Big Panda Boss

Chapter 9: Ancient Giant Pig

   Chen Fan immediately guessed that it must be the smell of roast chicken that attracted this ancient giant pig, but fell into the trap he dug.

   But although the trap is deep, it can’t hold this ancient giant pig for long, because many places at the edge of the pit have been collapsed by this ancient giant pig.

   Chen Fan naturally did not let go of the prey sent to the door. He immediately picked up a stone and slammed it at the ancient giant pig.

   I saw the huge boulder like a cannonball out of the chamber, slamming it on the back of the ancient giant pig, slamming it directly, and yelling out of pain.

   “The skin is really thick!” Chen Fan picked up another stone, this time aiming at the giant pig’s forehead and smashing it.

   Although the ancient giant pig was trapped in the pit and could not move, it was not stupid. He immediately bowed his head and avoided the flying stone, and then slammed a pile of mud stone towards Chen Fan.

   Chen Fan hurriedly hugged his head to hide behind a big tree, the splashing mud and rocks were crackling everywhere.

“Hey! Xiao Yanger dare to fight back!” Chen Fan immediately picked up seven or eight small stones and color them again. Don’t look at the small stones, but he threw them like bullets, crackling and hitting the ancient giant pig. Scream at it painfully.

   The ancient giant pig was trapped in the pit, and only scored passively. The pain of the stone hitting his body made it mad, and it was even more desperate to sink into the pit.

   Chen Fan would naturally not allow this beast to escape, otherwise it would be his turn to escape.

   After looking around, he immediately found a huge stone the size of a millstone. Chen Fan immediately ran over and picked up the ancient giant pig and smashed it over!

  Seriously, if people are not being pressed, they don’t know how light the stones in this ancient world are…

  嘭! ! !

   The huge boulder hit the pig’s head with an unsuspecting blow, and the huge pig fell into the pit with a miserable cry.

   Chen Fan did not dare to approach, for fear of being counter-killed, he turned around and climbed up the treetops to look into the pit. He saw that the pig’s head had been smashed with blood, lying in the pit and grunting.

“Tsk tsk, how much blood does this pig have? How can it not die!” Chen Fan immediately turned over and jumped off the treetops, raised his spear and ran to the edge of the pit and stabbed the giant pig, but found that the surface of the pig’s skin was condensed. The hardened shell is thick, and the spear can’t be pierced.

When Chen Fan was watching the animal world in his previous life, he heard that wild boars would rub the resin and roll in the mud when they were okay. Over time, they would condense into a shell on the outside of the epidermis. Even a shotgun may not be able to penetrate it. Today, I saw it with my own eyes. Arrived.

   But this ancient giant pig is now the pork on the chopping board, Chen Fan has some ways to kill it.

   Since the spear cannot break the defense, then bury it alive!

   Chen Fan immediately lifted his spear into the pit to hold the soil. Later, he felt that the spear was too slow to shovel, so he simply used the two claws to plan, and found that it was much faster than using the spear.

   Soon the entire head of the giant pig was buried in the soil, and Chen Fan went to take a few huge rocks and rammed the soil tightly.

   Then continue to plow the soil until the entire pit is completely filled and compacted.

   worked a whole night to get it done, and Chen Fan was as tired as a bear.

   But now is not the time to rest, Chen Fan went to push a few boulders to press on the sealed soil to ensure that this ancient giant pig would not reincarnate from the dirty soil.

Everything is done, Chen Fan stood by the pit and felt that something was missing. He slapped his head and pulled out a small flower and inserted it on the sealing soil. Then he folded his hands together and said silently: “Second brother, if you are in the sky, please go to Xitian to find the master. Enjoy your blessings, leave your physical body to me, I promise you will not waste it, after all, how high your value is now.”

  Chen Fan kept thinking about braised, grilled, steamed, boiled, honey pickled, smoked…

After    was over, Chen Fan patted his paws, picked up the spear and went home.

  Safety first, bury it for three days before talking.

   Three days later, it was the moon and the black wind and the high night.

   Chen Fan brought some tools back to the mound like a thief. It was not because he was timid or afraid of ghosts, but because he ran into the Tyrannosaurus again to hunt, and threw the whole chicken out of the river valley.

   As a result, a few diplodocus were irritated, and he still chased the Tyrannosaurus for three miles.

   Chen Fan was worried that the Tyrannosaurus would come to grab his pork when he was so hungry.

   “Oh, it’s hard to eat meat these years.” Chen Fan pushed aside the huge boulder that was pressing on the sealing soil, and then shoveled away the sealing soil little by little. When the pig’s belly was exposed, he immediately lay on it and listened for a while.

   “Well, no heartbeat, it should be dead.” Chen Fan continued to dig.

   has been busy for a long time and finally digs out the whole giant pig.

When just digging, Chen Fan specially left a slope, and then took several bundles of vines, one tied to the giant pig’s carcass, and the other around several big trees. Using the principle of pulley block, the giant pig was pulled out of the deep. pit.

   Chen Fan put away the vines, panted slightly and walked to the carcass of a giant pig like Roshan, kicked hard and sighed: “It looks big, but it’s not too heavy.”

   After waiting, Chen Fan drew out a tiger-tooth dagger to bleed the giant pig.

   The tough pigskin still made him stabbed for a long time before piercing it through. I thought that after three days of burying, the pig blood must have condensed, but he didn’t expect that just as soon as he pierced the blood vessel, it made him bloody.

  The fishy pig blood still had a hint of warmth. Chen Fan wiped his face and stroked his mouth, and found that the pig blood was unexpectedly delicious.

   Then it won’t be wasted. Chen Fan directly hissed his blood vessels in his mouth and sucked in warm pig blood.

   Grumblingly, I saw the giant pig’s huge body shrivelling at a speed visible to the naked eye.

   And Chen Fan’s billowing belly seemed to be a bottomless pit, and it was not until the last drop of pig blood was sucked that he burped contentedly.

   “Ha! It’s fun! Hiccups!” Chen Fan hiccuped with blood, and then began to dismember the giant pig.

   First peel off the whole thick pigskin, then take out the internal organs and wrap them in leaves, and finally remove the bones and meat. There is really no waste at all.

   Chen Fan has been busy until dawn before unloading eight pieces of the whole giant pig, and then ran back and forth several times before transporting all the pork back to the cave for preservation.

   But the precious pork was shipped back, how to preserve it is a big problem.

   Even if Chen Fan’s appetite is too big, it is impossible to clean the whole giant pig in one meal, so how to preserve the remaining pork has become a problem.

   The methods that Chen Fan knows to preserve fresh meat are nothing more than freezing, marinating and smoking.

   The first two methods are ruled out first, because he has no spells, no refrigerators and no salt, so only the third method remains.

   “Smoked bacon, and sausage.” Chen Fan licked the corner of his mouth, and just did it.

   Smoked meat requires a lot of firewood, preferably fruit wood. I heard that the smoked old bacon has a unique flavor.

   Chen Fan is not so particular about what wood can’t be burned, it can be smoked. There are not many other things in this virgin forest, but wood is everywhere.

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