Big Panda Boss

Chapter 8: happy

   But no matter how delicious things are, you will get tired of eating too much, especially sweets.

   Chen Fan poured a few tablespoons of honey into his mouth, and felt a little overwhelmed, but did not feel the greasiness, but felt that how to eat honey was a bit monotonous.

   “How about picking up some fruits and dipping them in? Or drinking a glass of honey water, what taste?”

   As soon as he thought of it, Chen Fan immediately fastened the mouth of the bag and buried it back. Then he put on auspicious clothes, took a tiger-toothed spear, and slid down a few newly made wooden pots to drill out of the cave.

   First, I went to the bottom of the fruit tree and picked up some unrotten fruits. I looked up at the canopy, and the fruit was full.

   The sour taste of these fruits is like green apples, if they are ripe, they taste like candied dates, and if they are half-ripe they taste like lemons, it’s wonderful.

   Chen Fan looked up for a long time and didn’t recognize the variety of this large fruit tree over 100 meters high. Maybe it was the common ancestor of apple lemon and candied date trees.

   Then Chen Fan went to the stream to fetch water, and brought back a few fish and shrimps by the way, ready to make a honey barbecue.

   Based on the lesson of lighting a fire in the cave last time, Chen Fan made a fire outside the cave this time, and then skewered fish and shrimp on charcoal fire and slowly grilled them, and then brushed with a layer of honey when they were almost done.

   While grilling the fish and shrimps, all the fruits picked up are broken apart, thrown into a wooden jar, mashed, and then poured in stream water and honey and stirred well.

   Take a sip, sweet and sour, especially refreshing.

   “It tastes like Sprite.” Chen Fan touched his mouth and sighed: “It was almost a bubble, and it will be called’National Treasure Happy Water’ from now on.”

   At this time, the fish and shrimps are almost cooked through, exuding an attractive fragrance.

   Chen Fan was not afraid of being hot, so he grabbed a grilled shrimp and sent it directly into his mouth, his eyes lightened immediately!

   This is how he traveled to eat cooked food again for a long time. The unique taste that can only be found under high-temperature grilling made Chen Fan burst into tears instantly.

  Because it was so delicious, the wooden sticks that were directly connected to the flavor were chewed and swallowed.

   Soon a few fish and shrimps entered Chen Fan’s stomach. Although his current appetite was not enough to stuff his teeth, it was the happiest meal he had ever eaten since his crossing.

   After eating the unforgettable supper and cleaning up the mess, Chen Fan finally got a little sleepy, and shook his head and shook his head into the cave and lay down and fell asleep.

   The sky is dim when I sleep straight…

   Nine days later.

   Chen Fan turned over, grinds his teeth, raised his ears and heard the patter of rain coming from outside the cave, so he continued to sleep with a vague sound.

   Three days later, the sky was clear and the flowers bloomed.

   Chen Fan crawled out of the cave while scratching his stomach and yawned. He lifted the vines hanging at the entrance of the cave and just wanted to stand up to release the water, and suddenly found that the cave was full of flowers.

   Chen Fan rubbed his eyes, then scratched his head for a long time, thinking that this ancient flower is too long, right? All survived only a day after transplanting?

   Chen Fan happily, without thinking too much, straightened up and applied a wave of fertilizer to these flowers.

   After applying fertilizer, Chen Fan scratched his head and remembered what he was going to do today. He made a stone axe and hammer, and then widened his cave. Otherwise, bending over every time you go in and out is easy to get old waist disease, and maintenance has to be done from a young age.

   There are many on the hillside behind the stone cave, just turn around and find many of the right size.

   It’s just that the production process is a bit laborious. Chen Fan slapped it and smashed a basketball-sized rock…

   Chen Fan stared at his paws in a daze, and said to his heart that he only slept after a nap. Why did his hand strength become stronger again? Or is it that these stones themselves are very brittle?

   Chen Fan, who doesn’t believe in evil, grabbed another rock and put it in front of him, this time using only half his strength.


   The rock was directly shaken out of the cobweb crack with a palm.

   “It seems that these stones are too brittle.” Chen Fan patted the lime on his paws, got up and went to collect some stones to make.

   After a day’s consumption, Chen Fan successfully created an original stone axe and three stone hammers.

   It was getting dark at this time, and Chen Fan threw the tools he had built back into the cave and went to the stream for a round.

   The honey grilled fish grilled shrimp made him addicted last night, and he is ready to have another big meal.

   It is a pity that there are not many fish and shrimps in the stream. Especially after a heavy rain, the fish and shrimps were washed downstream.

   Chen Fan was disappointed, but on the way back, he ran into a golden pheasant trapped in a trap.

   carried the golden pheasant carcass back to the cave, letting out the blood and plucking the hair first, and then disposing of the whole chicken cleanly.

   Then I stuffed the mashed fruit paste into the chicken belly, and smeared it with a thick layer of honey.

   Finally, the fresh leaves are wrapped, and the leaves are covered with thick yellow mud and then slowly simmered over charcoal fire.

   Chen Fan sucked drooling while maintaining the charcoal fire.

   Soon the soil bumps in the charcoal fire escaped with a hint of fragrance, and Chen Fan couldn’t stop drooling now.

   simmered for more than half an hour, and Chen Fan couldn’t wait to pull the soil bumps out of the charcoal fire.

   was not too hot, slapped the burned hardened shell with a light slap.

   Immediately, a ‘fairy energy’ writhed and exhaled Chen Fan’s face, which immediately made him intoxicated.

   While keeping his saliva, he carefully pulled the cracked soil husk clean, and then gently lifted the steamed overripe leaves. UU reading

   In the next second, the golden light is so bright, the BGM walks…

   “Dang! Dang! ~ Hum!” Chen Fan dreamed of golden light while humming a familiar melody from his childhood, but the reality was that although the whole roast chicken was roasted golden and golden, several places were burnt.

   But the tempting scent drove Chen Fan’s saliva with the steaming heat, and he tore off a chicken leg and stuffed it into his mouth regardless of the hotness!

   “Hmm!!!” Chen Fan suddenly shed tears of happiness: “It’s this smell!”

   The skin is crispy and sweet, with a hint of honey in the wonderful floral fragrance. The chicken is tender, smooth and juicy, and the bones are as crisp as biscuits.

   The whole chicken thigh was swallowed by Chen Fan in two bites without chewing it twice, but he couldn’t stop at all. The huge roasted chicken quickly ate up, and there was no bone scum left.

   Eating a whole roasted chicken Chen Fan brewed another cup of the national treasure Happy Water, took a sip, and sighed while lying on his back: “There is no regret in life.”

   “Ang!!!” Suddenly a stern scream resounded through the mountains, and Chen Fan shook his hands and almost spilled tea.

   Chen Fan immediately drank the tea, listening to the direction of the strange noise.

   “It sounds like a prey has fallen into the pit!” Chen Fan licked the corner of his mouth and felt happy. Just now he had dinner, and supper was delivered to the door by himself. How embarrassed.

   Chen Fan immediately took the Huya spear and ran to the place where the strange sound came from, but when he got there, he was shocked by the prey falling into the pit!

   I saw a big wild boar comparable to the size of an elephant in a big hole more than three meters deep!

  If Chen Fan had not dug the pit deep enough, coupled with a heavy rain, the bottom of the pit had become very muddy, I am afraid that this small pit might not be able to trap this ancient giant pig.

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