Chronicles of the Modern Empress Dowager

Chapter 314: sweet

I slept well and felt refreshed.

She jumped out of the bed and opened the curtains. There was already a blue sky and white clouds outside. Although the winter sun in the early morning does not have much temperature, it is comfortable.

She cleaned up before going downstairs. Brothers Jianping and Jianbo each took a big bun and gnawed there. Li Wei went up and said, “Why don’t you call me after breakfast?”

Jian Ping glanced at her and said, “You are still asleep. I’m afraid to make you angry.”

Li Wei went into the house, and Liu Chunzhi cared: “Did you sleep well last night, what do you want to eat today, I’ll let someone buy it now.”

Li Wei said: “There is nothing special to eat.”

Liu Chunzhi helped her add a bowl of mung bean porridge and sat down to eat.

“Wei Wei, you haven’t told me what your boyfriend does and where he is from. Do you have a picture of him, show me.” Liu Chunzhi kept asking when he caught Li Wei.

Li Wei regretted what he said last night, and said vaguely: “It’s just started to come and go, and I haven’t written all the characters. I said these a little earlier.”

“You kid, I didn’t urge you to get married, so why did you say it early. I just asked you what he did, can’t you say that. Isn’t it a serious person…”

Jianbo had already left, and Jianping followed up to comfort his brother.

“I thought you two were a match made in heaven. Why did she suddenly make a boyfriend. Forget it, it must be a colleague or something. Don’t take it too seriously. You can still be brothers and sisters. This is something that can’t be changed in a lifetime. .”

Jianba said: “I don’t really have anything. Since she pushed me away, I had expected such a day. The reason why she was moved to go to England was to avoid me.”

Li Wei did not directly tell his family that the boyfriend he is currently with is Zhao Qian, only that a friend in the circle developed slowly. The family automatically understood it as a colleague, and Li Wei didn’t explain much.

After lunch, Li Jianbo said he was going back to the city. Seeing that he was leaving, Li Wei said he wanted to go together.

Everyone in the family said in surprise: “It hasn’t been twenty-four hours since I came back, so why are we going back again.”

One said that he should be busy with work, and the other said he was going to find a house to live in, but he was too busy.

The family had no choice but to let them go.

Before getting into the car, Liu Chunzhi pulled Li Wei and muttered: “Bring him back to us during the Chinese New Year.”

Li smiled and said, “Try your best, it depends on his arrangements.”

With her daughter’s affirmative answer, Liu Chunzhi couldn’t close her mouth with a smile.

Li Wei did not open the door of the co-pilot, but sat in the back row by himself. No one in the car spoke, Li Jianbo turned on the radio. After walking for nearly half an hour, Li Jianbo asked Li Wei: “Why don’t you tell me if you have a boyfriend?”

“I think it’s impossible to tell the second brother about this, and it’s not easy to talk.”

Li Jianbo chuckled softly: “Although I can’t say blessings, I can also help you advise you. I can also help check if the other party is suitable for you. What if I meet someone like Jiang Yunfeng again?”

“Jiang Yunfeng is enough to meet one of them. Where can I meet the same one again.”

Li Jianbo seemed to have accepted this fact and became calm: “Well, I will invite him to dinner next day, and you will ask him out for a meeting. I will help you inspect him.”

Second brother wants to see him? Li Wei remembered that the last time they met, the second elder brother punched out the nosebleeds, and they can’t fight again if they meet again here. Besides, she doesn’t think it is suitable now, so he said: “He is busy at work, let’s talk about it later.”

“Sure, let me know when it will be convenient.”

Back on Cuiwei Road, Li Wei was busy packing his things. In fact, there is not much to clean up, the two big boxes brought back are restored to the original ones and left there without much flipping.

Hu Meijuan called and Li Wei answered.

“Meijuan, are you on duty today?”

“Okay, I’ll be there on time at seven o’clock. Well, you don’t use it to pick me up, I’ll come and find you. By the way, how did you ask me about the house?”

“Okay, let’s talk when we meet.”

Li Wei hung up the phone, but when she looked up, she saw her second brother staring at her.

“Are you going out?”

“Yes, Meijuan asked me to have dinner at night, so the second brother will solve the dinner by himself.” Li Wei stood up and had to go out soon after arriving home.

“You drive my car and be careful on the road.”

Li Wei happily agreed. She changed her coat again, carried her bag, took the car key from Jianbo and went out. The smile on her face increased, the corners of her lips were always raised, and others could tell that she was in good condition. Li Wei’s good mood also made Li Jianbo choose to let go slowly.

Li Wei drove her second brother’s car to the place where Hu Meijuan met. I haven’t seen each other for a year, Hu Meijuan is still so white and fat. It seems that Hu Meijuan hasn’t lost weight since she gave birth.

“Oh, you finally came back, but you want to kill me.” After seeing Li Wei, Hu Meijuan couldn’t help but stepped forward and gave Li Wei a big hug.

“But I haven’t seen you for a year, so I missed me.” Li Wei pinched Hu Meijuan’s face, and unexpectedly found that the skin on Meijuan’s face was very delicate and smooth. This woman is in her thirties, and her skin condition is still so good, she doesn’t seem to have had children.

“I thought you went back to your hometown and couldn’t make an appointment with you.”

“I went back, but I rushed back this afternoon.”

“God, you are too busy. Didn’t you finally come back to reunite with your family?”

“Now I don’t go anywhere. I can reunite whenever I want to. It’s just that I have a lot of things on my hands, so I need to make good arrangements. By the way, how is the house I asked you to find?”

Hu Meijuan nodded and said, “Are you going to rent or buy?”

“Of course it’s renting. I can’t afford it now. I don’t have that much money.”

Hu Meijuan said: “It’s not that difficult to buy, and the housing price is still affordable. Besides, isn’t it a mortgage loan? It’s easier for you to use the provident fund. To be honest, you can consider buying a house.”

Li smiled and said, “I’m anxious to live now, and I can’t buy it in time. I have to rent a set not so far from the TV station.”

Hu Meijuan nodded and said, “Well, do you want to live in a condominium? It just so happens that the landlord is someone my mother-in-law knows.”

“What’s the position?”

“If the location is not good, I won’t tell you. If you are free tomorrow, let’s go see the house.”

Li Wei naturally couldn’t ask for it. Hu Meijuan later said to Li Wei: “I heard that you went to the new section. It will not be easy to meet in person in the future.”

“It’s not all on the same TV station. It’s easy to make an appointment to have lunch or something.”

Later, Hu Meijuan asked Li Wei about Zhao Qian, and Li Wei sternly said: “Have he come to you?”

Hu Meijuan did not deny: “Well, he came to see me in August. It was a coincidence that I went to the movies with Wang Yang. I never wanted to meet at the entrance of the cinema. How could he recognize me? I still think Strange, then I asked about your situation by the way…”

“Then you sold me.”

Hu Meijuan immediately asked again: “How are you two?”

Li Wei nodded, and Hu Meijuan smiled and said, “That won’t be enough. If you get it, you can sell well. It’s so beautiful.”

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