Days to Return to the Goddess

Chapter 131:

In his life, Jiang Yu had never had such close contact with the opposite sex, and had never heard Xu Bosu’s words of weakness.

She has seen too many women who have no resistance to sweet words and soft pleadings, but because she has seen too many, she feels numb when she hears them. She can’t set off any stormy waves, and her heart is hard, Jiang Yu They all doubt if they are a hard-hearted person.

“I just don’t want you to clarify our relationship thoroughly and give me another chance to pursue you, okay?”

“I can make up for what I owed you back then, whether it is love or time.”

“I know that you like the job of an anchor. I can help you take care of Jiang Wei, so that you don’t have any worries.”

Jiang Yu lightly sneered, calmed down the fluctuations in her heart a little, and said without emotion: “Resignation is your own decision, if you regret it later…” Jiang Yu paused, she turned her head to look at Xu Bosu’s eyes and said: “Don’t regret it.”

Xu Bosu’s dictionary never contains the word regret. From the beginning to the present, what he wants and wants to do has always been clear.

He looked at Jiang Yu deeply, and wanted to tell her with his eyes and tone, “I won’t regret it.”

He wanted Jiang Yu to feel his firmness and sincerity, and wanted her to believe in herself.

As long as he is given a chance, as long as Jiang Yu is willing to believe in himself, he will be able to manage their future well.

It is a pity that Jiang Yu refused to push him away, looking at him with a strange and alien smile that was only used in the show, Xu Bosu trembled and clenched his back teeth.

“Deputy Director Xu, I have always admired your determination. I have known you for a long time. From the first time I saw you, I knew that you are a man of determination and perseverance. Later contact has confirmed it. My guess. No matter what our current relationship is and what the relationship is, there is no doubt about your ability. It took you so many years of hard work to sit in the position. If you give up easily, I hope you can seriously consider it, not for a while Impulse.”

“It’s not impulse,” Xu Bosu took a step back, “I thought about it again and again.”

“Then I can ask you why you made such a decision? Because you want to make up for it because of guilt?” Jiang Yu smiled, but there was no warmth in the smile, she asked calmly: “It’s impossible that you like me now Right?”

“No way?”

Jiang Yu smiled, “Deputy Director Xu, we are all grown-ups. I am not young anymore at the age of thirty. If we talk about love and this kind of thing, let’s avoid it. Moreover, Deputy Director Xu thinks that now Is it appropriate to like this kind of thing?”

“Why is it inappropriate?”

“Have you ever thought, do you really like me?” Jiang Yu looked at him, “You have seriously asked yourself whether you are most guilty of me or you like me most, or that I gave birth to a child for you, so you Treat me as a responsibility.”

Xu Bosu looked at her and remained silent.

“Since I have said it, let me make it clear all at once.” Jiang Yu sighed, and kept repeating it again and again. She was already bored, “No matter what the reason you made the decision, I want to tell. You, it’s impossible.”

Jiang Yu said: “I will never forget the time when I was born as Jiang Yan. I lost everything, I was sluggish, and I was completely ruined. You will never be able to appreciate how much I was back then. Despair, that kind of despair has hollowed out all my emotions. From that moment on, love and men were eliminated from my life.”

Recalling what happened in the past, Jiang Yu now does not have the feeling of being out of breath before. She has a relaxed face, unlike when she was out of the way when she was talking about her experience on the anchor station. She can smile and face it easily. , Everything is attributed to her good life now.

She has a lovely son, has found the courage to live, she has a job she loves, and has the motivation to make her life better, her life is being reborn, and what she has is enough to fill her empty life. Besides, she had nothing else she wanted.

“When I love you the most, you are not there when I need you the most, do you think I will still need you?”

Xu Bosu’s face gradually paled, and his hands fell into fists unconsciously, and the back of his hands burst into blue veins.

“Deputy Director Xu, I don’t need it anymore. I really don’t need it anymore. I’m living well now and I will live better in the future. I will make proper arrangements for both work and children.

After saying this, Jiang Yu consciously made everything clear, said what should be said, and said what should not be said. Xu Bosu is a smart person. If you don’t want to embarrass each other, you should let each other go.

Jiang Yu lowered his eyebrows and said lightly: “This is what I should say. Deputy Director Xu should understand what I mean. If there is nothing else, I will leave.”

After speaking, Jiang Yu turned around and left.

But Xu Bosu grabbed her wrist.

Jiang Yu turned his head, “Vice Xu…”

Her words choked in her throat.

Xu Bosu shook Jiang Yu’s hand tightly. He rarely lost his temper. He always had an unsmiling serious face. Now, he has lost his voice in front of Jiang Yu, “Give me a chance, I No… I won’t let the past happen again, trust me once, okay? The last time!”

Obviously, he lowered the tone, and he was so hoarse that the blue veins on his neck were violent. He tried his best to control his emotions, but made himself look extremely hideous.

Jiang Yu looked at him pityingly, and drew his hand out of the palm of his hand, “Xu Bosu, let me go and let yourself go.”

Turn around and leave.

Xu Bosu stood there, looking at Jiang Yu’s back, but did not catch up.

It doesn’t make sense, and it’s useless.

The slim back is straight, never willing to show weakness at all, and never expose his weakness in front of others.

Xu Bosu thought that during those three years, she must have been weak, she must be comforted and company.

Xu Bosu asked himself again and again, why he was not there.

And in a cubicle of the office lobby, Chen Ke stood in the corner holding a bunch of flowers in his hand. It was not until Xu Bosu left that he walked out of the cubicle and looked down at the delicate flowers in his hand. Laughed at himself.

He took out the packaged flowers one by one, put one on the desk of each employee, and finally threw the package into the trash can and left the program group.


The next few days were calm, and Jiang Yu’s injury gradually improved. When he went to the hospital for a review for the last time, he met Lu Zheng.

Lu Zheng’s healing ability seems to be better than Jiang Yu’s. The burn on his back is much more serious than the burn on Jiang Yu’s arm, but he is better than Jiang Yu. Even the doctor frowned and commented, “Sure enough. Man, the skin is thick and thick. If you apply the ointment for another week, it will be fine, but you still have to pay attention to it during this period. Come to the hospital as soon as possible.”

The two took the medicine and the doctor’s order, and left the hospital after thanking the doctor.

Outside the hospital, Jiang Yu smiled and said, “I have been busy during this time. I have not had time to thank you for saving me from the fire. It is trivial to have a meal or something. If you have anything to do with Captain Lu in the future, just tell me.

“I am a policeman. It is my duty to save you. Broadcaster Jiang needn’t be so polite. In that situation, no matter who it was, I would save it.”

Whether in the previous life or in this life, Lu Zheng always makes people feel extremely at ease.

This sense of security may be derived from Lu Zheng’s career or Lu Zheng himself.

“For you it is a responsibility, but for me, you saved my life.”

Lu Zheng laughed, “Okay, I didn’t expect to need anchor Jiang’s help. It’s just that I didn’t grab the admission ticket for anchor Jiang’s next show. I wonder if anchor Jiang can give a front row ticket?”

“If I am here, do I still need an admission ticket?” Jiang Yu said: “You call me before the opening of the next program, and I will bring you in.”

“Then it’s settled.”

“Well, it’s settled.”

A couple walked out of the hospital building. The husband carefully supported his wife. The wife was holding her newly-born child. Her face was filled with the tenderness and happiness of a new mother. Behind the couple, there were two pairs of parents, all of whom laughed at odds. Ear to ear.

Jiang Yu watched them pass by him, “It’s great.”

Jiang Yu was with the couple, but Lu Zheng took the opportunity to look at her.

Lu Zheng met Jiang Yu a long time ago. On TV four years ago, he guarded every episode of the show. Jiang Yu four years ago was full of spirits, and Jiang Yu four years later was calm and restrained, with a completely different feeling. But it still made him addicted.

Jiang Yu turned his head and met Lu Zheng’s eyes.

When Jiang Yu faced Xu Bosu in the past, Xu Bosu always gave people an illusion of affection. Jiang Yu understood that it was an illusion, but now he saw a different kind of affection in Lu Zheng’s eyes.

She always knew that Lu Zheng loved her.

Lu Zheng told her more than once in her previous life that he had fallen in love with her a long time ago, and he loved her through a screen. I also heard him say again and again that if he could meet her earlier, he would definitely not let her suffer so much.

Jiang Yu still seems to have many words in his ears.

Jiang Yu looked at his eyes and never looked away. The two looked at each other.

“After this kidnapping incident, I don’t know if anchor Jiang lacks a bodyguard.”

“The gangsters are so rampant, and the things I report in the future will definitely cut people’s money. I think it is necessary.

“Then anchor Jiang, what do you think of me?”

“You are a policeman, do you want to change jobs as a bodyguard?”

“All right?” Lu Zheng whispered.

Jiang Yu pondered for a moment, then smiled, “I don’t dare to ask for a talent like the Marine Corps. It’s too poor.”

Lu Zheng twisted his brows slightly, is this a rejection? A trace of frustration flashed across his eyes.

“However, I wonder if the Marines can be part-time bodyguards after get off work? After all, my personal threat is after get off work.”

“Wh, what?” Lu Zheng was stunned in the same place. For a while, he didn’t expect Jiang Yu to say this, and he couldn’t react for a while.

Jiang Yu looked down at his watch, “The time is up, I’m going to pick up Jiang Qian, Lu Team, goodbye.”

Lu Zheng stared at her blankly, before laughing for a long time, watching Jiang Yu walking towards the parking lot and watching her leave.


After leaving the hospital, Jiang Yu took Jiang Wei from the kindergarten back home, and went to the supermarket to buy some Jiang Wei’s favorite dishes.

As a mother, Jiang Yu has always been introspective. Since Jiang Wei cannot be given more time to accompany him, he will try to accompany the child to do something meaningful.

Jiang Qian padd his feet and put a piece of packaged beef into the shopping cart, “Mom, eat meat!”

Jiang Yu glanced at the meat dishes in the shopping cart, “It’s okay to eat meat, can we make a balanced mix? You go get the vegetables.”

Jiang Qian looked at the green vegetables in front of the vegetable stall with a bitter face, and pitifully resisted: “Mom, I don’t want to eat green vegetables.”

“No.” Jiang Yu shook his head.

She must correct Jiang Qian’s bad problem of not eating vegetables.

Seeing that Jiang Yu was not accommodating, Jiang Qian reluctantly walked to the vegetable stall, took a small cabbage, and put it in the shopping cart.

Jiang Yu praised him, “Really good!”

Coming home from the supermarket, Jiang Yu made a dinner for Jiang Wei. Although Jiang Yu, who did not cook often, was not as good as a nanny, but the taste was not bad. In Jiang Yu’s expectation, Jiang Wei had a meal. Polished.

“Mom’s cooking is super delicious! When will my mother cook for Xiao Ke next time?” Jiang Wei stood at the door of the kitchen, yelling at Jiang Yu who was washing the dishes.

He is sensible and knows that his mother is busy at work and cannot often cook for him. He just wants to look forward to the next time his mother will cook for him.

Jiang Yu thought about the recent work arrangements and smiled: “Mom will cook for you tomorrow, okay?”

“it is good!”

“Go to the living room first, the kitchen is dirty.”

Jiang Qian nodded obediently and went to the living room.

After cleaning the kitchen, Jiang Yu returned to the living room to watch the children’s channel with Jiang Wei.

Jiang Qian had been there for a long time with the remote control to press the channel, occasionally he was tired of watching a few cartoons, and several channels were tuned.

“Mom, why can’t you find the big bear?”

Jiang Yu took the remote control and searched for the channel, “How could it happen? There were some before.”

She searched a channel, and suddenly she was dumbfounded when she tuned to a channel.

It was a variety show on TV. The program group invited several stars to experience life in the countryside. What Jiang Yu saw was a woman standing in a paddy field wearing uniformly distributed program group clothes, not knowing what she was doing.

But when the woman standing in the paddy field wanted to pull her legs up to the ridge, the mud under her feet sunk too deep, she leaned back and sat down directly in the paddy field.

The mud and water stains in the paddy fields splashed all over.

The camera zooms in front of the woman.

It’s Jiang Yan, Jiang Yan who has not heard from for a long time.

After Yunxue’s detention, Jiang Yan has been without news, but never thought that he would see Jiang Yan on TV.

Jiang Yu watched Jiang Yan, who had been pushed into the mud and embarrassed in the TV show, showed a helpless smile at the camera, as if he was very helpless, without the slightest impatient look.

“Mom, I want to see Xiong Da…”

Jiang Yu returned to his senses and clicked on the next channel.

She has no interest in where Jiang Yan is or what she is doing now, and she does not want to know how she will go in the future.

Jiang Yu knows how difficult it is to mix with the entertainment industry. If a woman without a background wants to be successful in the entertainment industry, she must rely on strength, luck, or men. You have to rely on the same three things. It’s not easy to talk about it.

It is a pity that Jiang Yan chose the path of the entertainment industry and was destined to never make it out in this life.

Her mother is Yunxue, and Yunxue is a brave woman who dares to do things in the charity fund.

Such a black spot, I am afraid that it will not be so easy for the audience to accept her.

After all, Jiang Yan has followed the old path of her last life, but what will happen, Jiang Yu is not willing to spend time paying attention.

They are destined to be two passers-by.


The charity incident finally fell to the ground after a month of incubation. Using “Huaxin Charity” as a model, the senior officials and investment management personnel of Huaxin Charity were investigated and dealt with. A total of 73 persons were involved and 52 were accountable, of which 30 Seven of them are senior managers and managers of Huaxin Charity, and the remaining 15 are investment managers. They are not directly related to the operation of Huaxin Charity, but have close financial relationships with Huaxin Charity.

Among these 15 people, five are government officials.

According to investigations, Huaxin Charity involved as much as 2.3 billion.

Relevant departments also called for other charitable organizations to take Huaxin Charity as a warning and truly put the donations into the line of charity.

As soon as the announcement came out, the whole network was shocked.

This group of maggots hiding dirt and filth was finally lifted away, and was severely punished by the law. It was a huge crowd!

Other charitable organizations have been restless. Within the ‘surrender period’ set by relevant departments, various charities ‘surrendered’ and were under investigation.

But what followed was people’s doubts about charity. Experts believe that if you want to restore the credibility of charity organizations, you need to increase publicity and disclose the details of the amount of charity.

It is a pity that trust is the strongest thing for people, and trust is also the weakest. It takes years to build the trust of the people, and it only takes time to destroy the trust of the people.

If the credibility of charities wants to return to the past, they need to work harder.


Before the makeup mirror, the makeup artist was busy putting on makeup for Jiang Yu.

Today is the long-awaited host awards party, and the whole backstage is busy.

The planner and director of this evening party pushed in and walked in front of Jiang Yu with the guest list. “Anchor Jiang, the evening party will start in 20 minutes. The director asked me to ask you, are you all ready?”

Jiang Yu smiled, “Ready.”

The Golden Microphone Awards invites all famous people in the industry. Jiang Yu followed the choreographer and director to the guest table and met many familiar faces of his colleagues.

The intrigue in this industry is not as fierce as the entertainment industry. Smiles and congratulations are mostly sincere and sincere, and there are not too many evil words among competitors. On the contrary, Jiang Yu also discussed the latest with several seniors in the host industry. Related real-time news.

The party started in twenty minutes.

The two hosts of the party are well-known show hosts on Star TV, and they have deep qualifications. When Jiang Yu first entered the industry, he had already won the Golden Microphone Award.

The two hosts have hosted countless shows, and this occasion shows the demeanor of a gold-medal host, controlling the audience with ease.

“Okay, here comes the most anticipated session of the show. This time there are three outstanding hosts who are shortlisted for the best host award. Among them, Chen Yimeng hosted the “Financial and Economic Weekly” hosted by anchor Chen, and “The Truth” hosted by anchor Jiang Yujiang. The Weekly and Chen Jie’s “News 30 Minutes” were well received by the audience. The three hosts have professional knowledge and profound hosting background, and they are rare hosts in the hosting industry. Therefore, this year’s best host Who is the winner of the person?” The host looked around the whole process, deliberately sold a key, opened the envelope, took out the paper in the envelope, and deliberately glanced at the three hosts one by one, and the atmosphere was tense and stagnant. In the middle of the game, his eyes finally focused on Jiang Yu.

“Congratulations Yujiang Jiang! The winner of this year’s best host!”

There was enthusiastic applause, and the tide rushed in all directions.

Jiang Yu buzzed in his ears, as if he could not hear anything. He only heard the words of the host, the winner of the best host.

What she regretted most in her last life was also one of the goals she had worked hard for in this life.

Somehow, the tip of his nose was a bit sore, the host beside him got up, stretched out his hands, gave Jiang Yu a big hug, and said softly in her ear: “Don’t be nervous. Congratulations, you are an excellent host. .”

Jiang Yu was taken aback for a moment, and then he hugged the host who had known each other for less than twenty minutes.

Jiang Yu stepped onto the podium in applause.

“The “Legal Moment” created by anchor Jiang still has the highest ratings on Star TV, while the “Truth Weekly”, founded half a year ago, has received widespread attention from the public. The anchor Jiang has a profound host knowledge, and this award deserves its name. “The host paused, “Next, we have to ask Mr. Jiang Wenting, the former director of Star TV, to present an award to anchor Jiang.”

Jiang Yu looked in the other direction of the stage. As a guest, Director Jiang slowly walked onto the stage, and under the guidance of the lady of etiquette, handed the trophy to Jiang Yu.

The heavy trophy was held by Jiang Yu, and Taiwan Chang opened his hands to hug Jiang Yu.

This is a very basic etiquette, but Jiang Yu was stunned for a second, and then he hugged Chief Jiang.

“Xiaoyu, dad congratulations.”

Jiang Yu had never felt his father’s embrace for more than 20 years. Once he embraced him, he was a little at a loss when he was unfamiliar.

“Thank you.”

Taichang Jiang stiffened and hugged Jiang Yu tighter. He patted Jiang Yu on the back and whispered in Jiang Yu’s ear: “I have time to go home for dinner, Dad will wait for you at home. . Waiting for you forever.”

Jiang Yu smiled slightly and did not answer.

Whether she can reconcile with Director Jiang, she does not know now.

But maybe years will know.

The applause and cheers in the audience were even worse. Jiang Yu held the trophy and came to the microphone under the guidance of the host.

Jiang Yu stood on the stage, in the beam of light shrouded in countless spotlights, and smiled calmly: “First of all, I am very grateful to the leaders and the audience for their trust and love for me. The Golden Microphone Award is supreme for every host. Honor, many things have happened during this period, and many things will happen in the future. We may be excited or frustrated, but Mr. Lu Xun once said: May all Chinese youths get rid of the air-conditioning and just go up, and don’t have to listen to the desperate. If you can do things, you can do things, you can make a sound. There is a bit of heat, and a bit of light. It makes it like a firefly, or it can emit a little light in the dark without waiting for the torch. Thank you everyone.”

There was warm applause from the audience. Jiang Yu smiled, calmly, looked around the eyes of everyone present, and bowed.

The moment she bowed, tears filled her eyes.

She once had a failed past, but she believes that a successful future will usher in.

This world is very beautiful, and there are many unsatisfactory things, but despite this, it is still worth fighting for.

That is a beautiful future, worthy of each of us to look forward to, looking up to the sun and waiting for the dawn to come.

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