Big Panda Boss

Chapter 7: honey

   After half a month, everything is ready.

During the period, Chen Fan disguised himself carefully, and then sneaked to the cliff to conduct field inspections several times, planned several escape routes, and made arrangements on several escape routes. .

   In the middle of the night, the insects are quiet in the middle of the night.

   Under the cliff, a group of ‘weeds’ slowly crawled out of the woods, wiping towards the hive little by little. He gently picked up some of the stones that made noise along the way and put them aside. It finally took about two hours and 47 minutes and 36 seconds. Chen Fan finished the long… more than 100 meters distance. Under the hive.

   Chen Fan, covered with disguise, lay motionless at the entrance of the cave, listening to the regular buzzing sound coming from the cave.

   Secretly swallowed his saliva, Chen Fan slowly stood up and stretched out his paws, gently broke a small piece of beehive directly into his mouth, and then immediately fell back to the ground.

   The buzzing sound of the cave is still there, but there is no one outside the cave who is stealing the hive.

   Chen Fan bulged his mouth with a honeycomb, and felt that his entire mouth was almost sweetened. He has never eaten how sweet honey, and this unusually sweet honey has a peculiar floral scent. The key is that it is so sweet that it loses teeth but is not greasy at all.

   The whole honeycomb immediately melts in the mouth, turning into a trickle of syrup running down the throat and into the stomach.

  According to the old saying: the entrance is soft, the throat is silky smooth.

   And when the syrup reaches the stomach, it will pour up a wonderful fragrance of flowers straight to the sky, giving Chen Fan a wonderful experience of floating up.


   Chen Fan hurriedly covered his mouth, for fear of disturbing the bee colony in the cave.

   Until all the honeycombs in his mouth melted, Chen Fan started to steal the second piece, then the third piece, the fourth piece, the fifth piece…

   In the end, I couldn’t eat it anymore, Chen Fan took out a “real snakeskin bag” and slammed the hive inside.

   Soon the snakeskin bag was stuffed full, and Chen Fan immediately tightened the mouth of the bag to get away.

   Suddenly a rustling movement aroused his vigilance, and he immediately turned his head to stare on the ground.

   I saw a pangolin crawling out of the woods and sneaking over.

   To be honest, if it is an ordinary pangolin, Chen Fan is really not afraid at all.

   But the question is, can pangolins that are contemporary with dinosaurs be ordinary pangolins?

   After all, who has seen a pangolin bigger than a hippopotamus?

   Chen Fan has seen it now!

   The point is that this prehistoric pangolin has no awareness of its huge size at all. Instead, like a mouse, it crawls under the hive and starts to eat honey.

   But the problem is how big you are, no matter how light you are, it’s useless!

   Soon the swarm of bees in the cave noticed the movement outside, and they all came out with a bang.

   Chen Fan immediately lay motionless on the ground, disguising as a bush.

   On the other hand, the prehistoric pangolin was not panicked at all. After swallowing a large hive, it immediately shrank itself into a ball, and then rolled away rumblingly.

   The swarm of bees chased up immediately, but there was nowhere to speak.

  Because this prehistoric pangolin has thick skin and scales as hard as a rock, people are rolling away again, maybe you were crushed to death before piercing its scales.

   “Master!” Chen Fan saw that this pangolin must be a veteran at a glance. He was really envious of such skilful escape methods.

   The swarm of bees returned without success, flying around the entrance of the cave for a long time before returning to the cave grumblingly.

   But there was a clump of grass that suddenly appeared at the entrance of the hole. The poor brain capacity of these bees obviously couldn’t make any more reactions, so they ignored them.

   Chen Fan had escaped the catastrophe without danger, otherwise he would have to use a backup plan to escape.

   After all the bees had returned to the hole, Chen Fan cautiously left.

   is sneaky when you come, and be careful and bold when you go. As soon as he got into the forest, he walked vigorously, like a happy Erha carrying a snakeskin bag and running wildly, and ran back to his lair in one breath.

   “Huhuhu!” As soon as Chen Fan returned to his old nest, he immediately buried the snakeskin bag to prevent the fragrance from leaking and attracting fellow fans.

   Then she took off her camouflage layer by layer, first with three layers of thick auspicious clothes, then the entire tiger skin, and then snake skin underwear. The underwear was also inlaid with small wooden boards up to half an inch thick.

   Finally, there is a helmet made from the skull of a saber-toothed tiger.

   After taking off all the disguise, Chen Fan felt relieved.

   After all, life is of the essence and safety is the first priority. No amount of camouflage and protection on his body can be overstated.

   And in this outfit, he has used all the materials he can find to the extreme.

   But these are just one of his many alternate means of escape…

   Fortunately, those bees are stupid, and Chen Fan’s perfect disguise was fooled by Chen Fan.

   And having the first successful experience, I will have more chances of winning when I go next time.

   After some tossing down, the sky gradually brightened outside.

   Chen Fan, who had been busy all night, did not feel the slightest fatigue, but was refreshed and full of energy.

   This was unimaginable before, UU reading www.uukanshu. com, because after traveling to this ancient world, Chen Fan forcibly changed his work and rest habit to day and night for safety first. When the sun rises, he instinctively develops a sense of fatigue, and then it changes at night. Must be energetic.

   “Is it because the thieves succeeded for the first time, so the excitement hasn’t subsided?” Chen Fan lay on the tiger skin bed and rolled around but couldn’t sleep, so he just got up to make hunting tools.

   The corner of the cave is full of various branches, vines, stones, and some strange flowers and plants that he has collected.

   Chen Fan first picked out a few vines and flowers from the cave and planted them. This is not because he likes green plants to decorate his nest, but to camouflage the cave.

   When these flowers and vines flourish, they will perfectly cover the entrance of the cave. For this reason, Chen Fan also specially selected several kinds of flowers with strong fragrance to plant in the entrance of the cave, so as to cover the smell in the cave.

   Then Chen Fan used simple materials to arrange more than a dozen large traps within a kilometer of the entrance of the cave to ensure that even if the saber-toothed tiger comes back, there will be no return.

   After a lot of work, it was getting dark.

   Chen Fan carried the tool and bent back into the hole. Looking back at the hole, he always felt that the hole was a bit narrow, and now he must bend over to enter and exit.

“I will make some stone axes and hammers tomorrow, and widen the hole.” Chen Fan dropped his tools and carefully dug out the snakeskin bag buried in the hole. As soon as he unbuttoned the bag, the mouth immediately felt sweet and greasy. The fragrance wafted out.

   Chen Fan took a deep breath of scent with a look of intoxication, and his sleepy spirit became vigorous again.

   turned around and took out a wooden spoon, scooped a large spoonful of honey pulp into his mouth, and Chen Fan immediately felt that his whole person was sweetened.

   The happiness is almost overflowing!

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