfortable it is.

   After devouring the saber-toothed tiger, Chen Fan can be regarded as taking over its territory and opening the way to the mountains and forests.

   At night, Chen Fan took the newly made tiger-tooth spear and tiger-tooth dagger and followed the smell to find the saber-tooth tiger’s nest.

   He thought that how big this saber-toothed tiger was, there must be some treasure hidden in its lair. Because of how they are written in fantasy novels, there must be monsters guarding the treasures.

   However, the reality is that there is nothing but a grass nest and a piece of broken bones. It is not as comfortable as his cave.

   Chen Fan was very disappointed, and he smashed the floor and broke the bones, but he really found some “babies”.

   A few slender fangs, I don’t know what animal dropped them, they can be used to grind sewing needles, or put them in traps.

   After collecting the bones and teeth, Chen Fan went around the new territory again, and found that the saber-toothed tiger’s territory was a huge river valley outside.

   Countless herbivorous dinosaurs are drinking and resting in the river valley, and there are countless birds and insects flying all over the sky.

   It’s a pristine and wild scene.

   Chen Fan left his pheromone along the border and turned around and went back home.

   Now it’s time to consider how to conquer the group of bees.

   “Smoky fire is a good way, but you can’t use it easily if you don’t have to.” Chen Fan secretly thought, the key issue is that the fire is not easy to make.

  The most primitive methods of making fire are drilling wood and stone.

   The violent collision of stones can produce sparks, which is easier if it is flint.

   But Chen Fan had no flint at all, so he could only choose the most primitive technique of drilling wood for fire.

   Thinking of making up his mind, Chen Fan picked up some branches and dead leaves on the way back to the cave.

   After returning to the cave, Chen Fan first used a tiger-tooth dagger to cut out the wooden stick and plank respectively, then crushed the dead leaves and placed it under the plank, then used the tiger-tooth dagger to drill a small hole in the plank, and finally inserted the wooden stick and turned it vigorously.

   It’s easy to say, but it’s really hard to get started.

   First of all, the speed of the stick must be maintained, and it cannot be stopped, otherwise the friction will not produce a high enough temperature.

  Secondly, the hand should be steady and not shaken, otherwise it is easy to lose all previous efforts.

   At the end, you must have patience. It is normal to fail many times, but one success is a miracle.

   If you are getting started for the first time, it is best to wear a pair of non-slip gloves, otherwise your hands will be full of blisters within a few minutes.

   But Chen Fan has no worries about this, because his paws have a thick layer of calluses. A stone can be broken with one palm, just like an iron sand palm.

   I don’t know when the sun has already risen, and a ray of sunlight shone diagonally into the cave.

   I saw Chen Fan’s eyes were bloodshot, the wooden board in front of him was covered with charred holes, and the wooden sticks had been worn out.

   After a night of hard work, Chen Fan has initially mastered the skills of drilling wood to make fire, and only the last problem is left. There is no suitable igniter for UU reading

  Although dead leaves are flammable, the burning debris produced by drilling wood is obviously not enough to ignite the dead leaves, so that Chen Fan was stuck on this last step after rubbing all night.

   “Let me think about what Pei said…” Chen Fan scratched his head and recalled carefully, and finally remembered a key detail.

   Chen Fan remembered that Pei would look for pine velvet as a lighter every time he ignited a fire. Even if he couldn’t find pine velvet, he would look for some plant fibers that could be twisted into flocculent.

   Chen Fan immediately took the Huya spear and drilled out of the cave to look for this flammable plant fiber.

   After half a day, Chen Fan returned to the cave and brought back several kinds of plants.

  There are grass leaves and bark.

  The grass leaves are withered and will turn into flocs when rubbed.

   The bark can be torn apart layer by layer, just like a straw paper.

   Chen Fan mixed the two combustibles together, and then rubbed the wood with a drill to produce burning debris and gently poured on it, then gently blew the flickering sparks, and soon a wisp of light smoke appeared.

   Chen Fan was overjoyed, but he dared not stop breathing and kept blowing.

   The smoke finally got bigger and bigger, until it turned into a mass of red light.

   “Ha! Haha! I succeeded! I succeeded.”

   Chen Fan ran out of the dusty cave, coughing and secretly remembering that he must never light a fire in the cave.

   With fire, Chen Fan can proceed to the next step.

   Of course, wait for the smoke in the cave to dissipate first, and then go back and sleep well before acting.

   At night, Chen Fan yawned and drilled out of the cave. Turning around and scratching his head, he felt that the cave seemed to be smaller.

   “It may also be the reason why I used to crawl on my stomach.” Chen Fan didn’t care too much, and started a new night, patrolling prey and collecting various igniting objects.

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